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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for alltoavi

- Fixed Installer not registering certain components

- Added AAC/5.1 support on user's suggestion
- Fixed PMP Codec option led to nothingness
- Fixed Loading screen

- Added Forced Resample (to fix some strange audio encoders)
- Added "Skip if Converted File already exist" option
- Added "Convert Files of certain Extension" option
- Added Subtitle positioning onto the Restrictive mode
- Added Plugins
- Modified Loading order, Splash will now display properly rather than fading after the main window appears
- Modified Component Listings to add in the plugins
- Modified Execute button now says Convert!
- Modified Manual to reflect the changes
- Modified Splash image! Thanks to A.J.H!
- Modified A Proper character set is implemented in the filename checker, based on:
- Modified "ExtractMedia Encountered an Error" Message, it is very misleading, it does not actually indicate an error
- Modified There are now no Final or RC versions, all versions will now be accompanied by a version number to distinquish the old from the new.
- Modified H.264 Restrictive mode will force resample all audios
- Fixed Cancel in FPS Selection dialog now works correctly
- Fixed Conversion stops mid way due to "Too many audio packet in buffer", you are now given a new Forced No Skip option window (Fix of the error require more precision in the framerate, not just 2 decimals).

4.52.75(Known as RC 2)
- Added Link to PSP Mod player (Because it only works with a certain version)
- Added Merger Plugin
- Added Splitter Plugin
- Added FPS Selection window
- Added 2 mp3s while you work with the program ^^, can be disabled, of course
- Added PMP, MP4 Height, Width checks, for a PSP, the video's height and width must be of multiples of 16. AlLToAVI will now validate that.
- Added Allow fast boot of AllToAVI, it will skip all initial checks
- Modified PMP Conversion process has been revised, extensive test showed that some video could not be muxed into PMP due to audio/video sync, this has been fixed
- Modified AllToAVI will only switch to Below Normal CPU Priority just before Conversion starts, this is to allow faster startup times etc. Conversion thread is still on Normal CPU priority and is not affected.
- Modified PMP Mod Player 2.02, a customized version with cool background images ^^
- Modified AllToAVI now saves all converted files in a sub directory, this is for easier handling and secondary conversions
- Modified AllToAVI now allow a prefix of nothing for its converted files, this is because it now saves all files in a sub directory
- Modified the Main window will now be movable when a conversion is running, however, some buttons will be disabled.
- Fixed FPS and Options window stayed open even though H.264 mode was selected.
- Fixed "Too many audio packet in Buffer", this problem have the semptom that user will end up with a perfectly converted file that is shorter than original
- Removed AllToAVI will no longer save No Skip option as part of the preset, this is because of the new FPS system

4.51.122 (Known as RC 1)
- Added PMP Convertion (Tested, PMP Mod 2.02+ ONLY!)
- Added MP4 Convertion (Under tested, may fail)
- Added mplayer binary into bin, it is required for PMP muxing
- Added option for PMP_MOD users to encoder to PMP files
- Added pmp_muxer for muxing into PSP
- Added AllToAVI now runs in Process Priority Below Normal, I have found running main exe with normal priority slows down convertion massively
- Added Manual Align Subtitle
- Added Ad space, I must find a way to pay for the web server now since donations isnt enough
- Added SVN at, generic access allowed
- Added KOIKA - Arigatou to Manual, hope you all like it :)
- Added Manual section on H264 and other new features
- Added Subtitle positioning
- Added image on H.264 page
- Modified Shell Extension no longer added by default
- Modified H.264 convertion now complete
- Modified Debug logs now record 40 line before and after each conversion to help with debugging better
- Modified Status window now have text color set to white, the old one was black and was too hard to read over purple background
- Modified Larger Status window for future features xD
- Modified Lengthened Balloon Tip time
- Modified Help files, various places
- Fixed Program will no longer display both Normal and H264 convertion window if H264 mode is choosen
- Fixed Program now quits if there is another copy running already
- Fixed code to initialize the new copy of options window
- Fixed "Ignore Anyway?" in Sanity check lead to .. -INFINITY! And BEYOOOOOOND!-.. excuse me..
- Fixed Sanity Check now will only warn once for each folder
- Fixed Program hangs when Component registry is missing
- Fixed Uninstall now removes the shell extension
- Fixed error deleting temp.
- Fixed When finished converting the program crashes with error 55 File already open (Debug.txt)
- Removed Ads on webpages
- Removed Ads on program page.... I guess it really isnt right, this is a free project after all
- Removed Plugins, I plan on releasing it with another up coming version which will have a dynamic Python scripting engine (learning it now)
- Removed Updates page, Its more of a pain than a good thing

4.13.204 (Known as Beta 6)
- Added Manual
- Added Drag n Drop on the main page, you can now drag and drop a single file or a entire directory!
- Added Shell Extensions to files and folders, you now see a Convert with Alltoavi option in right click
- Added a button that will toogle the above shell extensions
- Added Status monitoring window with Forced Stop and Pause button
- Added XP Style ToolTips
- Added confirmation on Font Change
- Added Sanity Checks on the file path (Length, Invalid chars, Drive letter only)
- Added Clean up of various new fields on version 4, version 3 clean up routines caused some fields not clear to their default settings, causing lots of strange problems
- Added more codec support, mainly Windows Media Audio/Video (v8-9), RealAudio, RealVideo (v8-10), for a full list please see:
- Added warning level in preload check, warnings now show details on missing parts and also a description of their function
- Added Show All Supported Codec
- Added tool called Componet List Editor, this is for developers only
- Added Internally support formats into listing
- Added Prefix selection, this allows the user to chose what prefix they want to go before their converted files
- New Splash (Cuter but girlish... oh well)
- Modified liberaries for easier uses, all functions are now prefixed with its Lib name, e.g REG_ for all registry functions and WSA_ for all winsock
- New program Icon (again cuter and somehow you can't really see whats happening on it)
- Changed all Message Box to Multiline, increased readability
- Cleared Job list upon executing
- Installer Shell at the end did not work, it is now removed until I have time to read the manual xD
- Updates are now prefetched during preload section
- Updates are now displayed once every 5 uses
- Fixed critical error when there are more than 1 .jt files in temp, it becomes a death trap
- Fixed External Subtitle and Audio files causing MEncoder to stop with Parse error (an extra . was added during parse)
- Implemented Fixed Quantizer, previouse reportings of it not working was due to the code not implemented (Commented out lol)
- Donation popup is now once every 5 use
- Changed, MEncoder and all of its dependencies are now in rootbin, this simplifys the view of root folder, so you dont see a billion codec dlls
- Corrected many many many many many spelling and gramma errors... most of them were made because I was too busy writing code lol.. honest!
- Fixed If one file added was H264, every other file added after are considered H264 as well, this problem is linked with the following
- Fixed error where the extension chosen for the first add folder is used for every subsequent add, causing the error "Incorrect extension to be shown everytime"
- Fixed where only file with lower case extensions were seen, eg test.MKV was not seen by program due to case sensitive matching
- Fixed Sanity Check, it now uses the RegEx [A-Za-z0-9_. ]
- Fixed font change, default package had errors (font arial 14 was actualy arial 18 and arial 18 was.. well still arial 18)
- Fixed Remove Job, now removes properly lol
- Fixed Options page Video Bitrate not showing (Forgot to code it in the parser lol)
- Upgraded to MEncoder 1.0rc1
- Media Infomation extraction method adjusted for MEncoder 1.0rc1 upgrade
- Fixed some labels are overlapping each other
- Fixed Progress Bar on status page to match XP Style
- Fixed Forced Stop button, old code failed to stop mencoder.exe, causing multiple copies to be run over time
- Adopted a new XP Style Progress bar
- Status Window is now Taskable and shows on taskbar, users lose track of it too easily otherwise and cant get it back
- Fixed Problem where the program freezes after conversion is finished... OMG!!!!!!!!!! Took me forever *!(&@(!^#(&*!@!@
- Fixed where program fails to report the encoding status
- Due to the above 2 fixes.. well the efficiency rate of converter is now down to 95% of original, but I still think anything above 90% if worth the trouble for all the new features
- lol I'm HATING this.. but yea again I "Fixed" the Status report code.... removed some fail safes... lets hope they don't blow up in my face
- Removed the lame explainations beside the Miscs in Options page.. theres a much better on demand explainations ballons now right?
- You can no longer close the Status window before conversion finishes, this is because users are often confused when they accidentally close the window]
- Save To button is now bigger and thus more noticable (duh)
- Program now checks to see if the SaveTo directory actualy exists and creates the folder is it did not.

4.07.144 (Beta 4, 4.06.86 was the first release Beta 3)
- New UI
- Removed mkvextract set and x264 set
- Recoded H.264
- Added minimal conversion change to H.264
- Added Quantizer settings
- New splash
- Added initial checks to ensure system integrity
- Redirect MEncoder output to debug.txt for future use
- Links to important parts of site are now on front page
- Removed Save/Load as no one ever use them, and also since they take some time to code
- Added Software scaler selection
- Removed Audio Codec selections methods
- Fixed Quotation marks in filenames
- InstrRev used instead of Instr for filename parser
- H.264 checks are now more advanced
- More details about target media is now added
- Plugins are now accepted
- Added more video codecs
- Speical H.264 Conversion page
- Online updates automatically displayed according to version
- Donations notifications added at various places
- Removed the use of dual cores, the program is now 100% VB
- Uses WinXP Skin for controls
- Added Font size changer
- Folder/File chosing is now more smooth
- Jobs are temporarily stored in seperate files and merged at the end
- Added various folders
- Installation system revamp
- More informations at various mouse overs
- Save current selection now saves into Registry and is now selective on what to save
- Splash fades ;D

3.0.0 R2
3.0.0 R1 Patched 2
- Added Batcher tool

- H.264 Check was skipped no matter what
- Added extended file size warning for H.264 conversion
- Added the "Support button"

3.0.0 R1
- First Stable release, so do watch out for the odd errors and patches
- Fixed Audio bitrate selection does nothing
- Fixed (I think) Global Count error in HiME as described in Support tracker 1474470
- Beta Notice removed

3.0.0 BETA 4
- Fixed error with GUI' -3 for AVI only 1 Audio
- Added length check for DOS command to avoid oversize
- Added option ignore h.264 because some h.264 do not cause error with mencoder
- Changed VATTEN to a parameter that holds how many files are expected. Problem detected where if you convert a directory of avis, it will convert all of them, then loop again to convert the converted avis. It has been fixed (I Think...)

3.0.0 BETA 3
- Added AAC MKV audio option
- Added Streamcopy option for Audio
*The 2 are added in the hopes that it may help convert some obscure files..*
- Added the following codecs in the encoding option:
DIVX50 (DivX 5.0) XVID (XviD codec) MPEG4 (mpeg4) WMV2 (Windows Media V8) MPEG2VIDEO (mpeg2 motion)

- Added tips on how to get successful conversions
- Added a notice about KAA... (I really hate them!)

3.0.0 BETA 2
- Startup splash added
- Imported tools from mkvtoolnix
- Importer tools from x264
- 100% H.264 support for mkv file with H.264 video streams
- Automatic H.264 detection
- New tip system
- New scripting system
- Now updates the user as to what the program is doing
- Users are asked to chose the extension of a file before they continue to avoid error
- Dual cores are introduced
- alltoavi.exe is now the HiME core
- exodus is the 2nd core for H.264 and other formats
- corrected AAC support through FAAC
- multiple files with external sub/audio no longer cause error
- random crashing due to file access rights reduced (by how much i don't know XP)
- Automatic update system scrapped because I think it just adds a system vunerability XP
- Audio Bitrate can now be selected
- Audio codec is selectable in console mode but not in the GUI mode
- New layout in console modes
- A diffault save path is added to the original file' directory
- Audio stream copy is now fixed
- client (GUI) must now report its version number before the cores can work

3.0.0 BETA 1
- Internal release only, changes not logged

2.1.18 STABLE
- Name of button changed from "Save" to "Open"
- the new .bat file only has C:, not CD C:
- sid_txt default now is -1 (no Sub)
- All path of bat files now set to $TEMP
- Height is rounded to nearest no decimal
- in the new scritp.bat, only 1 C: is included
- in the new scritp.bat, only 1 CD $PATH_TO_alltoavi is included
- main window buttons resized and aligned
- shame Donate to me text removed from Title XD
- .mif files in the wrong place error fixed
- Wrong extension now generates a warning instead of crash
- The user may now choose the extension of external sub or audio
- audio codec for external sources changed from copy to mp3lame
- more resumes added
- added set driver dir to avoid error
- Main window Icon fix
- Pause wrong place fix (used to pause between jobs)
- Extension dot (".") check

Release Name: alltoavi-UNSTABLE-2.1.16

Notes: A newer Beta with bugs in 2.1.0 fixed and more features added

Release Name: alltoavi-UNSTABLE-2.1.0

Notes: This release has added ALOT of new functions, so theres alot of bugs(although its quite stable), its impossible to do a extensive test by myself.. so I'm asking your help! Please test this and report bugs to the bug tracker! thanks very much

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