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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for 3D Youtube Downloader

1.19.7 (10-Apr-2021)

fix for Windows XP

1.19.6 (06-Apr-2021)

fix for Youtube

1.19.5 (18-Nov-2020)

Japanese translation
fixes for Youtube

1.19.4 (01-Jul-2020)

Indonesian translation
fix for Youtube

1.19.3 (16-May-2020)

fix for Youtube

1.19.2 (07-Apr-2020)

fix for Youtube

1.19.1 (13-Mar-2020)

Dutch translation

1.19 (17-Feb-2020)

alternative way to load playlists and search on Youtube
more search filters

1.18.1 (26-Jan-2020)

fix for Youtube

1.18 (19-Jan-2020)

options to control output filename
few fixes

1.17.3 (23-Dec-2019)

few fixes and improvements

1.17.2 (28-Nov-2019)

DoH support
few improvements

1.17.1 (30-Oct-2019)

improvement for proxy support
few fixes for Youtube

1.17 (04-Oct-2019)

functionality to Pause/Resume processing
few fixes and enhancements

1.16.13 (24-Sep-2019)

fix for Youtube

1.16.12 (13-Sep-2019)

fixes for Youtube

1.16.11 (23-Jul-2019)

fix for Youtube

1.16.10 (10-Jul-2019)

option to limit CPU usage
few enhancements

1.16.9 (24-May-2019)

several fixes

1.16.8 (29-Jan-2019)

fixes for Youtube

1.16.7 (25-Dec-2018)

Serbian translation
few fixes

1.16.6 (11-Sep-2018)

fix for Youtube

1.16.5 (14-Apr-2018)

Turkish translation

1.16.4 (22-Feb-2018)

fix for Youtube

1.16.3 (30-Jan-2018)

drag & drop support
fix for Youtube

1.16.2 (17-Dec-2017)

several fixes

1.16.1 (15-Nov-2017)

Polish translation
few fixes

1.16 (21-Oct-2017)

Arabic translation
UI adaptation for screen readers
few fixes and enhancements

1.15 (19-Aug-2017)

live streams support for Youtube
one-stage processing
context menu for feeds and search results lists

1.14.3 (19-May-2017)

fix for Youtube

1.14.2 (05-May-2017)

French translation
several fixes and improvements

1.14.1 (05-Apr-2017)

Slovenian translation
several fixes and improvements

1.14 (10-Mar-2017)

improved chunked DASH download
improved logging
enhanced progress notification
several fixes

1.13 (31-Jan-2017)

Greek translation
initial support of chunked DASH streams
several fixes and improvements

1.12 (27-Dec-2016)

options to prefer high FPS and HDR videos
improvements for media files processing
several fixes

1.11.2 (07-Nov-2016)

fix for Youtube, Dailymotion and

1.11.1 (26-Jun-2016)

several fixes

1.11 (12-Jun-2016)

support for auto-translated subtitles on Youtube
precise selection for subtitles
URL edit box enhancements
several fixes and improvements

1.10.1 (25-Apr-2016)

several fixes and enhancements

1.10 (14-Mar-2016)

quality settings as part of preset
option to select preferred audio quality in video
option to give precedence to format over quality
extended streams selection in Advanced mode
more precise fps calculation
improvements for portable mode
improvements for check for updates

1.9.3 (19-Dec-2015) basic support
fix for Youtube

1.9.2 (09-Dec-2015)

fps displaying in format description
more precise bitrate calculation
fix for Youtube

1.9.1 (06-Dec-2015)

Hungarian translation
fix for Vimeo

1.9 (16-Nov-2015)

Chinese (Traditional) translation
extended processing of unknown URLs
enhancements for thumbnails and textual info displaying
fix for Youtube

1.8 (24-Sep-2015)

Chinese (Simplified) translation
Team Four Star support
fix for Youtube

1.7.2 (18-Sep-2015)

AMR support for Youtube
Twitter's link service ( support
improvements for Wine
several fixes

1.7.1 (31-Aug-2015)

several fixes

1.7 (19-Aug-2015)

output presets
taskbar tasks for the presets
additional columns for clips list in search and feeds
several fixes

1.6.1 (23-Jun-2015)

reworked options tree
additional options
several fixes

1.6 (24-May-2015)

Swedish translation
64-bit version
switch to native SSL backend
analysis improvements
fixes for Vimeo

1.5.1 (10-May-2015)

fixes for Youtube

1.5 (10-Apr-2015)

German translation
the lists of recent URLs and files

1.4.1 (18-Mar-2015)

Korean translation

1.4 (09-Mar-2015)

pause feature
file preallocation on downloading
SOCKS proxy support

1.3 (18-Feb-2015)

Czech translation
fixes for analysis and downloading
per-user installation (no admin required)

1.2.1 (12-Jan-2015)

fixes for analysis and downloading

1.2 (23-Dec-2014)

Spanish translation
temporary directory selection
analysis speed optimisation and several important fixes

1.1.1 (26-Nov-2014)

additional formats for Youtube and several fixes

1.1 (19-Oct-2014)

Italian translation
formats helper in options dialog
fixes for Youtube and Dailymotion

1.0.22 (06-Sep-2014)

additional media qualities and Opus codec support for Youtube
support for

1.0.21 (09-Aug-2014)

search autocomplete
portable mode
crash report possibility

1.0.20 (01-Aug-2014)

search on Youtube within the program
added Slovak translation

1.0.19 (26-Jul-2014)

fixes for Youtube

1.0.18 (18-Jul-2014)

Portuguese Brazil translation
fixes for Youtube

1.0.17 (28-Jun-2014)

fully reworked parts related to converting
improved analysis speed
self-descriptive selection of targets for download
removed obsolete commands and options
fixes for Youtube due to changes in its internal format

1.0.16 (20-Mar-2014)

proxy support
several fixes related to Youtube

1.0.15 (25-Dec-2013)

added Convert Mode
fixes few downloading problems

1.0.14 (28-Nov-2013)

support for Youtube channels
support for 3D videos, subtitles and all kinds of the feeds for Dailymotion
advanced downloading progress indication
fixes for Facebook, Metacafe, Vimeo due to changes in their internal format

1.0.13 (02-Nov-2013)

support for Youtube Adaptive Streams
fixes for Dailymotion and Vimeo due to changes in their internal format

1.0.12 (24-Oct-2013)

added automatic subtitles downloading
added media comparison tuning settings
improved automatic media comparison
fixed several downloading problems

1.0.11 (13-Aug-2013)

added Polish translation
fixes for several sites due to changes in their internal format

1.0.10 (08-Jun-2013)

playlists support for Youtube and Dailymotion
added Veoh ( support
fixes for Break ( due to changes in its internal format

1.0.9 (18-May-2013)

video clip duration in thumbnail
downloading speed and elapsed/estimated time

1.0.8 (29-Apr-2013)

multiple audio tracks support
removed black areas in Youtube thumbnails
fixes for Dailymotion due to changes in its internal format
compact view

1.0.7 (12-Apr-2013)

added customizable download targets
WebM analysis improved
usability improved

1.0.6 (28-Mar-2013)

fixes for Youtube due to changes in its internal format

1.0.5 (15-Feb-2013)

downloading original audio tracks from available videos
simple 'one click' view
Aero user interface
context help
fixes for several sites due to changes in their internal format

1.0.4 (04-Dec-2012)

downloading files much more faster (using multipart downloading)
multi language support
better handling of 3D video layouts
fixes for several sites due to changes in their internal format

1.0.3 (17-Oct-2012)

more simplified and convenient UI
downloading pages for analysis in 3-7 times faster (using HTTP compression)
full support of downloading subtitles from Youtube (when available, for example here)
now up to 18 video formats on the Youtube page is available for download
fixes for several sites due to changes in their internal format

1.0.2 (10-Jun-2012)

auto checking for updates

1.0.1 (28-May-2012)

first release

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