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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for youtube-dlc

youtube-dlc 2020.11.07


[youtube] mix playlist
[youtube] music playlist
[youtube] player/ytinitialData
[youtube] various

[zoom] new extractor
[vlive] extractor updated
[la7] minor url fix
[mailru] minor url fix

[core] --all-subs livechat problem excluded from embedding

many more fixes.

youtube-dlc 2020.10.26

download link + cookie fix
#14 @merval @blackjack4494
closes #12

updated age gate fix
fb2c927 @blackjack4494
closes #13

youtube-dlc 2020.10.24-6

[youtube] yt search feed fixed.

youtube-dlc 2020.10.09


[youtube] Update extraction of like/dislike count #170 @RedpointsBots
[youtube] Added 'subscriber_count' to extraction #172 @RedpointsBots
[youtube] fix yt-only playback when age restricted/gated - requires cookies #171 @blackjack4494
[youtube] Fix yt search + feeds #173 @xarantolus
[Bandcamp] update - fix regexp for JSON matching #150 @gilou
[Mtv] [Mtvn] updated extractor logic & more #176 @blackjack4494
[youtube-dl] update master 07.10.2020 #155

youtube-dlc 2020.09.23-2


[core] Support arbitrary stream merges #81 @fstirlitz

[core] Keep download archive in memory for better performance #125 @jbruchon

[youtube-dl] update master 22.09.2020 #128

twitch, [core] common extractor / http downloader, some adult sites
[naver] Add support for live videos #127 @SeonjaeHyeon

[hotstar] regex fix 7ac0ba5 closes #84

[ytdlc] new workflow for automated builds - still needs some more tweaking

I compiled the 32 Bit Version manually (I messed up the workflow file). Do note that the naming for 32 Bit version is youtube-dlc_x86.exe you can rename it to your needs. Also note if you check version it says it's revision 3 and not 2 but don't worry about that.

2020.09.16 Windows/Unix Binaries

XP Support youtube-dlc.exe
Please download exe from github (see at the bottom) if you don't need XP support.

update to youtube-dl master - release 2020.09.14 #108
[mitele] extractor fix #109 @DjMoren
[Core] Added --remux-video option #116 @Zocker1999NET
[elonet] Add extractor #75 @tpikonen
[Core] Support arbitrary stream merges #81 @fstirlitz
[hotstar] Move to API v1 #48 @FaArIsH @theincognito-inc
[Core] hls manifests, dynamic mpd 78895bd @blackjack4494

2020.09.13 Windows/Unix Binaries

XP supported Binaries will follow. next release

[daserste-ndr] support Daserste ndr #95 @blackjack4494
[youtube] Convert subs when download is skipped #94 @blackjack4494
[youtube] json3 subtitles -> changed priority #33 (comment) @zubearc
[kakao] new apis #96 @blackjack4494
[gdcvault] fix extractor #102 @blackjack4494
The binaries uploaded on GitHub were compiled with
Ubuntu 16.04 (WSL) running Python 3.7.8 (64Bit) and GNU Make 4.1
Windows 10 running Python 3.8.5 (64Bit) and PyInstaller 4.0

2020.09.12 Windows/Unix Binaries

Sooo many merges and fixes.

Note: No XP support yet!
Very sorry guys. But next point on To-Do list will be full automatic release (this includes building for XP) hope you can wait until now and compile it yourself in the meantime
Edit XP Support is here: youtube-dlc.exe. However note that this is an experimental binary until more feedback is received! For your regular EXE look at the bottom.

update to youtube-dl master - release 2020.09.06 #52
[wdr] subtitle extraction fix #29 @mrtnmtth
[] add playlist support #57 @martin54
[magentamusik360] Add new extractor #59 @adrianheine
[rutv] Fix JSON URL (closes ytdl-org#26333) #15 @adrianheine
[gdrive] Fix/google drive cookie issue #68 @legraphista
[vrt] extraction fix #63 @JensTimmerman
[rai] Fix extraction for recent updates #18 @iamleot
[Viki] subtitles, formats #69 @blackjack4494 (hey that's me)
[MyVideoGe] add new extractor #17 @fonkap
[mailru] extraction fix #70 @nixxo
[] url pattern #71 @ddland
[bitchute] Fix error for geoblocking #72 @adrianheine
[Alura] new extractor #21 @hugohaa
[duboku] new extractor #73 @lkho
[Tiktok] partially fix extractor #62 @skyme5
The binaries uploaded on GitHub were compiled with
Ubuntu 16.04 (WSL) running Python 3.7.8 (64Bit) and GNU Make 4.1
Windows 10 running Python 3.8.5 (64Bit) and PyInstaller 4.0

2020.09.06 Windows/Unix Binaries
@blackjack4494 blackjack4494 released this 21 days ago 190 commits to master since this release

Note: No XP support yet!

hotstar #48

deezer #46

soundcloud #38

tvnow #36

mkvthumbnail support #28

wdr subtitle fix #29

ondemandkorea #22

abc #16

youtube json3 subtitles

windows binary now got version information added and an icon

2020.09.03.1 Windows/Unix Binaries

fixing twitch url structure (e.g. highlights) #34

2020.09.03 Windows/Unix Binaries


renaming / minor tweaks

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