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Koss KD365

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April 13, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by LB, July 19 2003:

To play DVDs other than region 1 encoded ones:
1. Press the "menu" key
2. Press the numbers 1,6,7,1,9
3. A menu should appear on the upper-right corner of the tv screen asking which region you wish to play, 0 for region free, 2 for UK...
4. Press the number of the desired region, wait a second or two and you should be able to load and view the DVD
Jesco White is the worldwide.
My wheels arent 20s but I keep them clean. LB

PostOther hack posted by 409, July 23 2003:

With no disc in the player:
7,6,0,1,9 at the menu displays a firmware information/upgrade menu.

PostOther hack posted by DC, February 05 2004:

Would like to confirm both the Region Code hack submitted by LB and the Upgrade Menu hack submitted by 409 worked perfectly on the unit I purchased from Sears. It happily plays Region 1, 2 and 4 DVDs when set to Region 0.

Thanks Guys!

The only problem I did find was the unit would not accept the Hack codes from the menu when first powerred. However playing and then ejecting a DVD put the unit into a state that allowed it to process the codes. I first used the upgrade code to produce the Upgrade Menu which I then promptly cancelled before enterring the Region Hack code.

I can also confirm the built in NTSC/PAL coverter worked perfectly and I was able to watch a PAL DVD on an NTSC television, and then play an NTSC DVD on a PAL system. The output video coding system is selected through the display menu.

PostRegion code hack posted by Vic, April 13 2006:

The hack listed above works perfectly.
You can program Koss to play 1,2,3... or 0, which plays ALL.

Point the remote at the DVD player with no disk inside. Menu, 16719 (look at top right of screen, special menu window will briefly come up - only for 5 seconds or so). Press "0" to change it to ALL regions.

I'm extremely happy that my cheap ass KOSS is so easily programmable, compared to all the grief that expensive Sony and Panasonic models are giving other people.

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