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XMS 750

9 user region code comments

March 15, 2003 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Mark Lines, May 05 2001:

To change region code:

a. Open cd drawer (do not forget this, or the update will not work!)
b. Key in (using remote or numeric keypad on machine) 8926# (# = region code number i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. 0 = multi region and no macrovision)

PostRegion code hack posted by flatbag, June 28 2001:

I noticed an earlier hack was worded that the tray should be open when entering the code, when I bought mine the code was entered after opening and closing the tray (also making sure there was no disc in the tray). Same code though - 8926+region# (0=all+macro)

PostRegion code hack posted by Jeffrey Talbert, July 16 2001:

The old code does NOT work on the newer machines. With the newer players:

1.Open drawer

2.Press 3 3 0 8 on the keypad on the player (not the remote). You will see an X per number pressed on your video screen.

3.Press 0 for all regions, or 1, 2, 3 etc for the region of your choice. The selected region number appears in the top left corner where the X's were.

Close drawer.

Play your DVD!

PostRegion code hack posted by Jeffrey Talbert, July 21 2001:

The same code also works with the remote control - again with the tray open. Pressing the numbers will not invalidate your warranty as Strathfield (XMS dealer) themselves have put the code on their website under DVD FAQ! So you can do the mod with 100% confidence.

PostRegion code hack posted by anf, December 07 2001:

Multi region code:

PostRegion code hack posted by Plunkotica, July 17 2002:

How To Set The XMS750 To Multizone
Turn the power on, remove any dvd in the tray and use the dvd pad (not the remote).

1. Press "open tray"
2. "Press "33080" for multizone, or "33081" for region 1 or "33083" for region 3, etc.

3. Press "close tray"

PostRegion code hack posted by Alberto Loza, August 03 2002:

Hack works fine for XMS-750, Skyworth DVD-750 (original manufacturer), and Emerson EDVD-7500 (sold in Mexico)
Once again just to refresh:
1. Open Tray
2. Press on player keypad 3,3,0,8 (xxxx will appear)
3. Press 0 (all regions) or 1,2,3,etc. (region choice)
4. Close Tray
Enjoy your DVD!

I own an Emerson EDVD-7500 and not even Emerson or Funai-corp knew it was a rebagged Skyworth DVD-750 sold in Mexico...or so theyt said...

PostRegion code posted by Jim Grace, March 14 2003:

XMS-750 Macrovision

The 63080 Hack does not disable Macrovision. I have an old TV and have to use my VCR to connect my DVD to the TV.

I have found that a simple modification, soldering 2 wires to the circuit board to connect a 360-ohm resistor and a micro switch I can prevent Macrovision form being turned on.

The DVD Encoder Chip adds Macrovision to the signal, but this only happens if the chip is instructed to add it.

The trick is to disrupt this signal from reaching the chip. The XMS-750 uses the AV3168 and this chip receives its instructions via pin 23 If this input is held low when Macrovision is being enabled then it never receives this instruction. The digital ground is found on pin 26 of the AV3168

On power up the chip receives many other instructions regarding the player setup
And hence this input is vital to the player functioning.

The Macrovision instruction is sent while the word play appears on the screen
Simply hold the micro switch while this word appears on the screen.

This modification does require a degree of skill. You may need to find some one to fit this modification for you. I have good soldering skills and found it quite a simple task. I did not solder directly on to the chip. I traced the circuit to suitable points.
There are many easy places for the digital ground. The connection for pin 23 requires more skill. I used a fine wire, which fitted, into a hole on the board. This hole is a transfer point for the tracks on the board from top to bottom side. I used a multimeter to trace the tracks. I had removed the board from the machine.

This modification should work with many different players. Although it would be necessary to search the net for the pin outs of the video encoder if a different one is used.

I found a similar modification listed for the CyberHome AD-L528 DVD Player. This player used a different set of chips, but I found the idea was easily transferd

PostRegion code posted by Alberto Loza, March 15 2003:

The Emerson EDVD came macro off right out of the box...or maybe was disabled by the 3308X (X=1,2,...0)
anyway...I could take some pictures of the board if you think it will help.

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