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LG LDA-511

8 user region code comments

November 23, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Piotrek, August 24 2005:

Use the same huck to LG DVB 418

PostRegion code hack posted by CJ, September 18 2005:

Unit is semi region free out of the box. What I mean is it will play some PAL disks that I code not play on my Sony s330. To make it completley region free I followed the instructions in the file and it worjed perfectly

PostRegion code hack posted by AK, December 03 2005:

Confirmed that the mentioned before works like a charm ... I played a UK (region 2) and an Australian (region 4) dvd without any problems

PostRegion code hack posted by ANDRE GAETA, December 17 2005:

I used same hack as many other LG players use -

I copied the RTM folder to the root of the new CD. then burned it to a CD-R at 16x with Nero in ISO mode - I named the disk RTM.

Here is the link I used to download the zipped up folder
I shut the player off - then on and opened the tray, inserted the disk and closed it, it then read the disk and opened up the region setting screen by itself, then I selected "0" on the remote as instructed and then pressed pause to exit as it said to..The DVD LED read "00" on it..
I then shut the machine off for a few seconds, then hit the eject buuton to start it up again and removed my disk. I put in a region 2 -4 DVD that I had, and closed it, and it played beautifully.. That's it...

PostRegion code hack posted by Michael, February 16 2006:

Hack from LG DVB 418 works with LDA-511.

1. Just burn the RMTM0000 to the root of a CR-R
2. I didn't worry about ISO or anything, just used standard settings while burning.
3. Named the CD: RTM.
4. Insert into your LDA-511
5. Type: 0 for ALL Regions
6. use the "Pause" button to confirm and exit the software
7. no confirmation popped up.
8. it worked right away

thanks guys

PostRegion code hack posted by Dalmiro Couto, March 11 2006:

My 2006 brand-new LG LDA-511 refused to play Das Boot Region 4 version.
Used the same method above and it now works great.
It took me less than 5 minutos to burn the CD and set the DVD-player.
Thanks guys.

PostRegion code posted by Jon V., March 12 2006:

Just adding some remote hacks for this player to allow upscaling (720p and 1080i) over the component video output:

HDCP off/on:
on screen: "OK H" or "Default H" (Status)
(2xPAUSE to leave)

Macrovision off/on:
on screen: "OK M" oder "Default M" (Status)
(2xPAUSE to leave)

Video/HDMI Info Page:
Use this to check and see if HDCP protection and Macrovision are off

Factory reset + SYSTEM INFORMATION page
go to Setup/video/TV Aspect/16:9
and press 1,3,9,7,1,3,9,ENTER
Remote Hacks are permenant unless you use these codes to restore defaults.

PostRegion code hack posted by soursean, November 23 2006:

I just wanna say This is 2k6 and I tried this hack, i tested The Ali G "indahouse" dvd REGION 2-4 pal VERSION B4 the hack and it could'nt read it! But I just dl-ed the RTM file to a CD-r and popped it in and it friggen works perfectly!!!!! This is awesome!!!!All I know is my Tv and DVD player are only for NTSC but it's playing PAL!! WTF? I don't know and I don't care. this just saved me major $$$$$$$

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