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Panasonic DMR-EH50

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January 05, 2014 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Tom, July 16 2006:

Panasonic generic regional code IR sequence

0082 0015 0089 0004 00F2 0033 0017 0010 0091 0013

You can enter these codes with a PocketPC using TV Remote Controller and making a CCF file with these codes. Or use a Palm with Omniremote. Make sure no disc in the player when entering this code.

PostRegion code hack posted by flashcode, October 11 2009:

Panasonic DMR-EH50S

I had some trouble to understand the application of the codes for this hack. So, after searching around and experimenting a lot, I've found a clearer way to get it to work.

The original codes are 030/82, 106/15, 070/89, 242/04, 157/F2, 155/33, 122/17, 146/10, 134/91, 154/13 (corresponding to the following buttons: Enter, 6, >=10, << Rew, F2 Special, Audio, 8, 1 Subtitle, 4) which are applied through the use of a special remote control, or through the original remote control and a programmable remote control for the F2 Special code.

When using a JP1 programmable remote control (One For All URC-8811, for example) the codes must be changed to 191/BE, 120/57, 065/6E, 180/DF, 143/B0, 155/33, 122/17, 117/F7, 129/76, 123/37.

I copied all the EUR7729KB0 (which is the remote control for the DMR-EH50S) button codes and added the missing buttons into a file, which I used to program that remote control. The hack could then be applied to the player using a Shift-Select button press (which is a macro using the Set/Setup and Select buttons).

Panasonic DVD Region-Free codes (EFC/Hex):
Original URC-8811
030/82 Enter 191/BE Select (Enter)
106/15 6 120/57 6
070/89 >=10/100+ 065/6E Phantom1 (>=10/100+)
242/04 << Rew 180/DF << Rew
157/F2 F2 Special 143/B0 Phantom2 (F2 Special)
155/33 Audio 155/33 Mute (Audio)
122/17 8 122/17 8
146/10 1 117/F7 1
134/91 Subtitle 129/76 Phantom3 (Subtitle)
154/13 4 123/37 4

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