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June 06, 2020 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by byebye, December 08 2019:

The MontBlanc trick did work with LG UBK90 region 2 Fr (02/2018).
I tried several times in order to find the good one.

In the end, it works with:
- CDRW. (not a DVD...)
- path /Violet0000/Rubicon
- "MontBlanc.DVD" file (search the internet, you'll find it)
- Windows 10 explorer "inhouse" utility to burn CDR

Not sure that the uppercases matter...

To burn the CDRW, Windows 10 Explorer utility worked fine for me: choose "CD option" (not USB option) after erasing the CDR (if it's an
old one), and then, juste copy/past the /Violet0000/Rubicon/MontBlanc.DVD to the CDR ; delete all unwanted files (such as the one that
is automatically created by this damn windows) and burn the CDRW.

PostRegion code hack posted by winman42, December 29 2019:

Doe it work with a CDR? I've tried a few times with no luck.
The LG UBK90 keeps saying "check disc"



PostRegion code hack posted by sjordi, January 12 2020:

The MontBlanc thing does work on the LG UBK90 for DVDs. Region Free hack can play any DVD.
But not for Blu-Rays that are not Region Free.

PostRegion code hack posted by Thymianstrauch, January 29 2020:

I can confirm that the region code hack works on LG UBK90, FR, bought in Germany.

Please note: I tried this with the Montblanc.txt file from the avforums link plus the one from with CDRs burned on a Mac. It did
not work, no matter what I tried. The LG player would always just say "Data disc" or "check disc".
Threw away several burned CDs.

In the end I burned the file from the link below on a Win7 laptop. Worked like a charm.

I used the download link from the LG BP440 hack:!CQFz2TAK!1BO7aSN--BFL_sEhneyfVgiQ3ZUzHGinvlycQEvdmpw

It has the whole file structure you need.

Drag the Violet0000 folder onto a CDR, do not set to "USB" (default option), instead set to CD/DVD (master) and then burn it.

If anyone can figure out what the problem on the Mac is, please post here.

PostRegion code hack posted by CCS, June 03 2020:

Region code hack

PostRegion code posted by Sparky 713, June 05 2020:

Can anyone confirm that the Montblanc CDR hack actually works with U.S. sold LG UBK90ís?

I have a LG UBK90 purchased at Costco here in the U.S. and have tried two different burned Montblanc CDRs.

The player responds with ďCheck DiscĒ every time inserted.

Iím only trying to play some Region 2 DVDís, not blu-rays. I purchased the complete set of Kojak DVDís on Amazon, and it turns out they are Region 2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

PostRegion code hack posted by asdf, June 06 2020:


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