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Philips DVP3010

10 user region code comments

January 30, 2017 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Tester, April 23 2005:

Since it is a Philips I tried Various hacks from other Players from Philips. What do you know... The hack for Philips DVP 530 which can be found here on Videohelp works also for this model. :) (I have a "Philips DVP 3010 SI"). To spare you the search here is copy and paste from the original hack for DVP 530:

- Press "System Menu" key to enter Set Up menu.
- Move to "Preference Page" using arrow keys to the left or to the right.
- Press the following sequence in the remote control: 135566
- A menu indicating "Region Code" will appear.
- Change region using arrow keys to top or down. Region Code = 0 will play all regions.
- Press "System Menu" key to exit Set Up menu.

PostRegion code hack posted by Withnail, April 26 2005:

I can confirm the region hack works on the DVP 3010.

I bought one last night, and it worked first time.

Here it is again:

Open the disk drawer
Go to the Set Up menu
Go to Preferences
Press the following sequence in the remote control: 135566
A menu indicating "Region Code" will appear.
Change region using down arrow until '0' is selected
Press "System Menu" to exit Set Up screen
Press Standby to save the setting
Enjoy unrestricted viewing!

I have played R1, R2, R3 and R0 discs with equal success.

PostRegion code hack posted by Maarten, July 05 2005:

I can also confirm the hack. I live in the Netherlands (region 2) and today I received the Philips DVP 3010/00 (produced in Hungary) which I ordered from (cheapest!). Unlike what is said in the earlier post, there is no need to open the disc tray.

Here's what to do:

- make sure there is no disc in your DVD player.
- press "System menu".
- press the left arrow button twice until you're over the preferences menu.
- press "135566".
- move the down arrow until "0" appears.
- press "OK".
- press "System menu"
- press "Power" to switch off your DVD player.
- again press "Power" to restart your DVD player and you're free to go!

PostRegion code hack posted by Isak, September 11 2005:

My post here was deleted, dont know why.

Just Confirming that the above hacks works fine.


PostRegion code hack posted by girizano, December 22 2005:

From Spain I can confirm the above hack on the DVP 3010; works like a charm.
Just one little clarification: the last action (press Standby/Power) is done on the machine itself, not on the remote.

PostRegion code hack posted by Rafael, March 29 2006:

Hi, Another happy user here from Spain. This hack works FINE indeed. No problems at all. Great!

PostRegion code hack posted by Edoardo Torchio, June 02 2006:

hack information

PostRegion code hack posted by gbdz, July 28 2008:

confirming the 135566 hack from France on my 3010

1) initially the machine would not accept any commands without a disc, just stated: NO DISC

2) with a disc it would not show the preferences page from the system menu

3) once disc ejected the hack worked as described

all this probably because the machine had been without power for 3 weeks

PostRegion code hack posted by cmartinezaandrade, October 11 2010:

region free hacks

PostRegion code posted by pharrold, January 30 2017:

I used this with a universal remote (bought dvd player used with no remote). At first none of the buttons would take me to the
System Menu. I then reprogrammed the remote with another code higher up in the list and then the Menu button on the remote
brought me to the DVD player's menu and the hack worked. I then reprogrammed the remote with the original code so the Menu
button worked for the DVD's menu again.

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