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Philips DVDR3300H

7 user region code comments

May 14, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Ciaran Coakley, December 17 2005:

I used the hack for the Philips DVDR615 from this site

Steps are:
On remote:

PostRegion code hack posted by CALPE, December 20 2005:

No disc in tray
Must be in ‘Stop’ mode and no TV channel should be seen/viewed
Press ‘Play’ & ‘159 064 135 124 255’ & ‘Play’
any region disc will play

PostRegion code hack posted by Philippe, January 04 2006:

My hack's a small variation on CALPE's, he forgot a small detail :

DVD tray must be empty
Turn the recorder on
Switch to DVD mode
Open DVD tray
Press ‘Play’ & ‘159 064 135 124 255’ & ‘Play’ as fast as possible.
Turn off the recorder.

Power on again, your machine's region free now.

PostRegion code hack posted by CALPE, January 05 2006:

No disc in tray and tray closed.
Must be in ‘Stop’ mode, no TV channel should be seen/viewed i.e. DVD mode.
Press the following very quickly ‘Play, 159 064 135 124 255 & ‘Play’
There is no need to switch off.
No detail left out it has been tried and proved.

PostRegion code hack posted by Jozhik, January 10 2006:

The region hack posted by CALPE on December 20 2005 works like a charm, did it on my new Philips DVDR3300H, and I didn't need to restart the player to play other region DVD's. Also the DVD tray was closed.

"As fast as possible", as Philippe stated, is not really necessary (2 numbers per second worked fine here), but memorizing the numbers and test-typing them before entering the hack is advisable.

Since I had started it for the first time, I'm not sure if it was caused by the hack, but I did have to restart the DVD recorder before I could edit on HDD recorded material (i.e. delete/add titles from/to recorded movie).

Anyways, my thanks go to CALPE.

PostRegion code hack posted by David Jalali, March 20 2006:

This worked for my German DVDR3300H/02 model.
I bought it at MediaMarkt in Germany. Its only a PAL model.

Region code - code free - region free plays all DVDs. I used CALPE's hack. But here is a better step by step procedure. He forgot to mention the dvd recorder must be in DVD play mode ie open the dvdv tray and then close it. You should only see the dvd screen and NO programs/Tv when you do the hack.

Here is how:

1)DVD tray must be empty

2)Turn the recorder on
Switch to DVD mode (ie open and then close tray)you should have a white screen with the dvd display in the upper right corner. No Tv signal!

3)Press ‘Play’ & ‘159 064 135 124 255’ & ‘Play’ as fast as possible. one or two digets per sec.

4)Turn off the recorder.

5)Power on again, your machine's region free now!

One note. You never see a secret menu(as with some dvd hacks) or any input when you do this hack. The blue leds just blink as you iput the code. Just turn off the machine and then power back on in a few secs.

PostRegion code hack posted by Bryan, May 14 2006:

This HACk posted by David Jalali 20/03/06 worked for my Philips DVDR 3300h/05, bought in the UK for region 2 only. I also have updated the Bios from the Philips web site. A note that wasn't mention in any of the posted Hacks ( unless it was assumed ), is that the ouput from my recorder had to be viewed on a NTSC capable TV, otherwise the picture rolls continuosly. I presume that this is due to the different line frequency used when the origonal DVD was made in Region 1

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