I/O Magic Internal 16X DVD±RW/±R (IDVD16DD) DVD Writer

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I/O Magic Internal 16X DVD±RW/±R (IDVD16DD)

BTC, CyberDrive or Philips-BenQ
Chipset:Mediatek or Philips
More info
$100 6.4/10
33 votes
Read 43


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DVD Media comments for this DVD Writer (click on the link to read the comments):
4 Dynex 8xDVD+R (RITEK...R03) comments, 4 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
3 Fujifilm 8xDVD+R (YUDEN000T02) comments, 3 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
1 Maxell 16xDVD-R (RITEKF1.....) comments, 1 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
1 Memorex 4xDVD+R (PRODISC.R03) comments, 1 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
1 Mitsumi 4xDVD-R (LONGTEN 001.) comments, 0 good, 0 mixed, 1 poor.
1 Prodisc 8xDVD-R (ProdiscF01..) comments, 1 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
1 RiData 4xDVD+RW (RICOHJPNW11) comments, 1 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
1 Ritek 8xDVD-R (RITEKG05....) comments, 1 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
5 Teon 8xDVD-R (CMC MAG. AE1) comments, 2 good, 1 mixed, 2 poor.
3 Teon 8xDVD+R (CMC MAG.E01) comments, 2 good, 0 mixed, 1 poor.
1 Teon 8xDVD+R (MCC.....003) comments, 0 good, 1 mixed, 0 poor.
1 Value Disc 4xDVD-R (TTG01.......) comments, 0 good, 0 mixed, 1 poor.
1 Verbatim (DataLifePlus) 8xDVD+R (MCC.....003) comments, 1 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
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43 comments, Showing 1 to 25 comments
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Bought this drive at Staples on 02/19 for $19.94 after rebate. It is a rebadged OptoRite Model DD1601. It came with interchangeable black and beige faceplates. I updated the firmware to 16AF with bitsetting. At the same time, I bought two cheap 50 packs of Playo 8X discs. The DVR-Rs burn without errors at 8X but the DVD+R will only burn at 4X without errors. I used Nero 7.0 for burning. I consider it to be a good drive for the money.

Comments posted by james1211 from United States, February 26, 2006. Rated this writer 8 of 10.

Evil! Wicked! Spooky!! Mean Mean writing machine! My I/O Magic bought at Staples in Feb worked fine until recently that it left 2 "twilight Zone" marks on DVDs after writing and made them unreadable or freeze or stutter at the end, 100% failure rate!!! I've made almost 100 coasters before I realized it. Now I am replacing discs left and right as far as to Canada & England.

It also had problem reading some Verbatim Vinyl CDs and will not write to DVD-Rs.

Comments posted by Blackcat from United States, October 26, 2005. Rated this writer 1 of 10.

I bought this online thru Ebay. Had trouble trying to burn to Sony DVD+RW's; switched the firmware to A089 & to Panasonic DVD-R's and, so far, seems to work better. Don't know about 16x speed. Came w/ Nero & Cyberlink software, which was just so-so.

Comments posted by cpamikie from United States, September 11, 2005. Rated this writer 5 of 10.

I have burned more than 600 DVDs and 200 CDs with total 2 coasters(that too due to my falult..accidently ejected wrong drive). Mine is Benq rebagged and I really feel lucky to have it for $40 from staples BF event. None of my DVDs (+/-) Fuji, Sony(ALL BURNS AT 16X), Teon, Ritek, Ridata, Philips(@12X) has been scanned less than 90%. Very stable drive and few errors even with cheap media. Fuji Japan scans with about 98-99% quality. The disc playes everywhere and I have tried more than 10 DVD players acorss the world.
This drive is EXTREMELY GOOD.

Comments posted by Dipak from United States, June 29, 2005. Rated this writer 10 of 10.

Worst drive I have ever used. It doesnt read the disc written by itself. I cleaned the lens and dics. still its failing to read. My firmware is A07R. If anyone know how to fix this, send me an email pingme@go.com

Comments posted by kumar from United States, June 13, 2005. Rated this writer 1 of 10.

Bought this drive from Staples 11/04. MagicSpin 1016IM. Burned 40-50 disks with mixed results; 8x disks came out with lots of read errors on other ROM drives. In March it died and would not recognize and discs at all. RMA'd in March after 2 weeks back-and-forth with tech support. Replacement drive received in late Apr/early May. Got about 50 discs through this one, all 4x Khypermedia, and again the drive stops recognizing discs!!!! More back-and-forth with tech support ("You need to update your ASPI" "Please update your IDE drivers") Bullsh*t. Anyway, I have a 2nd RMA request pending on this piece of junk. What a waste of money.

Comments posted by Kurt Reigle from United States, June 03, 2005. Rated this writer 1 of 10.

Finally figured out the drive is an OEM OptoRite burner and applied the latest firmware 16AF to it. Will now burn everything I throw at it.

Comments posted by srferroni from United States, April 29, 2005. Rated this writer 8 of 10.

I got stuck with one of the 1016IM versions of this drive (which seems to be the ones that people are complaining about). Here's what I've found:

The DVD burner sometimes has problems accessing the DVD contents. However, if I don't let anything else try to access the drive (i.e. closing 'my computer' and nero) when I put the burnt DVD in, I have a higher chance of success. Moreover, if the light on the dvd blinks erratically instead of at a regular rate, then I know it's going to access the data (and when it stops blinking I know I can open 'my computer' or whatever). If it blinks regularly for 5-10 seconds, then I eject the media and try again.

It hasn't failed me yet!

It's just a weird, weird dvd drive... I only wished that mine could've been a BenQ. At least it works...

Comments posted by cacatash from United States, March 18, 2005. Rated this writer 5 of 10.

Picked this up at Circut City about a month ago, seems to burn cdr's no problem, a few coasters, but if i drop the burn speed down a bit, i dont' have that problem. As far as burning dvd's to play in a dvd player, I noticed that dvd-r media is more likely to be a coaster. Right now i am using the cheapest staples brand dvd+r disks for movies and so far they work in everything, from apex, sanyo, sony, as well as xbox and PS/2. I love this drive, i can't wait to try the firmware that lets you burn 4x media at 16x.

Comments posted by Jake from United States, March 15, 2005. Rated this writer 10 of 10.

I bought this at Staples for $40 thinking it was a bargain - well, it was not - DVD's don't play in anything but the computer - called IOMagic's tech support was on hold for about 15 minutes when I got a voice mail recording saying I had been on hold too long (a long distance call) and they were switching me into voice mail -the worst customer service I've seen yet. When I finally got to speak to a tech I was told the drive was defective. I returned it, ordered another and still can't burn a DVD that will play in any of the 5 DVD players in my home....this is the worst product going with even worse customer service - don't even try it!

Comments posted by Bernie Warren from United States, March 06, 2005. Rated this writer 1 of 10.

This is my first DVD burner and I like it very much. I have the BTC version and it has no problem burning my Sony 8xDVD-R (SONY08D1....). The burned DVDs play just fine on my Sony DVP-S500D.

Also just want to mention that I didn't find a need to update the Firmware witch is currently A07F...

This DVD Burner is pretty dam good!!!

Comments posted by fresco from United States, March 05, 2005. Rated this writer 8 of 10.

I got this dvd writer(magic spin is the drive) at staples last week. It came with a Nero6 OEM version for burning.I had a tough time to get audio on the DVD to work with Nero(I got the Ner0 6.6 Ultra edition trial version to get around for the test mode). I tried to use Nero Recode to make a copy of a DVD( a movie DVD that I own) onto a Teon 8x DVD-R and the burning fails all the time within a few minutes. I tried copying a small snippet of the DVD and that worked. My machine is an older one - 1GHz, 512M RAM, 40G disk.It generates an error log - there are messages waiting for 15sec kind when trying to burn.
I also tried Nero vision express to import the video into vob files and then trying to burn some of the video files , and still burning 45 minute titles fail after a few seconds from starting to burn.
Any ideas on what I should try? I could play the dvd with the powerdvd software ok. My original DVD is also slightly old and heavily used

Comments posted by nirmala from United States, March 01, 2005. Rated this writer No rating.

I've seen the same problems as most people below with the MagicSpin 1016IM version. One additional point that I haven't seen reported is that this drive won't read any DVD's created with my other drive (Khypermedia's rebadged Cyberdrive DX082D), and also has problems playing ones it writes itself (reads in fits & starts, system locks up eventually)!

Came with A.07F firmware, LiveUpdated to A.07R. Made no difference. I picked it up from Staples last week and returned it this morning.

System config:
- Celeron 2.4GHz, 400MHz FSB, 1GB memory
- WinXP SP2 and all updates from Windows Update site
- Primary IDE has 80GB Maxtor + 160GB WD disks
- DVDRW was installed on secondary IDE as master, KHypermedia CD-RW as slave

Comments posted by bhl62 from United States, February 28, 2005. Rated this writer 1 of 10.

My brother bought this at Staples for $40 after the rebate. Seemed like a nice drive but after trying to backup a couple of dvd's I realized they were all freezing in various places during the shows. Tried one of the disks in my Sony dvd-rw and it pretty much locked up the pc trying to read them. Finally failed. I couldn't even reboot with one of the disks in the drive.
From reading some of the other comments I realize i'm not alone. It's fine if you're only going to use it on your own pc but doesn't appear very compatible with other stand alone players or other burners.

Comments posted by ellick from United States, February 27, 2005. Rated this writer 3 of 10.

My results are exactly the same as the previous user:

Bought this at Staples for the $40 after rebate. I got a magic spin 1016IM, updated the firmware with live update. Discs appeared to burn fine at 8x with Teon +R media. My PC DVD player wouldn't recognize the disc after burning and my home DVD player would skip halfway through (and no menus). Not sure what to do - might exchange it at a different Staples in the hopes of getting a different OEM unit.

Comments posted by hitnmiss from United States, February 24, 2005. Rated this writer No rating.

Bought this at Staples for the $40 after rebate. I got a magic spin 1016IM, updated the firmware with live update. Discs appeared to burn fine at 8x but wouldn't play in my Pioneer DV-578A. I tried Teon and HP 8x media. They play but skip about halfway through the movie. I think it's because it's a CAV burner. The media still skips if I burn at 4x too.

Comments posted by rschoo from United States, February 23, 2005. Rated this writer 5 of 10.

Purchased from Staples for $39 after rebate. Unit was a MagicSpin 1601IM (1/2005 manu date). Installed into an external USB2/Firewire enclosure, hooked up to my Dell Latitude 2Ghz laptop via firewire, updated firmware using www.drvupdate.com. No problems burning Teon 8X DVD-R's (burned 5 using Nero Ultra 6, verified fine). However, trying to burn Teon 8X DVD+R's failed consistently (gave up after 3 failed verifies approx. 55-65% into the 4G+ burns). No overspeed burning, can only burn at the rated speed using Teon 8X media.

Picked up another drive (still I/O Magic / MagicSpin 1601IM, but 11/2004 manu date), updated firmware, but this one burns both Teon 8X DVD+R's and DVD-R's beautifully. I will return the first as defective soon.

The drives are incredibly quiet and smooth. Burns at 8X (according to Nero) from the inner to outer tracks. Verifies a bit slower, starts at approx. 2.5X read speeds on inner tracks and increases to just about 8X on the outer tracks. I haven't tested using 16X media, that is next.

Overall, I am very pleased with this drive for the cost and performance. Perhaps someone will come up with a way to be able to burn 8X media at 12X? Anyone?

Comments posted by chansw from United States, February 22, 2005. Rated this writer 9 of 10.

Picked this up at Staples for $39.00 after rebate, it is a Accesstek DD1601, which is a Cyberdrive DX162 OEM. Burned about 10 dvd's so far all burned fine. Used Teon 8x - & + CMC MAG at 8x and burns Fuji 8x Yuden002 at 12x, I am pleasantly surprised at how well it has worked.

Comments posted by JMM from United States, February 22, 2005. Rated this writer 10 of 10.

This is a surprisingly nice DVD burner. Picked mine up the other day and installed it without much trouble at all. I was fortunate enough to get a rebadged BenQ 1620 (OEM). I immediately updated the original "G" firmware to G7Z9 and it burns like a champ. I was also able to change the bok type./bitsetting to DVD-ROM, which is a very important feature. So far I have been able to burn 8x DVD+R Velocity (MCC 003) and Ridata (R03) media at 12x. Writes an entire disk in about 6-1/2 mins, which is about 2 mins faster than my 8x Khypermedia/Cyberdrive unit. I am very happy with this drive.

BenQ firmwares can be found at http://dvdpro.club.st/firmware/BENQ_FW.htm

Comments posted by Alan from United States, February 20, 2005. Rated this writer 9 of 10.

My research proved to be true. I took my I/O Magic back and bought a Pacific Digital. This one writes both, DVD+-R,& DVD +-RW with CLV. My movies work great in ALL home DVD players now. I can only assume that the CAV style of writing will NOT work in home video players. Thanks to this websight, if not for this place I'd STILL be completely lost and giving up by now.

Comments posted by Bud from United States, February 16, 2005. Rated this writer No rating.

This drive is useless. My DVD player would report no disc every time I used a DVD-R, but with DVD-RW it read them fine. I believe it has to do with the DVD-R beibg written CAV and the RW with CLV. I've returned it and purchased another brand and will post my findings.

Comments posted by Bud from United States, February 09, 2005. Rated this writer 1 of 10.

I got this as a Christmas gift with a rebate which has already been sent for. Nero's Info tool does not identify my drive as a Benq but rather as an OptoWrite DD1601. I have been able to burn CD's and VideoCDs but I have 5 or 6 TDK DVD+R coasters. I've tried a bunch of things I found, none have worked so far. It was a 'rebate item' so I can bring it back.

Comments posted by Steve from United States, January 31, 2005. Rated this writer 1 of 10.

Got this drive from Staples on BF for $40AR. Mine turns out to be a retail version of Benq 1620. I have it flashed to the latest firmware and successfully burnt four DVD-R on Teon 4x media at 2.4-4x and one DVD-R on HP 8x media at 12X. All DVDs contain at least 4GB of data. CD-R burning was also good except a couple failures in on-the-fly coping of a scratchy CD. This is not due to a problem of the burner though.

Comments posted by Bill Ho from United States, January 17, 2005. Rated this writer 9 of 10.

Bought at Staples for $59 after rebate. Burned every disc I threw at it. 8X, -Rs - Imation, Maxell, Prodisc, Verbatim, Fuji, etc. No problem with 16X, +R Verbatim. CDs burn at 48X. This uses a BTC drive, not the BenQ version. Make sure you upgrade firmware. Very quiet drive.
Actually runs flawlessly for me! No problems at all.

Comments posted by BP from United States, January 15, 2005. Rated this writer 10 of 10.

so far so good.
i'm using this burner with an external usb 2.0 case and have burned using my apple powerbook, using toast 6. the encoding of any mpg files takes a long time, but the burning alone took about 12 minutes. i used Memorex dvd+R 4.7gb 4x discs.
i was also able to burn vob files directly with no problems.

Comments posted by chrishanthw from Canada, January 03, 2005. Rated this writer 10 of 10.

43 comments, Showing 1 to 25 comments
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