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Panasonic DMP-BDT310

3 user region code comments

October 06, 2023 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Slimebank, June 15 2011:

This player can be made regionfree for DVD playback and multiregion for Blu-ray playback by installing enhanced firmware. The enhanced firmware also disables UOP which allows you to always skip commercials :)

Do a google search for "DMP-BDT310 enhanced firmware" and you will get the idea.

PostRegion code hack posted by annie panny, November 22 2011:

I can confirm you can make this player DVD region-free by using the same OneForAll remote hack for previous and other Panasonic players.

Here is my explanation in plain English how to do this for people who are not familiar with OneForAll remote controls.

First, get your hands on a OneForAll remote that has a DVD button so it can control DVD players. I am in the UK, and used the URC7940 from Amazon, £5 delivered.

Second, set up the remote so that it controls your Panasonic player. This is just the ordinary procedure as detailed in the manual as though you were using the OneForAll remote for its intended purpose. Press the DVD button. Press and hold down M (Magic) key until red LED blinks twice. Enter the device code for Panasonic bluray players (0490). Red LED blinks twice. Press power on the remote and check that it now controls your Panasonic player.

Third, we do something a little special. To make the player region-free we need to send it infra-red remote codes which are not on buttons on the standard Panasonic remote control or on the standard OneForAll remote control. This is why we are using a OneForAll: we can re-program any button to perform an extra non-standard function and send the IR code we need. OneForAll calls this "KeyMagic", and each new function to be assigned has a function code. We need to send 10 different functions/IR codes to the player, so we need to re-program 10 buttons.

Here is how to re-program a button:

1. Hold the M button (Key Magic) until the red light on the control blinks twice
2. On the remote press the buttons 994. The red light should blink twice.
3. Press M again. The red light will blink once more.
4. Enter the 5 digit function code.
5. Finally press the button you want to assign the function to. The red light will blink twice more.

Follow the above instructions to assign the following function codes to the following buttons:

key 1, code 00191
key 2, code 00120
key 3, code 00065
key 4, code 00180
key 5, code 00143
key 6, code 00155
key 7, code 00122
key 8, code 00117
key 9, code 00129
key 0, code 00123

Once all re-programmed we can now perform the multiregion procedure:

1. Switch on the player, eject any disc.
2. Press the OneForAll Remote buttons in the following sequence with about a second pause between presses: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0
3. The player will automatically reboot and be DVD multiregion without any message.

Good luck and enjoy!

PostRegion code hack posted by Tobias, October 06 2023:

Very easy, all you need is an ir transmitter (old mobile e. g. Galaxy S4,5 or 6), an app, the code and
that's it. I did it with a Panasonic DMP-BDT385 and DMP-BDT374 and it worked fine. It should work for
a lot Panasonic Players. Only for DVDs.
A list of possible Players you can find here:
The Video where all other things are described linked here:
Have fun.

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