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GE Digital GE1101

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January 08, 2012 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Jay Coleman, July 30 2001:

Get the Apex AD703(BT) (MUST be the BT) code from Get the
CD-Upgrade generator on the same page. Follow the
instructions that come in the generator's README file.

This opens up the "loopholes" menu, allowing you to
make it region free and disable Macrovision, among
other things. May mess up your eject button on your

PostRegion code hack posted by Woody, August 19 2001:

There is a Group for the 5803p and 1101p. There are files to upgrade to loophole menu, premade files, and different versions of the loophole menus.

Don't forget the Shinco group for all your Shinco questions:

PostRegion code hack posted by george, March 30 2002:

The hack for the GE 1101PA works on the new 1101PB from Walmart.
No problems upgrading mine today.

same cs4955 video chipset as the PA model.

PostRegion code hack posted by Charlie Reinhart, May 02 2002:

The other hack here is now a dead link. Here is the new one. I used it for my GE 1101 PA (walmart $110) and it worked perfectly, although not exactly as described. There is one point where it tells you to wait several minutes and my just shut down. At first I thought "oh my god, I broke it!" But, when I turned it back on it worked and was hacked. Anyway, here is the new link:

PostRegion code hack posted by HappyJack, May 12 2002:

I second George's comments. The hack for the GE 1101PA worked perfectly for my new 1101PB from Radio Shack (I know, I know, but I had a gift certificate ;).

PostRegion code hack posted by Kris Wall, November 13 2002:

I just did the hack to an 1101PB from Radio Shack as well. Don't know why you're busting on the Shack. The player was only $79.99. Cheaper than I've seen it anywhere else.

When I ran the Firmware Update, the player just shut off after about a couple of minutes. I let it sit for about 10 minutes before turning it back on and now it works like a champ.

PostRegion code hack posted by Patrick, January 06 2003:

I just installed the new firmware provided by -- a comment: the box will only indicate that the player is a GE1101P, but the warranty card will tell if it is a 1101PA or 1101PB.

My DVD now works like a charm! Better, yet: it is currently playing a region 2 PAL DVD on a NTSC tv set, meaning that the hack is also converting the signal from PAL to NTSC!

Do not be afraid of the very (too?) detailed intructions. The process is, in fact, easier than it seems.

Price wise RadioShack is selling this DVD player for $60 (after you excercise a $20 mail-in rebate).

PostRegion code hack posted by Jim Knock, January 08 2012:

I was at the link: trying to get the multi region working for my GE1101. It lead me to
which had me follow a list of instructions. Step 4 does not tell you that some of the files might be overwritten, I assumed that I was supposed to,so I did.
Step 5 has me running the file SHINCOCD.EXE . Since I am working with a computer with a 64bit processor, this program won’t run. I have tried all compatibility fixes but I don’t seem to be able to make it go. Is there an updated 64bit compatible version to get me to the “loopholes” menu?

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