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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for 1by1

Nicer config window style
Reading BASS tag titles (FLAC, MP4, OGG)
Notes for Info column option
Multiband presets added
Fade in on resume
Fast play improved
Some more improvements

Possible Multiband DSP overdrive fixed
Multiple folder picture names possible
Wrapable toolbar Descripted button set
Grey button set Optional toolbar Tab access
Some corrections

PBig view below track list option
Cover art display method changed
VU meter corrections
Plugin host adjustments

Overlap/crossfade engine rewritten
DirectSound and WaveOut handling renewed
New Multiband enhancer filtering
Input plugin host rewritten
Config dialog style changes
Intro scan ignoring track change fixed
Lots of improvements and corrections

Ini file strings changed to UTF-8
Compare folders feature renewed
Bold treeview items on current file path
Bunch of improvements

1.93 2018-08-26 Recent changes:
Improved Soft clip implementation on multiband
Adjustable title limit for RSS feed display
Streaming from https enabled
Some minor changes

1.92 2018-05-25 Recent changes:
Plugin issues fixed
HTTP control slightly improved
Finer mouse wheel volume option
5 band dynamics and lookahead peak limiter
Simple host for Winamp dsp plugins
Minor improvements and corrections

1.91 2017-11-22
Simple fast play, 3 levels (Options menu)
Better volume control curve
Restoring list problems fixed
Some corrections and adaptions

1.90 2017-01-01k
Temporary repeat/stop track feature
Only minimize on window close option
Elapsed and total time in title bar option
Drag from Explorer like from Insert view
ID3v1 genre list extended
Icon modified
Minor changs

1.89 2016-10-10
Fixed VU meter ressource bug
Tree menu item "Open in new Window"
Playlist export menu items summarized
Old option "No custom draw" removed
Quit after list feature
Minor improvements

1.88 2016-02-09
HTTP web interface and MP3 streaming server
Hotkeys definable for Rewind / Fast Fwd
Some more adaptions and corrections

1.87 2015-12-10
Configurable Playlist position
Inactive list dim modified
Dragging from Insert view
Some more enhancer presets
Minor improvements

1.86 2015-10-30
Improved theme preset selection
Dark medium thin button symbols added
Scrobbling function disabled ( stopped support)
Keeping search result destination button for default
Some minor corrections

1.85: New themes and button symbols Layout changes Big view improvements
1.84: Track and folder history lists BASS crash fixed Modernized icon
1.83: Bug fixings
1.82: Bug fixings Convert to WAV feature Restore folder option
1.81: Flat style, white buttons, preset themes Natural numerical ordering
1.80: Track info browse Now playing info copy File lock bug fixed
1.79: Better icon resolution Crash with BASS fixed 2GB size limit fixed
1.78: Global Hotkeys definable Cue sheet improvements Sort Logfile list
1.77: RSS download bug fixed Direct Sound enum bug fixed
Time/info scan in own thread Command line problems fixed
1.76: Nicer startup Rename by label edit File copy or move by dragging
ANSI (98/ME) compatibility removed Logfile cleanup High resolution icon
1.75: Support of bass.dll Go home on track change option Saving sort methods
Big title RSS viewer Systray current track list menu
1.74: File list hilite bug fixed
1.73: All main functions changed to Unicode Overlap on manual track start
File finder ignore field Log file export Force portable option
1.72: Full width sliders, adjustable split Middle button on Systray for Stop/Resume
1.71: Custom toolbar buttons New internal button style Extra track info column
New Settings dialog navigation Mute and Soft mute More Big view options
System folder hide options Adjustable track background color
1.70: Scrobbling HTTP connections Beat counter Go to dialog

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