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Sony SLV-D900

14 user region code comments

May 30, 2011 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Andres Salumets, December 25 2002:

Turn on power with no disc inserted and tray closed
Push on remote: Subtitle - 3 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 7
A message will appear on the display
Push on remote: 9
PS.If you turned off power (not standby), you need
insert this code again.
This hack only for SLV-D900, not for SLV-D100

PostRegion code hack posted by Kenny Odeyemi, April 12 2003:

How does this work?

PostOther hack posted by Roovio, October 30 2003:

Is it working on SLV-D300P???


PostRegion code hack posted by Neil, December 01 2003:

This works OK for the SVL-D900GS.

It works when the numbers do not come up on the screen as you type them in. Use the "subtitle" button to toggle visibility on/off.

After entering the 3-8-7-6-7 then the current Region code is shown in the top left corner of the screen.

Enter '9' for multi-region and you're done.

PostRegion code hack posted by Michael, December 11 2003:

I have tried to use the hack mentioned above on the SLV-D900 with the original enclosed remote control but there is no sign of this working. After checking with the store they say that it can only be hacked if you use a remote called RMVL 700. At least this is the case in Sweden. There is no need to change any hardware it is only a software reprogramming.

PostRegion code hack posted by dittodatt, December 17 2003:

A comment to Michael in Sweden: You can use the original enclosed remote controll to hack SLV-D900. There is no need to use any other remote controll.

You power on your DVD and your TV. NB! You will see the region code displayed on the TV and not the DVD.

Use the subtitle button to make visible the numbers you enter, 38767, and the regioncode 2 (or what region your DVD is preset to) will be displayed. Then punch the button 9 and you can play any DVD records from all regions.

PostRegion code hack posted by jeff, December 28 2003:

hi, all in reply to hack posted december 11th for the SLVD900GS this is the dvd/video combined model the power up dvd + t.v. entering the No's 38767 and then change region code from 2 to 9 and bingo regionless works great.

PostOther hack posted by gem, January 04 2004:

it got the sony slvd900g, ive put the code in fine and it reads multi regional, but its black and white, how dows it go colourful?

PostRegion code hack posted by Patrick, January 22 2004:

Just to confirm that the hack with the remote control works.
By typing subtitle and then 38767 it shows the region code in use (for me 02) and I then typed 9.
I was then able to play a DVD from region 1.
Only problem is that it is in black and white.
Anybody found a trick to get the colour ?
I have tried typing 1 instead of 9 but I got the same result. I will keep searching and let you know if I find.

PostRegion code hack posted by lokito, March 15 2004:


Does this work with SONY SAVA-D900 ?

PostRegion code hack posted by Xion, March 28 2004:

Hi all,
I had the same problem that the SLV-D900 only showed me black and white pictures while playing region code 1 dvds.

After changing the line out option from s-video to rgb it works great.

How to:

dvd options --> enter
screen options --> enter
dvd video out: RGB Line --> enter
Your menu screen should change to a different color set.
Leave the setup and start playing your selected dvd.

The black and whíte problem should be history now!!?? (well it worked for me!!)

Have fun :)

PostOther hack posted by Bobzworld, April 08 2004:

will this work on a Sony SLV-D300P


PostRegion code hack posted by Quickydog, May 01 2005:

Hi all,
I had the same problem that the SLV-D900 only showed me black and white pictures while playing region code 1 dvds.

After changing the line out option from s-video to rgb it worked still the same.
Guess it is tv bassed for this color issue.

PostRegion code posted by Videogamer555, May 30 2011:

The guy above with black and white problems is actually having a Pal to NTSC conversion problem. The fact you went from region 2 to 1 indicates playing NTSC video on Pal TV. The disc has all the data needed to generate the video signal either Pal or NTSC, but your disk is NTSC. Region 2 is Europe, and they use Pal TVs. While it appears that your TV can handle multiple scan rates (30FPS for NTSC and 25FPS for Pal) it seems to not handle the color data encoding correctly.

Pal has a built in color error correction feature that actually is how the term Pal originated. It stands for Phase Alternated Lines. This means that while each line of video has the same brightness, and same saturation values, it has hue values on each line that are opposite the previous line's values. the video signal signal of NTSC is sent with normal hue only.

NTSC is like
taken directly from the camera and broadcast

But pal's hues are oposites like:
taken from the camera and then encoded as shown above.
Pal TVs are built to recreate the original by then re-reversing the alternating hue values. By doing so any color errors introduced through radio wave propagation effects (which would NOT alternate between lines) are canceled out, leaving you with the correct color.

Problem is that an NTSC such as from your NTSC DVD that you are trying to play, does not automatically alternate between lines. Therefore the Pal TV sees your entire image as like one large color error, and cancels out the color, but since no colors were properly Pal encoded, removal of the "error" means removal of all color. Thus you get a black and white image.

To view your video in color you will need an NTSC/PAL converter.

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