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These guides describes how to author, make menus, chapters and make the VCD, SVCD, DVD disc structure and also how to burn.

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How to author a Blu-ray Disc/AVCHD
How to author a basic DVD
How to make a DVD Slideshow/PhotoDVD
How to author a complex DVD
How to burn an already authored DVD-Video folder(VIDEO_TS)
How to make advanced DVD Menus
How to author a basic VCD
How to author a complex VCD
How to author a basic SVCD
How to author a complex SVCD
How to make a VCD/SVCD Picturecd / Slideshow / Photocd
How to author other, VCD to DVD, SVCD to DVD

 How to author a complex DVD

How to create an Audio-Only DVD in DVDLab Pro

his guide will take you step-by-step through authoring a DVD which contains 3 complete compact discs. I wrote a guide earlier in 2 parts but have since found what I believe is a better way to do it. With this method there are no movies used for the music although you must have a movie for each VTS as this is part of the DVD Specifications. Each movie can be very small and doesn’t need to have audio on it so they won’t take up much space. The audio files will each be put on a separate menu. This will allow you to also put far more selections on a DVD. Each VTS can have up to 250 menus and a DVD can have up to 99 VTSs. Allowing for a few menus to be used for control issues you can still have an incredible number of titles on a DVD.


How to author a complex DVD

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