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Philips DVD710

5 user region code comments

February 14, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by , July 15 2001:

to make the player multiregion use the remote hack on dvd reviewer ( this is for the phillips 750 but it says you can use it on all phillips dvd players. I have done it on my 710 it is fine plays all region disks automatic.The only thing is that you need a one4all remote. I purchased this from argos superstore one4all 4 digital then took it back and had a full refund.

PostRegion code hack posted by Hokie, May 27 2002:

My Philips 710 DVD Player was:

Firmware 9.23
Region 2
VCD only (and DVD of course)

My Philips 710 DVD Player is now:

Firmware 9.28
Multi Region

this is how I did it:

I downloaded the firmware files from (
I created the CD ROM on a MAC using TOAST, ISO 9660 XA,
without apple extensions and allowing macintosh names
(yes allowing, it worked!) (everything else left untouch);
Upgraded the firmware;
Then, I got a ONE FOR ALL remote, model 7562;
I set the player to Region 1, using MAGIC 085 009 000 000
000 Play as described at (french site)(
It was then capable of reading SVCD but it was set to Region
Then I applied the Remote Hack for Region Free, MAGIC
085 222 222 005 255 Play;

I also have a SONY A/V Receiver capable of decoding Dolby
Digital 5.1 as well as DTS, and the player kept is digital
output. Everything else looks ok to me.

I think this is the safe way to hack this player, anyway try it at
your own risk.



PostRegion code hack posted by J.Stadt, December 06 2003:

Plaese sent me the DVD710 Hack Window version

PostRegion code posted by steve noch, January 28 2004:

will not play dvd copies

PostOther hack posted by Mike, February 14 2004:

> will not play dvd copies
Is that really true ? My 9.28 Regionfree player also has it:
I also tried +-R and RW with my own authored and copied a copieable DVD.
Nothing worked. Do I have to buy another player ?

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