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Magnavox MDV460

7 user region code comments

September 19, 2008 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Autobot, March 13 2006:

The hack I employed is exactly the same as the MDV458 listed elsewhere on the site. Of course, my unit is the MDV460, and I did the following:

Press "Power" to turn on the player.
- Press "System Menu" key to enter Set Up menu.
- Move to "Preference Page" using the left/right arrow keys
- Press the following sequence in the remote control: 135566
- A menu indicating "Region Code" will appear.
- Change region using up/down arrow keys. Region Code = 0 will play all regions.
- Press "System Menu" key to exit Set Up menu.
- Press "Power" to turn off the player.

Going forward the unit will play all regions. Enjoy.

PostRegion code hack posted by thedoc, May 07 2006:

1. Press System Menu on Remote
2. Use Remote's Right Arrows to select "Preference Page"
3. Press 1-3-5-5-6-6 on Remote
4. Use Down Arrow to Change from Reg. 1 to Reg. 0
5. Press System Menu on Remote Again
6. Power off then back on

PostRegion code hack posted by thedoc, May 08 2006:

Forgot to mention this player will convert the PAL signal to NTSC TV's with no
stretching or glitches whatsoever! A great picture!

PostRegion code hack posted by ancius, June 29 2007:

I have Aug/2006 mfg. model and the hack worked fine but I'm now told that the model with a 2007 mfg. date has a different menu and the old hack doesn't work anymore.

PostRegion code hack posted by stingdubbading, July 02 2007:

Just bought a DVD player today (July 2007) and tried the hack. Worked perfectly.

PostRegion code hack posted by My2˝Cents, July 16 2007:

RE: ancius, 2007-06-29

Unfortunately, ancius is correct. Enthused by the prospect of buying/trading non-USA PAL DVDs, I bought a MDV460 for myself and a couple as gifts. Target had them on sale for $35 (usually $45).

Apparently, current units have new firmware (& chipset?) -- there's no 'Preferences' page, and entering the above number produced no sub-menu. Believe me, I tried!

Luckily, the next week Target had the essentially similar Philips DVP5140 for five bucks more (sale $40, regularly $50). Philips region hack (Setup, Preferences, 1-3-8-9-3-1, step to Region '0', Setup) took about twenty seconds and worked perfectly on the first try.

Suggest buying the Philips before they 'improve' it, like they did the Magnavox!

PostRegion code hack posted by firebrand42, September 19 2008:

If you can not access the preferences page on your machine, open the tray and leave it open while you follow the directions previously mentioned.

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