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Panasonic DMP-BDT220

12 user region code comments

June 12, 2014 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by sawbluraymad2, August 08 2012:

Hey Guys

i have been searching all of the net and couldn't find any region code hack for this manchine

but i have good news i have found something on ebay that will unlock the dvd region.

Click Link Below To Buy The Remote On Ebay

All You Need To Do Is To Follow The Instructions Which The Seller Provides.But You Don't Really Need To Read Anything It Takes Seconds And All You Do It Hold Down One Button For 10 Seconds To The Green Light Stops Lighting Up

It Also Does Lots Of Other Panasonic Models Which Is Useful To

Trust Me This Works You Be Watching Your Region 1,2,3,4,5,6 Dvds In Know Time

And It's Only £11.99 Plus 99p Packaging

I Hope This Helps You Out As It Has For Me.

PostRegion code hack posted by HerrB, November 20 2012:

Firmware version is 1.49.

The hack for the Panasonic DMP-BDT320 worked for my 220 too:

I was using a One-For-All 7960 remote control.

It seems the 7960 is operated slightly differently from the 7140 in the other post, but it is all still very similar. I found the manual "Manual_URC 7960 Extra features all languages.pdf" on the One-For-All web site very helpful (this extra features manual was not in the package of the remote).

After typing in the unlocking key sequence the player took only seconds to restart. In the other post, a minute or two was mentioned.

PostRegion code hack posted by Woosydiver, December 31 2012:

Updated instructions using a One-for-All URC-7541 [aka One-
for-All Digital]

Australian DMP-BDT220 locked to Region 4
Firmware 1.49 [latest available Dec 2012]

Tested with region 2 DVD, did not play before hack but
played after the hack.
Hack remained after power cycling the unit.

The One-for-All URC-7541 has no instructions for programming
the number buttons so I modified the procedure from other
model guides.
3 digits were required for the code to program the number

WARNING: The procedure to return the number keys on my One-
for-All URC-7541 to original has not been verified.
Your One-for-All URC-7541 remote may not function as
expected after this procedure.

Here is what I did;

A. To set the One-for-All URC-7541 remote to control the
player using the AUX button

1. Press & hold the MAGIC button until it blinks twice
2. Press 9 9 2 VCR AUX
3. Press AUX
4. Press & hold the MAGIC button until it blinks twice
5. Press 0 4 9 0 [this is the code found in the URC-7541
user guide]

B. To program individual number buttons on the One-for-All
URC-7541 remote control:

1. Press AUX
2. Press & hold Magic button until AUX blinks twice
3. Press 9 9 4
4. Press Magic button [AUX will blink once]
5. Press 3 digit code from table below
6. Press the number button for that code

Note. Further presses of the programmed number button will
cause the VCR button to blink, not AUX as expected.

Button Code

1 191
2 120
3 065
4 180
5 143
6 155
7 122
8 117
9 129
0 123

C. To unlock the player:

1. Power on the player with no disk in
2. Point the remote control at the player
3. Press the remote buttons one at a time in order;
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
The player will reset itself with no info indicating it's
region free
The reset took seconds, not minutes
Test by playing DVD's

D. To return the One-for-All URC-7541 number buttons back to
default [not verified];

1. Press the AUX button
2. Press & hold Magic button until AUX blinks twice
3. Press 9 9 4
4. Press the number button twice
5. Repeat for each of the number buttons

Note. Further presses of the programmed number button will
cause the AUX button to blink as expected, not like the note
in B. above

PostRegion code hack posted by BALJEL, May 12 2013:

We have two dvds that are zone 2 and wont play in NZ. Is there any way to unlock the code so we can play them.

PostRegion code hack posted by readyemail, March 11 2014:

I am based in the US and often travel to the UK. I have several original/legitimate DVDs that I have bought from the UK over the years. My old unlocked DVD player died..
I have tried this hack on a DMP-BDT220 (United States model) using a One For All (URC7140) remote. I tried this several times using the 3- and 5-digit codes (Example: key 1 = 00191, key 2 = 00120 etc. as this was described in another thread). I re-keyed all the values several times too, to ensure that I have not made any key entry errors. I could tell that the player was receiving the codes (at least the first and last, as the menu selection changed on the first key and the player rebooted on the last one).
However, the player is still locked for region 1 (keep getting "Cannot play" on UK DVDs). Any suggestions? Thanks.

PostRegion code hack posted by Slimebank, March 24 2014:

American Panasonic devices have been software restricted to NTSC-only playback.

You need to install 3rd party firmware to bypass that restriction and to be able to change DVD and Blu-ray region settings.

PostRegion code hack posted by readyemail, March 25 2014:

Thanks Slimebank... I tried the link, registered and submitted the information exactly as requested. But, I got nothing back. When I tried to log-in again few hours later, my log-in was already deleted. My only guess is that they didn't appreciated my offer for contribution toward the development project by reviewing code/developing some modules. Did I misread what they are asking for (i.e., are they looking $$?)

PostRegion code posted by Slimebank, March 25 2014:

LOL !!

I guess the site operators don't like beggars...

Maybe you should come up with a donation or at least something valuable

PostRegion code hack posted by readyemail, March 28 2014:

I would've paid a reasonable amount if they'd made it clear. They maybe obscuring their desire for payments to make them look like donations! In any case, after two tries with no specific response I am giving up on that option and hope other options would surface soon.

PostRegion code posted by Slimebank, March 30 2014:

Of course...

You can get a similar firmware on ebay, but I think the Cinavia deactivation part is missing from that one:

Good luck !

PostRegion code hack posted by NBryan, June 10 2014:

Slightly cheaper than the first post for DVD multi-region is
this one

PostRegion code hack posted by NBryan, June 12 2014:

Trying the link again

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