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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for mp3DirectCut


Cue sheet load problem fixed Longer delay time for tooltips Check for overdrive function (Normalize) Fixed garbage bytes on VBR header creation Some corrections


Level activated recording feature Graph level range increased Some more improvements


Possible startup crash fixed Some minor improvements and corrections


Multilanguage support changed to UTF-8 / Bright symbols layout for smaller window width / Lots of minor improvements


UTF-8 character encoding for cue, project and ini files / Internal ANSI/Win98 compatibility removed / Checking 4GB size limit / Cut noise mute function / Settings button in the toolbar / Graph font localization issues fixed / Some other corrections and improvements

2.25 2018-11-20

Append by file dropping
Multiple files can be dropped
Re-encoded save mode
Limit track time option for Batch
Gain change detection on cutting
Volume slider in text button layouts
Some corrections and improvements

2.24 2018-02-19

File corruption bug on Split fixed
Split dialog improved
Batch dialog redesigned
Functions to set or remove Cue flags
Some corrections and fixings

2.23 2017-03-07

MP4 demuxing by calling external ffmpeg
Bug on Xing VBR header reading fixed
Saving "Cut whole pause" setting
Big timer with total track time option
Minor improvements

2.22 2016-02-18

Two more zoom out levels
Crash on large window size fixed
Less CPU usage for selection graph
Editable folder fields for Batch and Split
Possible crash on simple fade out fixed
Some more corrections and adaptions

2.21 2015-09-30

Dark and bright themes and button symbols
Window color adjustable
VU meter slightly improved
Settings window re-arrangements
Dark style about window
New icon
Optional recording time limitation
Optional recording split by time
Some corrections

2.20 2014-04-04

Auto crop improved and added to command line options
Command line bug fixed (filename detection)
"Lowest gain" setting (fades, Auto crop) added to config dialog
Check for re-syncs did not work after bug fix
Cut button renamed to Cut/Cue (to differ from Cut/Copy/Paste)
More mouse wheel functions (zoom, fast scroll, volume)
Two-stage fade function
Some other improvements

2.19 2013-04-25

Optional timeline in the audio graph
Split save issue on Batch fixed
Cleared out some Lame settings
ID3v1 genre bug fixed
Icon resolution improved

2.18, 2013-01-11

Bugs on Split save fixed
Adjustable recent file number
Adjustable undo step number
Project/Cue filename in windows title
Auto crop function (2.17, 2012-12-29)
2GB file size limit error fixed (2.17)
ANSI mode recent list crash fixed (2.17)
Disabling unusable menu items (2.17)
Default buttons in dialogs (2.17)
Some more improvements and corrections

2.17, 2012-12-29

Auto crop function
2GB file size limit error fixed
ANSI mode recent list crash fixed
MPEG visualisation modifications
Disabling unusable menu items
Optionally keeping source date on new file
Default buttons in dialogs
Some more improvements and corrections

2.16, 2012-03-07

AAC support (no MP4, play with libfaad2.dll)
Project file Unicode bug fixed
Command line normalize bug fixed
Extended Auto cue settings
Other improvements

2.15, 2012-01-03

Cue flag issues of 2.14 corrected
Crash on Re-sync check fixed
Batch dialog unicode issue fixed
High resolution icon (2.14, 2011-12-13)
New function: Check for Re-syncs (2.14)
Restart button for config options (2.14)
Lots of improvements and corrections (2.14)

2.14, 2011-12-13

High resolution icon
New function: Check for Re-syncs
Restart button for config options
Save selection on VBR bug fixed
Tooltips should work on Wine/Linux
Lots of improvements and corrections

2.13, 2011-01-02

* Symbol button layout, volume slider and toolbar
* Allowing Cue sheet save on modified audio length
* Second overwrite/close warning can be disabled
* ID3 tag saving also on selection export
* Adjustable normalizing level in batch mode
* Some other things

2.12, 2010-05-22

* Unicode support (enable under Settings/Misc)
* Stupid hang on language selection fixed
* Unselectable record base name problem fixed
* Optional slim button layout
* Batch function corrections
* Pause detection optimizations
* Improved compatibility for Windows Vista/7
* Some more improvements

2.11, 2009-04-10

* Batch processing dialog
* Prelisten did not work on a selection from beginning
* Saving storage behaviour for ID3v1 tag to config
* Splitted status line with ID3 usage info
* New languages: Croatian, Indonesian
* Adjustable big timer height
* Other improvements

2.10, 2009-01-09

* Adjustable overlap time for Split save
* Maximum track number item for Split save
* VBR improvements and Cue sheet compatibility
* Undo step descriptions
* Adjustable prelisten time
* Relative paths in project files
* Some more improvements and corrections

2.09, 2008-05-30

* Translations were not shown on the main buttons
* Record file handling improved
* Some minor corrections

2.08, 2008-04-30

* Some dialogs and messages improved
* Optional standard working folder
* Optional alternative button layout
* Times shown in hour format
* Mouse wheel supported
* Tracks with ID3v2 tags >2MB can be opened
* Some more improvements and corrections

2.07, 2007-11-06

* Fixed append paste bug
* Fixed missing language file bug
* Menu item for new program window
* Paste to cursor position on no selection
* Minor corrections

What's new (2.06)

* Fixed Resync problem
* Edit points can be moved
* Trim function
* Crop function
* Selection loop play
* ID3v2 size calculation improved
* Some more improvements

What's new (2.05)

* Undo function extended
* Ini file stored in user profile if necessary
* Command line option /split for Cue sheets and Project files
* Reading Project files with relative paths
* Keeping Lame header params
* ID3v1 genre list extended
* Converting possible 8.3 filenames
* Some more improvements

Version 2.04
user presets for lame
selection crash fixed

What's new in 2.03
Visible area shown in the map view
User presets for Lame settings
Frame header bits editable
Adapting CRC checksum
Command line option for pause detection
Keeping and showing Encoder ID
Less Fast Play levels, showing current level
Less false re-syncs, possible re-sync hang fixed
low bitrates of 8 and 16 kpbs supported
Some more fixings and changes

What's new in 2.02
batch command line options
keeping id3v2 tag

What's new in 2.01
Notifying of unsaved changes works again
Reading old format project files
Easy creating simples fades
Lowest gain for fade buttons can be set
Function for loading a Cue sheet over current file
Easier or automatic cue flag setting
Smaller grips for gain faders
Record view modified
More accurate one-frame-back-navigation
Option for always closing the save window
Some other corrections

What's new in 2.0 beta
The edit method has been completely revised. And this is the first (beta) release of the new engine. So you're invited to report that everything works fine or where it does not.
Non-destructive Copy and Paste, even from different files
Graphical volume sliders
Cut areas are now hidden
Mouse events on VBR are not longer displaced
Bug on Split with ID3 tags fixed
Genre strings in the ID3 tag dialog
Millions of minor corrections and adaptions

What's new in 1.39
Improved ID3v1 creation on split files
Fast Play replaces 2x/3x pitched play
6 more languages
Some other things

What's new in 1.38
Append error of 1.37 fixed
The generated VBR header contains the "TOC" (1.37)
First language file could not be loaded, fixed (1.37)
Some other corrections and changes

What's new in 1.35:
VBR header errors fixed
Pause detection improved and corrected
Lots of smaller corrections and changes

What's new since 1.31:
Keeping title/artist names when editing existing areas
MPEG graph level height adjustable
Relative timer to previous edit part
Extensive VBR enhancements, Lame VBR encoding
VBR bitrate visualization

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