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MythTV is a project aiming to create a homebrew set-top box. The end goal is to have a nice interface for watching TV, recording shows, listening to music, etc., all displayed on a TV and controlled by a remote. Also video streaming.

Free software
Linux Linux

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0.27.4 (October 15, 2014)

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Download MythTV 0.27.4 (81.7MB)

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Version history / Release notes / Changelog:
Release Notes - 0.27.4
Changes between 0.27.3 and 0.27.4

avcodec/dirac_arith: Fix build with PIC and stack-check options
avcodec/utvideodec: Increase vlc len
Revert two backports to release/1.2 that broke fate.
Show duration for large asf files as written in the file header.
Ignore IPv6 settings value if it‚€™s invalid
Don‚€™t attempt to play the video streams for mp3, flac, off and m4a container.
Properly allocate VDPAU PiP video buffers and fix memory leak
Fix memory leak
Audio: Abort Drain if audio device is in pause
bump FFmpeg to 1.2.7
Fix PiP when using OpenGL output
Ignore DMG mounted image
Mythmedatalookup: set PYTHONPATH so mythmedatalookup can be started on its own
Make sure to pass season and episode to tv grabber.
Use myth coding style
Mythmetadatalookup: Make sure we follow the exact same logic as we had prior e82754a7041d3988a8361535460d12a47742c65b
Mythmetadata: Simplify code with a GetGrabber utility member
Do not wait too quickly when reaching EOF
Revert "Player: Increase OpenFile timeout to allow playing encrypted isos on a remote FE"
Player: Increase OpenFile timeout to allow playing isos/DVD on a remote FE
Revert "Fix 0b9470c Fix fileringbuffer locking..."
metadata: fix crash should grabber not be defined
metadata: get around grabber incorrectly set to an empty string
metadata: do not use grabber cache if not initialised
metadata: Properly clean inetref when searching for collection
metadata: Properly separate TV title/subtitle search from inetref/subtitle search
metadata: if video type not known, try both movie and television grabber
CoreContext: Fix IsThisHost
metadata: do not use script name for artwork file name
CoreContext: Fix IsThisHost
metadata: uses _ as separator in inetref in place of :
metadata: Fix broken retrieval for screenshots
metadata: fix stray declaration
metadata: Fix GetGrabber
metadata: also set collectionref to new format
metadata: no need to re-run the search when a match has already been found
metadata: properly handle media search type if we already have an extended inetref.
corecontext: QHostAddress::isNull() appears buggy
metadata: clear error state once an error has been propagated
metadata: add getStorageGroupName
metadata: fix storage group access when downloading artworks.
metadata: properly update artwork images paths
metadata: create objects on stack
metadata: do not attempt to download remaining artworks should error occurred.
mythbackend: fixes QUERY_FILE_HASH hanging
metadata: fix wrong test leading to incorrect hash calculation
protoserver: fixes QUERY_FILE_HASH hanging
mythtranscode: fix incorrect memory allocation
mythtranscode: always check if audio stream still exists
Flush buffers prior to closing the codec.
Limit bitrate to 100Mbit/s and fill_min to half the size of the ringbuffer
metadata: do not unnecessarily query the database if there‚€™s no chance that it will yield a result
metadata: fix incorrect tests
Revert "metadata: properly handle media search type if we already have an extended inetref."
metadata: create Set/GetIsCollection
metadata: use extended inetref if available to determine the type of metadata
metadata: never overrides current video season/episode with with retrieved metadata ones
frontend: simplify metadata search creation
frontend: fix automatic mode introduced in previous commit
metadata: complete refactor of search
metadatalookup: fix logic error introduced in 5d3d319936513cac22557f9a3969f7210b8ac049
metadata: return both movie and TV results when in non-automatic mode
metadata: also look for artwork when scanning a single recording
frontend: add search abilities to ‚€œchange recording metadata‚€Ě screen.
metadata: fix C++11 compilation
Revert "mythtranscode: fix incorrect memory allocation"
Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
Revert "Player: Amalgamate and simplify SwitchTo and JumpToProgram"
Merge branch 'devel/027candidates' into fixes/0.27
Revert "Player: Finer a/v sync adjustments"
Revert "Player: Enable AVSync to recover quicker after a seek or program change"
Revert "TV UnpauseLiveTV calls tvchain->SwitchTo opposed to JumpTo to minimise visible disruption"
RingBuffer: Properly wait for readahead thread to start
RingBuffer: always read directly from file if read ahead thread isn‚€™t running
Fix channel detection.
Have info and playback screen show proper number of channels
Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
CoreContext: Simplify use of IsThisHost, make it work with hostnames
Fix doxygen comment
corecontext: Add IsThisBackend API
remotefile: use IsThisBackend API
Fix compilation after 27791ae and 55e03d
Merge branch 'devel/027candidates' into fixes/0.27
AirPlay: Fix iOS 8 not seeing video device.
Revert "Player: Improve low bit rate / high latency stream playback"
Subtitles: Fix cc608 indents.
Subtitles: Avoid trying to draw empty text or background objects.
Captions: Delete *all* cc708 windows in CC708Reader::Reset().
Make seeks faster for slow decoders / large keyframe distances.
MythUIScrollBar: Initialize maximum to zero until it is actually known,
MythMainWindow::Norm: With very small values of x, scaling down can cause
themechooser: Load all the valid themes for the current version of myth,
housekeeping: When checking for new theme versions consider all the tags.
ThemeChooser: Alert user when unable to modify files.
Obey useonairguide and enable it for ERT
add GuessLookupType for VideoMetadata to match other content
Guess its an episode if it has an episode title
Attempt to fix segfault in EITCache assumed to be due to QMap race
simplify handling of missing endtime at end of file in mythfilldatabase
Handle [HD] in UK EIT fixups
Player: Don't call DoneDisplayingFrame for PiP until next frame is ready
Fix 0b9470c Fix fileringbuffer locking...
Player: Increase OpenFile timeout to allow playing encrypted isos on a remote FE
BE: Fix 'MythSocket: Programmer error, QEventLoop isn't running...' during BE exit
MythUIWebBrowser: silence a warning when we can't find the parent window
TV: Quit the TV playback loop when the primary player reports a fatal error
TV UnpauseLiveTV calls tvchain->SwitchTo opposed to JumpTo to minimise visible disruption
mythtranscode: skip audio description streams
Player: Clear EOF when resuming play
Player: Enable AVSync to recover quicker after a seek or program change
Player: Finer a/v sync adjustments
Player: Improve low bit rate / high latency stream playback
Player: Amalgamate and simplify SwitchTo and JumpToProgram
libmythtv: Add a mutex to the ChannelScanSM class
TV: Avoid a SEGV when switching from PiP to PbP
Player: Allow seeking upto last frame when paused
Transcode: Fix a race condition in VideoDecodeBuffer when EOF encountered
lavu/opt: validate range before dereference
adpcm: Fix trellis encoding of IMA QT
adpcm: Write the proper predictor in trellis mode in IMA QT
avformat/avidec: allow rounding errors between scale/rate and timebase
swscale/swscale: fix integer overflow
avcodec/x86/mpegvideoenc_template: fix integer overflow
avcodec/h264_mp4toannexb_bsf: prepend global headers before any in stream parameter sets
avcodec/libx264: move where x264opts is applied down so it isnt overridden by avctx & defaults
avcodec/wma: use av_freep(), do not leave stale pointers in memory
avcodec/msrle: check return code for success before use
swresample/resample: Limit filter length
swresample/dither: use av_malloc_array()
swresample/resample: use av_malloc_array() where appropriate
swscale/x86/swscale_template: loose hardcoded dstw_offset
avcodec/x86/idct_sse2_xvid: fix non C99 inline function
swscale/swscale: fix srcStride/srcSlice typo
avcodec/mjpegen: Fix declared argument size
avformat/mpegts: Remove redundant check
avcodec/diracdec: fix undefined behavior with shifts
avcodec/g723_1: add assert to help static code analyzers
avfilter/vf_deshake: fix loss of precission with odd resolutions
iavcodec/vc1dec: Fix missing {}
avfilter/filtfmts: Support dynamically allocated in/outputs
avutil/lzo: Fix integer overflow
avutil/lzo: add asserts to be double sure against overflows
avformat/mux: Check for and remove invalid packet durations
avformat/h263dec: Fix h263 probe
swresample: fix AV_CH_LAYOUT_STEREO_DOWNMIX input
ffmpeg_filter: fix pointer to local outside scope
avcodec/mjpegdec: Fix undefined shift
avfilter/graphdump: Fix pointer to local outside scope
avcodec/diracdec: move mc buffer allocation to per frame
avutil/cpu: force mmx on selection of higher x86 SIMD features
avcodec/libvorbisenc: dont add the duration to AV_NOPTS_VALUE
avcodec/aac: fix () in IS_CODEBOOK_UNSIGNED macro
avcodec/golomb-test: fix () in EXTEND() macro
avcodec/mlpdec: fix () in MSB_MASK() macro
avcodec/mss34dsp: fix () in SOP* macros
avcodec/mss4: Fix () in MKVAL() macro
avformat/flvenc: Do not allow creating h263/mpeg4 in flv without unofficial format extensions being enabled.
avcodec/alsdec: Clear MPEG4AudioConfig so that no use of uninitialized memory is possible
avformat/mpc: attempt to allocate a packet that is not smaller than the data inside it
Update for FFmpeg 1.2.7
MusicPlayer: On stop clear any temporary one shot metadata
Idle Timer: don't start the timer if it is 0 (disabled)
Idle Timer: fix the last cherry-pick
ImageLoadThread: don't treat all gifs as being animated
Store grabber used along with inetref to ensure correct reuse.
Fix description text for 'Upcoming Recordings' in classic menu theme.
Sync libdvdread up to R1290:
Sync libdvdnav up to R1294:
Handle [HD] in UK EIT fixups part 2
Sync minilzo from 2.03 to 2.07.
UPnP: Fix the service IDs for CDS and CMGR which were both incorrect.
MythMusic: Fix smart playlists uses lastplay or date_entered.
MythMusic: Fix sql error in SmartPlaylist editor when adding a new playlist.
MythMusic: Fix NULL insert...

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It's the best. I have been using it since Sept-Oct 2003 (IIRC it used to be 0.17 then) and I have no problem at all with this piece of software.

Posted September 16, 2006 by . Tool version 0.20 using OS Linux
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

I've heard about MythTV for so long and was dying to try it out. My current desktop is not the quickest (800 mhz PIII) so I decided to get a capture card that would do mpeg2 encoding on the fly (doesn't kill the CPU). I wound up getting the Hauppauge WinTV PVR350 card. I tried installing via KnoppMyth but had some problems. I heard good things regarding Jarod Wilsons fedora2 how-to decided to give it a shot. It installed without any major issues. MythTV is great. I can do what tivo does (record a live show, pause a live show, schedule recordings) and much more. You can rip CD's and DVD's, browse internet sites, read RSS newsfeeds, manage your system remotely (schedule shows & delete programs) and play old school video games via xmame. If you have a DVD burner you also burn your recordings. Another great thing is that because it runs on linux it supports all the different codecs. MythTV simply rocks!
I plan on building a dedicated MythTV box very soon for my home entertainment system using a mini-atx box.

Posted October 29, 2004 by . Tool version 0.16 using OS Linux
Ease of use 9 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 9 of 10
Guides: Jarod Wilsons Fedora2 How-To: MythTV install manual: KnoppMyth website & forum:

2 comments, Showing 1 to 2 comments

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