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Sony DVP-NS585P

4 user region code comments

December 25, 2008 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Billie, June 03 2004:

Just managed to make my DVP-NS585P Region 2-Player region free!

I used a new One For All No. 7740 remote and found out that the hack described for other SONY-NS-Players worked fine except for the remote not acception three-digit codes but requiring five-digit ones.

1. select dvd device on remote
2. hold magic button until red led blinks twice
3. enter device code 0533, this remote now controls the DVD player

Program buttons 1..5 with the following codes:
1 - 00189
2 - 00255
3 - 00095
4 - 00221
5 - 00079

1. hold magic button until red led blinks twice
2. press 994
3. press magic
4. enter 5digit code from above
5. press button (1..5) to program it, red led blinks twice
6. repeat steps 1 to 5 for all keys

Give it a go:
1. remove disk, put player on standby
2. press 1,2,3,4,5 - SUCCESS is displayed and player starts up
3. press 1,2,3,4,5 - player shuts down and now works fine on any region code!

Credits go to those people who described this method first in other posts. The only thing I added were the two leading Os!

Hope this will work for others too!

PostRegion code hack posted by >NIL:, January 10 2005:

No need to buy an expensive remote or build an expensive IR montage!
This is an <$1 and almost immediate solution to turn your player region free. I posted the details on [URL=]this page[/URL]

This is really the [URL][/URL] hack yet again, except I also describe (with pictures) how to craft a very inexpensive and very simple IR transmitter in case you don't have one.

Worked flawlessly on the DVP-NS585P and I guess it should work for all the models listed on the site

PostRegion code hack posted by Dajda4603, June 04 2005:

I have tried the procedures on my Sony ns585p (using laptop). When I pressed buttons for a first time, it just turn on the DVD and I got a message "welcome" and then "no disc". I pressed buttons for a second time and my DVD swichted off. No success.

But when I did not wait for the "no disc" message and pressed buttons for the second time faster, my DVD player just switched off. I put a region 1 movie, and YES, YES, YES - IT WORKS !!!

And just a small remark - do not forget to check bios settings on your laptop, sometimes your IR port is disabled...

PostRegion code hack posted by stereomike80, December 25 2008:

Hello all, after a long day spent trying to accomplish this, I've finally succeeded to region free my NS585P player using a Nokia E51 Symbian S60 phone and a software named irRemote made by Psiloc and importing codes found here by some other member to irRemote website and creating irRemote profile selectable from within the application.

Here's what to do:
1, Download trial version of irRemote here:

2, Install it into your phone

3, Open the software on your phone and select:

Options/Add Device

Scroll down the list to TV (I've used TV as it uses channel
numbers instead of play, ffwd, rew buttons), and select it

Select SONY brand, then press Refresh to refresh the whole list from the internet

Refresh the sony sub-list again

find DVP-NS585P, select it, again press Refresh

select "Anonymous"

you should see TV:Sony DVP-NS585P on the list, select it

move phone with its left side very close to your DVD player (IR port is on the left of the phone)

Press buttons on the screen 1,2,3,4,5

You should see SUCCESS on DVD Player's LCD screen

Press buttons again very quickly, it should turn itself OFF.

Try to play different region DVD, it should work!

Good Luck!

I have tried this with a Region2 Player.

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