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HP DVD300e

Philips or NEC
Chipset:Philips? or NEC
USB2, Firewire, 2MB
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$300 6.3/10
9 votes
Read 13


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DVD Media comments for this DVD Writer (click on the link to read the comments):
1 Bulkpaq 2.4xDVD+R (PRODISC.R01) comments, 1 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
1 Digital Matrix 4xDVD+R (MEDIA ID001) comments, 0 good, 0 mixed, 1 poor.
2 Fujifilm 2.4xDVD+R (RICOHJPNR00) comments, 2 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
1 KHypermedia 2.4xDVD+R (CMC MAG.R01) comments, 1 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
1 Packard Bell 2.4xDVD+RW (OPTODISCOP1) comments, 1 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
1 Ricoh 4xDVD+R (RICOHJPNR01) comments, 1 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
1 Ritek 2.4xDVD+R (RICOHJPNR00) comments, 0 good, 0 mixed, 1 poor.
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13 comments, Showing 1 to 13 comments

For some reason only my Apex dvd players is able to read the dvd's i burn, Other players will play it but towards the end or middle the picture goes out like if your watching a satelite and their is a storm about. Anyone have this issue? Im using the FUJI 4x DVD+R

Comments posted by Mr_Alias_007 from United States, September 20, 2004. Rated this writer 4 of 10.

Bought this drive from the exchange on our Navy Base. Bought a 5 pack of disks as well. Went through the HP disk and 3 other 5 with continuous problems. 1/2 way or so (various points in different burns) I would get an error and insert another disk to try again. I used various programs from the Record Now sofware included and Nero. Never once was I able to burn a single disk.

I then decided to try to work with the RW Disk. I could not get this to work either, nor format. It would do an approx 4 second countdown (normally) while formatting but when at 100% it would just sit there. I came back the next day and the timer was at 14hours to do the "quick format"... this happened REPEATEDLY.. and on 3 different computers.

I brought the drive back for a refund, went to BestBuy and bought a Sony DRX-510UL. I have successfully burned 7 disks without a failure using the same 3 computers. The Sony costs more but I LOVE it, and would not bother to even use the HP for a paperweight.

Comments posted by Sedrek from Other, October 09, 2003. Rated this writer 1 of 10.

I have been trying to get this running for 3 days. I get halfway through the burn process and it ejects the dvd. I have downloaded all the software updates available. My computer meets all the requirements. I've tried the cd's that came with it and also memorex dvd+r's. I have also uninstalled other burning software. I am taking this back and exchanging it.

Comments posted by John W from Other, August 31, 2003. Rated this writer 1 of 10.

There is definitely an issue between copytodvd 2.2 and the 300e. I have used copytodvd 2.1 and not seen the issue with that revision. If you go to the copytodvd website, they appear to have a fix in revision 2.2.7 and can also put you in touch with HP in order to recover your drive if it is currently experiencing the blinking light issue.

Comments posted by jrm from Other, August 27, 2003. Rated this writer No rating.

Atfer installing my HP DVD300e my computer will not shutdown, it restart's everytime I try to shutdown.

I uninstalled the HP DVD3000e and my computer shutsdown with no problems, I exchanged it for a new one,had the same problem although I am very pleased with the product it works very well, but has a software problem, as as soon as I install the software I have problems with shutdown.

Comments posted by R Hingston from Other, August 15, 2003. Rated this writer No rating.

I hooked it up 2 months ago via firewire and have had no problems at all. I have copied dozens of discs to date without the "flashing green" error reported by others. I use software that came with it for copying, but I use Dazzle DVD Complete to compose and burn original discs. Again, no problems. I have been using various media brands when I burn CDR, CDRW, DVD+R, DVD+WR without a single coaster. I'm VERY pleased and give it a 10.

Comments posted by Cheepnis from Other, August 12, 2003. Rated this writer 10 of 10.


Comments posted by mv from Other, August 08, 2003. Rated this writer No rating.

I have had this for a little over a week and no complaints yet. It burns a disc image on a 4x disc in 15 minutes and the same image on a 2.4x disc in ~22 minutes. No complaints yet on the media, it's accepted the fujifilm 2.4X's and Memorex 4x's (both off the shelf) without a free coaster yet. I've got some Riteks that I'll get next week in the mail to try out and some 4x verbatims that I'm going to try next.

Overall no complaints, runs great on my laptop!

Comments posted by pikeb from Other, July 18, 2003. Rated this writer 9 of 10.

I got my new 300e in early june used it for couple of days and that the player started to flash.
My HP300e DVD was given to HP lab in Israel for a repair. I got it back last Thursday July 3, 03. Have used the DVD for couple of burning jobs. All of a sudden the green light on the player continues to flash, and I cannot get it open. It happened after trying to burn a copy with CopytoDVD.

So far I am not pleased with the product.


Comments posted by Avi Ron from Other, July 07, 2003. Rated this writer 5 of 10.

I got this from OfficeMax 3 weeks ago. Everything was great until this past week. Everything I try to burn results in either "Disc write Failure" or "Not enough storage space on disc, try another" error messages. I've used the Arcsoft that came with the drive, InstantDVD, and Ulead movie factory to try and burn. Nothing works, every disc gives the same error. Everything I've tried to burn has been less than 3.5 GB. Even tried to burn a 1GB file. Nothing. Same error message. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Same thing. I'm packing it up to return tomorrow.

Comments posted by nickerous from Other, June 21, 2003. Rated this writer No rating.

I just picked up one of these at Office Max, they had them on special for $249 plus a $70 Office MAx Gift Card. I'll use the card to buy media. So far, it's a great addition to my laptop.

Comments posted by Larry Day from Other, June 04, 2003. Rated this writer 9 of 10.

I have this,and it is great had no problems installing, everything went very easy and fast,just hooked up the firewire and retarted the computer and all was done. I too don't like some of the software that comes with it,but you can't expect the best to come bundled with things. I do like the Power DVD player it is very nice. My rating of 9 is based on the fact that I have only had the HP DVD 300e for a couple of weeks and that is not enough time of use to say that it is a 10,but every thing seem superb with it so far.

Comments posted by Joyce A.King from Other, May 16, 2003. Rated this writer 9 of 10.

Have this one at work.
Tried several disks, Imation and Phillips dvd+r.
All went ok, data and dvd movie dubs.

Played also on my Pioneer DV454 home player without any problems.
And the best part is ITS A EXTERNAL RECORDER!

So pop in a USB2.0 or Firewire card and your going...

I will report it as a 9, because i don't like the software that came with it.
Use Stomp record now max instead.

Comments posted by Jan Willem from Other, March 20, 2003. Rated this writer 9 of 10.

13 comments, Showing 1 to 13 comments

1 DVD Writer hits, Showing 1 to 1 DVD Writers
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Write support / Read support
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Single Layer(4.7GB) write speeds
1x (CLV) = about 58 minutes
2x (CLV) = about 29 minutes
2.4x (CLV) = about 24 minutes
4x (CLV) = about 14.5 minutes
6x (CLV/ZCLV) = about 10-12 minutes
8x (PCAV/ZCLV) = about 8-10 minutes
12x (PCAV/ZCLV) = about 6.5-7.5 minutes
16x (CAV/ZCLV) = about 6-7 minutes

Dual/Double Layer(8.5GB) write speeds
1x CLV = about 105 minutes
2.4x CLV = about 44 minutes
4x CLV = about 27 minutes

Single Layer (4.7GB) read speeds
1x read speed is 1.321MB/s = ~56 minutes
6x CAV (avg. ~4x) read speed is max 7.93MB/s = ~14 minutes
8x CAV (avg. ~6x) read speed is max 10.57MB/s = ~10 minutes
12x CAV (avg. ~8x) read speed is max 15.85MB/s = ~7 minutes
16x CAV (avg. ~12x) read speed is max 21.13MB/s = ~5 minutes

DVD Write types
CAV = Constant Angular Velocity, the DVD is written at a constantly increasing speed.
CLV = Constant Linear Velocity, the DVD is written at a constant speed.
ZCLV = Zone Constant Linear Velocity, the DVD is divided into zones. After each zone the write speed is increased.
PCAV = Partial Constant Angular Velocity, the DVD is being written at an increasing speed until a certain speed. After this speed it will not increase anymore.

Desktop = Standalone desktop DVD Recorder
EIDE = Computer DVD Writer with EIDE/IDE connection
SCSI = Computer DVD Writer with SCSI connection
USB = Computer desktop DVD Writer with USB 2.0 or/and 1.1 connection
FireWire = Computer desktop DVD Writer with IEEE 1394/FireWire/i.Link connection (some standalone desktop dvd recorder supports this also but then it is usually to connect your DV camera to the recorder)

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