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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for AVI2Clipboard

11-06-2006 (Version 2.18)
- Fixed 2GB video size limit.
- Fixed wrong file size output when batch saving.

05-06-2006 (Version 2.17)
- Added better truncated detection. If an AVI video is truncated, then it will tell you how much of the video is missing.
- Removed codecs from codec database. It contained many codecs that are never used by most people, so it's pointless to include them in the database.
- Fixed little bug where AVI2Clipboard would continue writing information to text files in the background if Batch Saving was aborted.

14-05-2006 (Version 2.15)
- Modified and deleted code. Some code was added multiple times for different purposes, which was eventually unnecessary and made the dll bigger than it should have been.
- Added file identification. If the file is not an AVI video, but actually another video type renamed to AVI, then AVI2Clipboard will tell you which video type it really is (.asf, .mkv, .mov, .mpg, .ogm, .rm, .swf, .vob, .wmv).
- Codec database is now internal and not a text file anymore that gets extracted every time you use AVI2Clipboard. The reason for this is that some virus scanners (like McAfee) report the extraction of the text file as a secret/malicious script.
- Fixed problem where AVI2Clipboard would freeze during "Batch Saving" if there was an error while parsing an AVI header.
- Fixed little stupid mistake where the AVI2Clipboard menu option would not show up in the Explorer context menu if the AVI extension (file name) contained capitals.
- AVI2Clipboard can now show AVI tags as well when viewing the information (if available), like Copyright, Genre and Comments.
- Added Packed Bitstream detection.
- Added TwoCC (hex) for audio codecs.
- Added Constant Bitrate (CBR) and Variable Bitrate (VBR) detection.
- Updated codec database (417 video and 166 audio codecs).

24-03-2006 (Version 2.00)
- Completely re-written.
- Changed menu. All options are now shown in a sub-menu, to prevent having a huge context menu when right-clicking on an AVI video.
- Added option to view AVI information.
- Added options to batch save the AVI information to a single text file or to separate text files.
- Solved registry problem where AVI2Clipboard would not work properly if certain video/audio players were installed.

11-01-2006 (Version 1.24)
- Added Quality Factor.

04-01-2006 (Version 1.17)
- Removed ASCii.
- Added file sizes in Bytes and KB.
- Added Setup menu.
- Added Template support.

30-12-2005 (Version 1.00)
- First Release.

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