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Philips DVD726

14 user region code comments

April 01, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Huey Van Iadore, June 03 2003:

This is the same as the hack for the dvd727

Press the following buttons, pausing between presses

9, 9, 9, 9, 0

PostRegion code hack posted by David, June 14 2003:

I can confirm that the 727 hack works perfectly for this player. Its even nicer that it can do an automatic PAL to NTSC conversion... all those UK DVDs now work perfectly!


PostRegion code hack posted by ton, June 25 2003:

not work
I exchange to 727. working
after that, My friend bought another 727. working
thanks. this web sute very good

PostRegion code hack posted by Jay, July 17 2003:

I just picked up a Phillips 726, and so far the hack seems to have worked. I am in the US (R1), and have a R2 dvd floating around somewhere that I HAVE NOT tried yet. I will post the results when I try that dvd.

PostOther hack posted by Mike, July 30 2003:

For the DVD726, I have found that it only works when the disc tray is OPEN. It will not work if:

a) The disc tray is closed and/or
b) There is a disc in the tray

Happy hacking!

PostRegion code hack posted by sherry, August 15 2003:

Just bought this player from Best Buy today and this hack works great! Very simple.

PostRegion code hack posted by john, August 28 2003:

hey, i tried the hack, it worked it sayed region 0, but when i go to play my disk, not sure what region it is from, but it says this disk is not formatted to play in this i doing something wrong....i hit 9,9,9,9,0 then close my tray the movie will start to work then say,"this disk is not formatted to work in this region" do i have to do something else for this to work? thanx for the help

PostRegion code hack posted by Jay, September 06 2003:

This hack is a great success. I have tried dvd's from R1, R2 & R3. All have worked without a hitch! I haven't run into a dvd that hasn't worked yet.

PostRegion code hack posted by G J, September 30 2003:

Hi, I tried this hack and works perfectly in an unit bought at Best Buy for 80$. (sept 03) I could set any region.

PostRegion code posted by marco, November 04 2003:

here is how you can make this dvd macrovision off.

PostRegion code hack posted by Chris, November 26 2003:

Code Confirmed: Works perfectly on my DVD726 purchased from Blockbuster $89.99.

PostRegion code hack posted by Andy, December 04 2003:

These are the people who gave us almost every solution

PostRegion code hack posted by ash, February 10 2004:

You can purchase it at

PostOther hack posted by Ben, April 01 2004:

When I first got my 726 player, the video didn't work. I called customer
service...I was instructed to open tray, then with remote press left arrow
then mute. This apparently turned off progressive scan (I don't have a
digital TV). Works great, especially with the region hack!

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