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Panasonic DMR-E80H

11 user region code comments

March 12, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by elias medici, December 14 2003:


PostOther hack posted by david g., December 29 2003:

I just want to know how to disable CPRM :)

PostRegion code hack posted by,, January 03 2004:

En Argentina lo hacen pero cobran demasiado

PostRegion code hack posted by alex, January 21 2004:


PostRegion code hack posted by Sean, February 03 2004:

Want to backup a DVD to your DVD RECORDER and are having problems ??

Then visit: ... me=rvi:1:1

email me

PostOther hack posted by Gaudet, February 03 2004:

I bought a a dvd stabalizer from future shop for $49.95 plus tax and all I had to do was plug the video from the vcr or dvd player into it and then plug it into the panasonic DMR-E80H and I was able to transfer my concerts off of my tapes onto dvd and the quality was great. I hope this helps everybody who has this problem.

PostRegion code posted by Dantheman, February 13 2004:

Go to Google and do a search for dvdredpro it is a device that removes the copy protection but you have to play the vcr or dvd from another device you can't load the disk in the e80h.

with the power supply it would cost $90. that is with the shipping from the UK.

I bought it and it works great.

PostOther hack posted by Glen Glinke, April 04 2004:

Yes you can dub from a DVD disk in a Panasonic DMR-E80H DVD recorder to its own hard drive!

Here’s how:

1.) Run audio/video jacks from one of the recorder’s outputs to one of its imputs.
2.) Load DVD to be copied. Put it in pause at the beginning of the program you want to dub!
3.) Set up a timer record on the HD to start a couple of minutes in the future and set it to run beyond the length of
the DVD for about a minute.
4.) Switch to the DVD drive and make sure you allow the HD to start recording for 10-15 sec BEFORE you start
playing the DVD!
5.) Allow the FBI warning to be recorded onto the HD so that the HD record dialog box indicator will be recorded
over the warning! You will edit this out later!
6.) You will get a funky white fading effect when you start and stop your recording but this can be edited out using
the Panasonic’s sweet editing feature IF YOU SET THE RECORD TIME TO START EARLY AND END
7.) I’ve dubbed VHS tapes and DVDs that didn’t have Macrovision on them without using any other equipment. A
Macrovision encrypted source will require the use of equipment that will defeat that signal such as “The
Clarifier™ Macrovision Killer” available at: <> $100.10 (USD) including S&H, or a
similar device. These devices would of course need to be connected in between the input and output jacks of he

NOTE: This method will NOT copy added menus, extra footage, ect. on DVDs that have such features but it will copy the actual program. In order to “Clone” a DVD you will probably need to do that on a computer.

HAVE FUN!!! ;o)

PostOther hack posted by Glen Glinke, April 05 2004:

This is a post script to the instructions above concerning copying DVDs internally to the Panansonic DMR-E80H HD: In step "3" be sure to select the imput you have the DVD cable coming into in your timer record setup!!!

PostOther hack posted by m56969, December 09 2004:

While moding my Xbox and having a 160GB Maxtor EIDE ATA133 to play with I decided to swap out the DMR-E80H HD with the 160GB I was going to install in the Xbox. I replaced the installed Maxtor 80GB drive and the unit came up with 'Unformtted' I formatted the driver, recorded some stuff, but noticed I still have 18Hr @ XP mode. Good news is that you can easily replace the drive. The problem is how to get the unit to see the whole drive allowing us to put in even larger drives like 250GB. Either a motherboard adjustment or bios/eprom update needed? Any clues or info from anyone else?

PostRegion code hack posted by EVGENI, March 12 2005:

region free hacks

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