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Philips DVD737

20 user region code comments

March 21, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by , October 20 2003:

OK 100 %
1. Allumez votre lecteur de DVD.
2. Appuyez sur le bouton Open/Close situé sur le façade avant ou sur
la télécommande de votre lecteur.
3. Appuyer sur "Menu Systeme"
4. Appuyer sur "Stop" (carré pour arrêter la lecture)
5. Appueyr sur "<<"
6. appuyer sur 0 (0 = multi zone) ou sur 1 pour zone 1 ou sur 2 pour zone 2

PostRegion code hack posted by oechri, October 28 2003:

power on your dvdplayer
open tray
press menu
press stop
press <<
press 0 for multiregion

PostRegion code hack posted by Anders, October 30 2003:

Tried the above and it worked great.
Allmost a too good deal to be true. DivX works great and mp3 from dvd's as well.

PostOther hack posted by A, December 01 2003:

Hi guys,
whar an exellent player this is!
I have a question to you.
Does your divx movies show "too" little for your tv screen? I mean when i feed the tv through my pc it fills the screen properly but through 737 it stays too small... Is it just a "feature" in this player?
Oh and it DOES play xvid and has a dts out, those were the questions that bothered me before buing.

PostOther hack posted by a, December 11 2003:

You need to upgrade the firmware for correct scaling.

You'll find instructions and info in the dir of that link:

PostOther hack posted by StyrIs, December 13 2003:

The only lame (wich made me not buy it)
is the fact it lacks both optical
and s-video output.

I purchased the new Kendo DVX 9200 instead
Has everything 737 has but also comes with
separate RGB with progressive scan and optical and s-video

I haven´t noticed any differencies between theese
2 players at all, same menys even and plays most files
i have tested.

Havn´t noticed any big differences in quality either...only that Philips looks much better...but good looks isn´t everything, huh?

PostOther hack posted by StyrIs, December 15 2003:

If you set it to 0 (as in all regions) or Bypass
you do not need to change it more than once.

Only problem i can imagine is that if an RCE disc
won´t play in bypass or 0 mode, you will have to change the region code to the same as the disc.

But i haven´t noticed this on any disc yet.
(Ofcourse i have not tried all my discs yet)

PostRegion code hack posted by juzek, December 21 2003:


PostOther hack posted by Tamas Kerecsen, December 22 2003:

All the RCE titles I have play beautifully in "Region 0" mode. So you shouldn't have to worry about the 25 change limit.

PostOther hack posted by Oliver, December 31 2003:

I tried installing the new firmware (see above), but the combo:,stop, <<, >> still only shows the old version 212B 2
Any clue as to what is going wrong?


PostRegion code hack posted by maurice, January 03 2004:

hack my dvd player 737

PostRegion code hack posted by mitja, March 11 2004:

I've just recently bought this DVD but it doesn't play the subtitles in divx movies

any suggestions?

PostRegion code hack posted by Dcent, March 22 2004:


I have a brand new Philips 737 tried the posted hack but it only apears :

Ver.: DP 330.4.1.26 Reg 2

... and don´t let me change the region.. anyone help ?!

PostRegion code hack posted by DVD lover, March 28 2004:

I have the same version like Dcent
and fortunately the patch works as described above.
Player was bought yesterday at SATURN (Germany), set to zone 2.
Maybe the player wasn't switched on before?
Or you typed the cursor left key twice (like me first :-))
instead of track-back (the "|<<" button), Dcent?

PostOther hack posted by Alex, April 11 2004:

Subtitles works!!!! Thanks Damijan.
Only without special characters (sumniki) About them read the report of Pali from Slovakia at almost the bottom of the following page ; ... derby=Name
DVD player was bought in Media Markt in Graz, Austria, but is made in Hungary.

PostRegion code hack posted by Jellofish, April 21 2004:

Have you really opened the tray before you pushed "system menu" "stop" "<<" "0". If not, the region won't be changed. If you have done it, I suppose the new firmware maybe prevent you from changing the region :P

PostOther hack posted by Hux, April 27 2004:

Im from slovenia to.
The first thing that comes to mind is. This player Sucks bad ass.

It lacks 5.1 output, S-video.
Subbtitles are little yellow crapy shit! Useless if I may add. Some parts of the font even cut the screen and you really cant read this yellow pice of ugly shit.

Apart of this its great and plays every movie I tried so far. To bad it doesnt play 3vix. Has anybody tried?
I dont have any movie in this format but hack I seen alot of them recently on suprnova.

There are for sure better Divx/Xvid/3vix players out ther. The trick is to find them. I just passed the oportunity on one where you could even change the image size like on a computer and plays even 3vix. ;(

PostOther hack posted by Per, April 28 2004:

When upgrading the dvd737 with a new firmware, you must after the boot with a cd-r/rw unplug the cord and replug it while holding play on the unit.
The new firmware wont beactivated until you do this.

PostOther hack posted by PoxPox, July 21 2004:

Alrighty people!

A hack for all those pesky Xvid-rips that look like "mosaic"
This hack works for most of the Xvid's that aren't encoded using Qpel, GMC or B-VOP (those that don't play at all that is...)

Ok, now for the tip:
Just play the movie as usual, press the SYSTEM MENU button on your remote to get to the menu and press the the same button again to get out, and voila! It works :)

PostOther hack posted by Christian, March 21 2005:

Hey ppl!

Altelast the subs are now not yellow anymore with the newest firmware, but anyone knows how to change the size of the subs when playing DivX?

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