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Sony DVP-F21S

4 user region code comments

January 14, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Rufus Rostberg, May 15 2003:

According to some reports the standard NS-series' hack works on this one, too.

More specific instructions for making the player region free using a PC IRDA port can be found here:

PostRegion code hack posted by Dave, August 02 2003:

I can confirm this hack works 100% with DVP-F21. I tried the other method using Omniremote and a PDE to no avail. The IRDA trick with winsamp worked forst time. My Braveheart region 1 DVD plays fine now. TV must be NTSC compliant to ensure you don't get a B&W picture though.

PostRegion code hack posted by Fred, October 29 2003:

Hi, ALL.

DVD-player Sony DVP-F21 r1/r3/r2-Japan don,t have solderless upgrade
(Example: PDA, DESKTOP, IRC, CD - R and etc....) in
variant MULTIREGION, and NTSC and PAL-enable, and Macrovision OFF.

The modification of this player is done only through special
Sony-Data-service-cable and special firm software through plugs
On main-board (plug CN-103) and on IR-board (plug CN-405).


PostRegion code hack posted by zer0kelvin, January 14 2006:

Howto remove the region code (dvp-f21) using oneforall kameleon (6 in one) works with 4 in 1 too probably all oneforall remotes. but the step by step instruction is for 6 in one, second generation remotes.

1.hold magic until rabbit comes out
2. select device set
3. press dvd button
4. input code 0533 (the code to controll dvp-f21 with kameleon)
5. press ok.

Program buttons 1-5 with the following codes:
1. 00189
2. 00255
3. 00095
4. 00221
5. 00079

1. Hold magic untill rabbit comes out
2. press key magic
3. press dvd button
4. press magic
5. enter the 5 digit code from above
6. press button 1...5 where to program it
7. repeat steps 1 to 6 for all 5 keys

Try your new code:
1. remove disk and put player on standby
2. press 1,2,3,4,5 ;player starts up
3. press 1,2,3,4,5 ;player shuts down

Success!! no you will be able to play multiregion dvd;s (i have tried region 1 and 2 and it works great, also ntsc vcd works fine)

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