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February 12, 2020 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by byebye, December 08 2019:

The MontBlanc trick did work with LG UBK90 region 2 Fr (02/2018).
I tried several times in order to find the good one.

In the end, it works with:
- CDRW. (not a DVD...)
- path /Violet0000/Rubicon
- "MontBlanc.DVD" file (search the internet, you'll find it)
- Windows 10 explorer "inhouse" utility to burn CDR

Not sure that the uppercases matter...

To burn the CDRW, Windows 10 Explorer utility worked fine for me: choose "CD option" (not USB option) after erasing the CDR (if it's an
old one), and then, juste copy/past the /Violet0000/Rubicon/MontBlanc.DVD to the CDR ; delete all unwanted files (such as the one that
is automatically created by this damn windows) and burn the CDRW.

PostRegion code hack posted by winman42, December 29 2019:

Doe it work with a CDR? I've tried a few times with no luck.
The LG UBK90 keeps saying "check disc"



PostRegion code hack posted by sjordi, January 12 2020:

The MontBlanc thing does work on the LG UBK90 for DVDs. Region Free hack can play any DVD.
But not for Blu-Rays that are not Region Free.

PostRegion code hack posted by Thymianstrauch, January 29 2020:

I can confirm that the region code hack works on LG UBK90, FR, bought in Germany.

Please note: I tried this with the Montblanc.txt file from the avforums link plus the one from with CDRs burned on a Mac. It did
not work, no matter what I tried. The LG player would always just say "Data disc" or "check disc".
Threw away several burned CDs.

In the end I burned the file from the link below on a Win7 laptop. Worked like a charm.

I used the download link from the LG BP440 hack:!CQFz2TAK!1BO7aSN--BFL_sEhneyfVgiQ3ZUzHGinvlycQEvdmpw

It has the whole file structure you need.

Drag the Violet0000 folder onto a CDR, do not set to "USB" (default option), instead set to CD/DVD (master) and then burn it.

If anyone can figure out what the problem on the Mac is, please post here.

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