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Panasonic DVD-RV60

10 user region code comments

April 09, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Makito Kanabe, May 31 2003:

Remove DVD/CD from your drive.
Press the following keys on your remote:
[ACTION] [1] [>=10] [6] [4] [3] [8]

A new menu option will appear named Other followed by four stars. Use one of the following codes to:
3192 -> Multi-Region Enable
3193 -> Macrovision Disable

I don't guarentee this will work on your DVD player. Bad mouth me if you want it worked on mine and I'm happy.

If you locked your player by pressing [4] instead of [1] after pressing [ACTION], this will also unlock your player.

Another first remote hack by Makito ^_^

PostRegion code hack posted by Boksic, June 09 2003:

I tried with remote but it didnīt work. Donīt have action-button on my remote for rv-60. I tried with action instead but it didnīt work. Any other ideas?

PostRegion code hack posted by Boksic, June 09 2003:

I mean, I tried with enter button.

PostRegion code hack posted by raj, June 10 2003:

I think he means setup button,

let us know how you get on.

PostRegion code hack posted by Makito Kanabe, June 10 2003:

Just to clarify for some people out there, I have a Panasonic RV60 DVD Player for Region 1 (US/Canada) and the supplied remote is model VEQ2377 (printed near the bottom)

The [ACTION] button is the bottom left most button.

Good luck and happy multiregion-macrovision free viewing!

PostRegion code posted by Dado, July 31 2003:

Makito Kanabe hack works, dvd is Europe region 2

PostRegion code hack posted by Dado, August 11 2003:

Yes, this is OK.

PostOther hack posted by marc, December 04 2003:

Sorry Deeezil !!!!

This just _locks_ the player and then you cannot play any DVDs, regardless of the region!!!

For all who locked their players:
In Stop-Mode press [Pause] + [BWD-Skip] + [OPEN] _on_ the player for three seconds to initialize(reset) the player.

When successful you will see "Initialized" on the player's display and on the TV! The player should then play DVD's of your region again!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by Bob Kouré, March 31 2004:

[ACTION] [1] [>=10] [6] [4] [3] [8]
gets me to the same menu I'd see with
[ACTION] [1] [3]
which is
>Disk Languages
>Menu Peferences
1 English
2 French
3 Spanish
4 Other ****
Is this the menu you get to with your string?

I can select [4] to get to "other", and then enter 3192 or 3193 (numbers replace the stars as you enter) - but I haven't checked to see if this disables region or "mackrel"-vision.
BTW, I have the same player and remote - but, of course, our firmware could easily be different - although there weren't *lots* of RV-60's sold in the US.

PostRegion code hack posted by marc, April 09 2004:

Hello J. !

Like I posted before:

In STOP mode of the player press
_AND_ hold for 3 sec. or longer:

Pause " || " + BWD-SKIP " |<< " + Open " ^ "

_ON_ the player itself _NOT_ on the remote control!!!!!

The player should the show "INITIALIZED" on the display!!

I hope that helps you!!!

Bye MArc

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