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AMW V101

11 user region code comments

April 16, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Harsh Nanda, September 25 2003:

I am desperately looking for a hack to make my DVD player region free. I read on a review site that a user played Region 6 PAL in this player without any problem. I am not sure if he made any change to the player, but its possible that this player comes Region Free right out of the box but I have no way to verify.

Any help/further information will be highly appreciated.

PostRegion code hack posted by Ray, October 28 2003:

my system came region and macrovision free straight from the box, not bad for 40 bucks on sale at circuit city.

PostRegion code posted by chandra, October 31 2003:

HI How did you get that, I bought on Oct 27th from circuitcity, I played a DVD and connected toa VCR using composite RCA connection and tried to record to test the Macrovision feature, my picture on TV was cyclically bright and dim , which I understood as Macrovision feature. Again it is showing me Region 1 only. But I did not try with other Regions DVDs yet
Let me know your experience

PostRegion code hack posted by BB, November 02 2003:

This DVD player is great because it plays any DVD format (including PAL from parts of Europe). We need the zone-free hack to make it the perfect deal at $40 from circuit city.
The AMW V101 seems to respond to the hack below expect that no "VERSION" option appears. As soon as I press the down arrow, the extra text at the bottom disappears and it's back to square one.

in SETUP enter "13698888"
You'll see a bunch of numbers/letters near the bottom of the screen.
Then the field called "VERSION" will appear.
Move Cursor on VERSION and open with PLAY button.
(Note: at first it may be hard to make out the "VERSION" option, but just scroll down, you'll see it).
Use Cursor buttons to go to the REGION CODE setting, and enter the desired code.
NOTE: your options are 0-6. Selecting "0" seems to make it code-free.
Then go back to SETUP to save

PostRegion code hack posted by amwv101, January 17 2004:

1. Select "Setup"
2. Scroll with right arrow to "Preferences Page"
3. Press down arrow once. "Tv Type" will be selected with a submenu to the right "Pal, Multi, Ntsc".
4. Press 1379
5. Press down arrow and up arrow to change the Region.
6. Press "Setup" to exit


At the "General Setup Page", after entering 1379, I see

Servo: 10.00.F6.A4
Region Code: 0

good luck

PostRegion code hack posted by deepdiver1964, January 18 2004:

It seems that the hack mentionned by bob (Jan 17 04) is not working if your have the info
Servo 00.00.F6.57
Region Code 1

But OK for version

PostOther hack posted by Eric, January 19 2004:

I just finished using Bob's hack from 1/17 and it works! Circuit City is currently selling this DVD player (in Ohio at least) for $39.00 and occasionally runs rebates that can save you another $10.00 (check! Good luck all!

PostRegion code hack posted by KDaver, January 25 2004:

When you use the code. you need to make sure you are in the right setup menu.

you need to be in the Preference page before typing in the 1379. then use the down arrow to change the region.

PostRegion code hack posted by therarekind, January 26 2004:

i can confirm the hack posted on 01/17/04 works. i just bought an amw
v101 at circuit city in boston for $35 and it is now region free

PostOther hack posted by Andreas, February 21 2004:

Unfortunately it seems that this player is only hackable with an older firmware. I too have the problem as many others that I can get to the region code but not change it. The solution to this problem would be if AMW released a firmware upgrade to player with firmware Subversion 0F.06.00.01
AMW have done this for other players but not for V101 as of yet. Only way seems if enough people are requesting this from

For further info on the problem with this player, see

Hopefully if enough of us request this AMW will release a new firmware

PostRegion code hack posted by DonB, April 16 2004:

Appears that I have one of the unhackable players mentioned above. The region will display after entering the "1379" code, but nothing will change it from "1" to "0".

Servo 00.00.F6.57

Here's the response I got when sending email to AMW Customer Service:

Thank you for choosing and supporting Amphion MediaWorks. By Law the region on the DVD players cannot be changed if sold in the United States. Although you can go to that web site for how to convert them but again we do not support that. Beware at your own risk and one more to add this will void your warranty and your system cannot be replace or exchanged.

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