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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for xAct

2.50 (build 8446) 06/08/2020

-Converting AIFF > Wav and WAV > AIFF will now copy tags
-Batch Rename can rename based off tags in the file. Hover over Prefix textbox to see how

2.49 (build 8399) - 04/15/2020

Fixed issue converting APE files to FLAC
Added Touch Bar buttons for the tabs
Refactored multiselect code on tags tab
Refactored WAV tagging
Added “Part of Compilation” tag

2.48 (build 8173) - 10/07/2019

Made fully 64 bit (and notarized) for macOS Catalina support
Fixed multiselect bugs on the Tags tab
Added preference to open last used tab on launch
Fixed Year and Total Tracks bug for mp3 files
Fixed mp3 “Album Artist” bug
Album artwork on the tags tab is limited to 16MB in size. If an image is larger, xACT will shrink it down.
DVD-AUDIO support is on hold until I can get it fully 64 bit. If you still need dvd-audio, use a previous version or use Fabrice Nicol’s new front end:

2.47 (build 7974) - 09/15/2018

Fixed washed out image issue in macOS High Sierra for AAC/ALAC

2.46 (build 7959) - 07/31/2018

Fixed washed out image issue in macOS High Sierra
Reverted back to previous build of Monkey’s Audi

2.45 (build 7919) - 06/14/2018

Stopped xACT from forcing itself to the front when a new task starts
Upgraded AtomicParsley to v0.9.6

2.44 (build 7893) - 01/08/2018

Fixed bugs caused by typo fixes in 2.42 (Tags Tab)

2.43 (build 7886) - 12/28/2017

Fixed bugs caused by typo fixes in 2.42 (FLAC Replay Gain, De-Emphasis)

2.42 (build 7879) - 12/27/2017

Fixed progress bars on Mac OS X 10.13
Fixed “track number” and “disc number” tagging bug
fixed Typos
fixed bug when tagging date on flac files

2.41 (build 7749) - 09/16/2017

fixed bug when tagging the year on flac files.

2.40 (build 7743) - 08/24/2017

fixed bug where wav tags didnt get copied to flac files
tooltip on queue

2.39 (build 7705) - 02/09/2017

Added preference for AAC Audio Codec Quality
Added basic HE-AAC v2 encoding
Added tagging of WAV files
Fix tab can now output to source directory
updated flac to v1.3.2
fixed bug with month/day handling in tags tab

2.38 (build 7606) - 05/20/2016

AIFF ags are retained when applying de-emphasis
Fixed bug that didnt allow conversion of 24 bit AIFF to MP3
Option in preferences to aid in CD Extraction if xACT can’t recognize the cd drive
Option to set output name when using shntool join
FLAC 5.1 > Apple Lossless will set correct channel mapping
Added sample rate conversion (using SoX) for WAV and AIFF files
Fixed Apple Lossless and AAC Artwork bug

2.37 (build 7448) - 12/18/2015

Downgraded SoX to 14.3.2 for Mac OS X 10.7 compatibility
Upgraded Opus to opus tools 0.1.9 (libopus 1.1)
Added decoding of Opus files to WAV or AIFF
Added encoding to HE-AAC
Changed how xACT finds cd drives for extraction

2.36 (build 7202) - 06/09/2015

Bug fix for tagging files - added check to see if file is read-only
xACT will now convert WAV > AIFF and AIFF > WAV using the “Decode” tab
recompiled wavpack 4.70.0 from source to make compatible with Max OS X 10.7
Upgraded SoX to 14.4.2

2.35 (build 7131) - 12/010/2014

Fixed cd extraction bug introduced in OS X 10.10
Upgraded flac to v1.3.1

2.34 (build 7093) - 11/04/2014

Fixed Conversion of Apple Lossless to AAC

2.33 (build 7047) - 08/18/2014

LAME CBR/ABR/VBR setting correctly remembered again.

2.32 (build 7042) - 08/07/2014

Fixed bug where Genre tag might not be copied from AAC or Apple Lossless files.
Added Advanced tab in Preferences for advanced LAME MP3 options. xACT can now set “-q” values and specify “Stereo” or “Joint Stereo” files.
Added ABR LAME MP3 encoding.

2.31 (build 6975) - 08/01/2014

Updated flac to version 1.3.0.
Faster LAME MP3 compression.
Fixed scrollbar on Util tab when DVD-AUDIO is selected.
Cleaned up interface on Checksum and Lossy tabs.
Changes for accessibility.

2.30 (build 6907) - 07/24/2014

Apple Lossless to AAC conversion keeps tags.
Minor fixes for Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10).

2.29 (build 6871) - 05/29/2014

Date tag is now split into separate Year/Month/Day fields.
Modified MP3 date tag handling for better iTunes compatibility.
Added ability to tag TTA files.
Upgraded Wavpack to v4.70.0.
Upgraded Taglib to v1.9.1.
Upgraded MP4v2 to v2.0.0.

2.28 (build 6714) -05/20/2014

Fixed bug that caused crash when creating MD5 file.
Fixed bug that could cause crash when running many tasks at once.
Added progress indicator when tagging files.
Disabled option in preferences to remove padding when writing flac tags until I track down the cause of a bug that could cause the flac files to become corrupt (possible bug in TagLib or metaflac).
xACT is now 64 bit only. Apple’s Xcode 5.1 removed support for applications using Garbage Collection, so upgrading the application to use Automatic Reference Counting forced xACT to be 64 bit only. v2.25 is the last 32 bit app that will work on 32 bit Macs.

2.27 (build 6480) - 05/06/2014

Fixed bug where st5 files weren't being written.

2.26 (build 6465) - 04/28/2014

Replay Gain now set by directory. If you feed xACT files in different directories and tell it to add replay gain, it’ll treat the files in each directory as a separate file set.
Added option (in preferences) to remove padding when writing flac tags.
Downgraded to flac 1.2.1 because of speed issues.
xACT now requires extensions on files so it knows how to process. Added extra check on extension before deleting original files.
refactored parts of source code to use Automatic Reference Counting
fixed bug when converting flac files to aiff and copying tags. If conversion failed, xACT would crash when trying to write tags.
added Album Artist tag to tags tab and rearranged the placement of tags on the screen
Added option in preferences to remove padding when adding flac tags. Flac pads tags by default, so if you remove album art, the file size does not decrease. xACT can remove this padding.

2.25 (build 6406) - 02/10/2014

Tags tab now shows common tags if multiple files selected.
Apple Lossless > AIFF copies tags
When tagging files, if the selected files contain no album art tag and are all in the same directory, xACT will look for a single image file in that directory and prompt the user to use it. If there are multiple images in the directory, xACT will not try use any image.
Speed improvement when encoding to AAC, Apple Lossless and MP3
Fix for channel layout when converting multichannel (> 2) files to AAC
Fixed bug where track total didnt clear out on flac files when write empty tags selected

2.24 (build 6248) - 10/20/2013

updates/fixes for 10.9 Mavericks compatibility
updated flac to v1.3.0
updated LAME to 3.99.5
fixed bug when converting wav file to mp3 with extra RIFF chunks
fixed bug relating to creating an md5 of files in different directories/subdirectories

2.23 (build 5911) - 04/27/2013

file lists now sort files exactly like the Finder

2.22 (build 5906) - 04/06/2013

fix to Core Audio encoder bug when encoding from Apple Lossless to AAC (wouldn't work before)
added ability to delete a single file from the file list, or all files with a certain extension. Right click on the file list to see these options.
added Wavpack to FLAC and Wavpack to Apple Lossless encoding
fixed bug in auto creation of ffp files when converting files to flac. If saving to source directory, it will correctly create an ffp for each output directory now.
file list will now expand wide enough to see very long filenames
When encoding to FLAC, last options for "Verify" "Keep Foreign Metadata" and "Generate FFP" are now saved in preferences
Save to source options are now saved in preferences
Added option in Preferences screens for "Warn when deleting original files" and "Notify when files are skipped"
Fixed bug in Tags tab when loading tags for MP3 file. When a file had no Total Tracks tag, the Track Number tag was being displayed in the Track Total field

2.21 (build 5689) - 12/26/2012

added option to auto-create ffp file when fixing sector boundary errors and outputting to FLAC format
fixed bug when fixing sector boundary errors and outputting to SHN format with md5.
xACT now reads album art from AIFF files.
fixing AIFF or FLAC files now retains all of the metadata tags.
custom tags now saved on each keystroke
very primitive support for encoding to Opus format (lossy tab)
xACT will prevent the computer from going to sleep while there are tasks running

2.20 (build 5427) - 08/07/2012

fixed bug with "delete original files" option on shntool tab where if gave a false "Are you sure" confirmation box
fixed bug in shntool len command when naming by disc
added Notifications for finished task sets (requires OS X 10.8)

2.19 (build 5427) - 07/24/2012

code signed for Mac OS X 10.8 Gatekeeper
set FLAC album art to the "FrontCover" picture type
FLAC tags can now save full dates (2012-01-01) in the YEAR tag instead of just the year
added a checkbox to automatically create an ffp file when encoding files to flac
added the "Delete original files" and "Encode to source directory" options to the shntool tab
default FLAC fingerprint file (ffp) extension is now a user preference. xACT used to default to ".ffp.txt" but the user can specify "ffp" instead
if multiple files are added to the Tags tab file list, all new files are selected by default
on the Tags tab, added a button to use the previously saved tags. This button will only become visible after you've set some tags since the application launched.

2.18 (build 5207) - 05/20/2012

Should work in Mac OS X 10.5 again. (the latest version of Xcode doesn't seem to make a 10.5 compatible version even though it says it does)
Changed how the shntool "split" function works when renaming files from a cue sheet. It should handle accented characters better.

2.17 (build 5156) - 04/29/2012

fixed bug in auto-naming files when user gave 2 tracks the same name
fixed bug in performing shntool operations when a directory had square brackets in the path

2.16 (build 4931) - 03/13/2012

converting Monkey's Audio > FLAC now copies APE tags to to the FLAC files.
fixed bug when creating temporary filename with certain characters in pathname.
fixed bug that caused a crash when removing FLAC tags from multiple files at once.
added DISCTOTAL and TRACKTOTAL tags to FLAC, MP3, and M4A files.
added ability to enter custom tags for flac files. Note: this is a work in progress.
increased maximum number of threads from 10 to 24.

2.15 (build 4931) - 12/09/2011

Fixed bugs introduced by 2.14 relating to mp3 compression level and saved settings

2.14 (build 4884) - 12/05/2011

Fixed bug where flac files with .FLAC (uppercase) extension could cause xACT to crash when converting to mp3
"Lossy" tab now remembers your compression level settings

2.13 (build 4791) - 06/28/2011

Added ability to tag MP3, Monkey's Audio, and WavPack files. Changed FLAC tagging to make unicode-friendly. Added ability to add album art to FLAC, AAC, Apple Lossless and MP3 files.
fixed bug when "Delete original files" option checked and task canceled that resulted in original files still being deleted. Check now in place to prevent this.
added user preference to delete files or move to trash when "Delete original files" checked. Default is to delete.
added ability to convert Apple Lossless files to LAME mp3. Tags and album art will be copied to the mp3.
Added ability to parse a CUE file for tags (album, performer, track names). From the "FLAC/M4A Tags" tab, select "Load Tags From CUE sheet…" from the File menu and choose a cue sheet. xACT will attempt to parse the metadata from the file. Note: previous "Load track Names from file" was moved from the Edit menu to the File Menu.
added ability to make DVD-Audio disc image from flac or wav files. note: the tool that authors the dvd-a data may picky about wav files having standard headers. If wavs don't work, try flac files.
fixed bug when using "shntool fix" to fix sector boundary errors on files with no file extension.
fixed bug when converting files with no extension to SHN
fixed bug in custom shntool len format when time was not last
fixed bug that caused a crash when verifying md5 checksum file with invalid checksum format

2.12 (build 4193) - 05/15/2011

fixed bug when decoding Apple Lossless files to wav/aiff

2.11 (build 4118) - 04/28/2011

fixed bug where splitting a file with a cue sheet could hang or crash the application (introduced in 2.10)

2.10 (build 4072) - 04/26/2011

fixed bug where splitting a file with a cue sheet could hang or crash the application
fixed bug that caused a crash when converting multichannel (> 2 channel) flac files to aac and apple lossless

2.09 (build 3975) - 03/28/2011

better Mac OS X 10.5 compatibility

2.08 (build 3962) - 03/20/2011

should work (but not guaranteed to) in Mac OS X 10.5
added "File types not supported by this tab" message
added ability to convert from ape directly to flac (encode tab)
added support for cd extraction from blu-ray drives on most machines
fixed bug that could cause a crash when parsing "shntool len" output

2.07 (build 3925) - 02/03/2011

added aiff tags handling. aiff > flac will copy aiff tags. flac > aiff will copy flac tags.
handles comment lines starting with ";" now. previous versions assumed comments started with a "#" in md5 files.
added warning when running a command with "delete original files" option.
added ability to remove pre-emphasis from wav or aiff files. note: xACT uses SoX for de-emphasis and SoX will only remove pre-emphasis from 44.1khz files.

2.06 (build 3821) - 01/02/2011

fixed issue where converting .aif files to another format would output files with the .aif extension still in the name (.aif.mp3 for example).
96khz files can now be converted to AAC. They will be saved as 48khz aac files
fixed bug where you couldn't md5 a non-audio file type. You can now make an md5 of any file
fixed bug where text file could be in shntool tab's file list and cause crashes

2.05 (build 3795) - 10/10/2010

mp3 tags now written via TagLib instead of id3tool
m4a tags now written via mp4v2 instead of AtomicParsley.
fixed bug when copying flac tags to mp3 and saving in different directory (non source directory)
fixed bug when creating md5 while fixing files and outputting to SHN

2.04 (build 3522) - 10/08/2010

Added ability to parse an info text file for track names. From the "Track Name Input" window, select "Load Names From File" from the edit menu and choose a text file. xACT will attempt to parse track names in the file. It looks for lines that start with some variation of a track number: 01 or [01] or (01) or [01.] etc. Note: this function is incomplete, very basic, and won't work for all cases. It will be improved in future versions.
should work with 32 bit processors

2.03 (build 3461) - 10/07/2010

fixed bug when md5 files had comments

2.02 (build 3441) - 10/02/2010

fixed bug that could cause a crash when converting a very large number of files from shn to flac
changed the way that md5 checksums are computed. This should lower memory consumption considerably.
auto creation of md5 when converting to SHN should work correctly
deleting source file when decoding .tta file should work correctly
deleting source files when fixing sector boundary errors should work correctly

2.01 (build 3342) - 10/01/2010

fixed bug that didn't properly set the level when converting to VBR LAME mp3

2.00 (build 3333) - 09/29/2010

rewritten entirely from scratch in Objective C
many bug fixes
updated UI, new icons
added auto-update via Sparkle
multithreaded - can execute multiple tasks at once (see application preferences to set the number of threads). Dock icon will show number of tasks in queue.
can cancel tasks already in progress
progress bars for most tasks
option to specify the format of custom "by disc" and "fileset" shntool len output text (see application preferences)
tags tab can now tag FLAC and M4A (aac, Apple Lossless) files
converting flac > Apple Lossless will now copy Flac tags to the Apple Lossless files
splitting tracks from a CUE sheet will now rename tracks based on TITLE info in the cue sheet
updated shntool to 3.0.10
updated wavpack to 4.60.1
updated ttaenc to 3.4.1
updated cdda2wav to 3.0
"fix" option will now process files even if they need no fixing
user can drop a directory on a file list or dock icon to process all of the known file types in the directory and subdirectories
added shntool "pad" and "strip" functions
added ability to add or remove Flac Replay Gain (Util tab)
added ability to trim characters from beginning or end of lines when entering track names
Checksum files can be saved in source directory.
Requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher and 64 bit Intel processor

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