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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Txt2VobSub

What's new in ver.4.3:
New: 64 bit versions for Windows and Linux
Added: 64 bit support
Updated: Settings file name
Updated: Links at about box
Updated: GUI

What's new in ver.4.2:
Fixed : Correct support for MicroDVD subtitles
Added : Unicode support for MicroDVD subtitles
Updated : parser for srt / txt

What's new in ver.4.1:
Fixed : Timestamps
Fixed : Size control of the subtitles
Fixed : Subtitle on load bug

What's new in ver.4.0:
Note : major update
Note : Some parts are completely rewritten.
New : New compiler is used [ported to CodeTyphon]
New : Linux version
Added : Unicode support
Updated : links algorithm
Updated : cleaner interface
Fixed : This version does not disable the antialising of your system fonts (more portable friendly version)
Fixed : more performing algorithm

Whats new in ver.3.5:
Fixed indonesian hebrew and malay languages
Updated About box
Updated : Check new version
Fixed : GUI bugs
Fixed : PayPal donate link

Whats new in ver.3.4:
Fixed : Batch Mode under Windows Vista (wrong color transparency)

Whats new in ver.3.3:
Added : Batch Mode
Added : Command line support
Added : Better check control of Srt
Added : Small tutorial using batch mode. Check our 'How to Use' section
Fixed : Fps Combobox
Fixed : More accurate timestamps
Updated : Generated Help file
Update : About Box

Whats new in ver.3.2:
Added : Abort option
Added : Output filenames have the same srt name
Added : More font sizes
Added : Disable buttons when converting
Fixed : Save color options
Fixed : Changing the fps you get wrong timestamps when srt is loaded
Fixed : Corrected subtitle load check

Whats new in ver.3.1:
Added : Vietnamese support

Whats new in ver.3.0:
Added : Internal vobsub engine [Txt2Sup engine]
Added : Better quality of the subtitles
Added : Now Txt2Vobsub should work under linux with the help of Wine
Added : Left - Center - Right Horizontal Alignment
Fixed : Color problems [problems with son2vobsub]
Fixed : Borders limits
Updated : Son2vobsub is not used anymore.

Whats new in ver.2.9:
Fixed : Command line error with Son2Vobsub

Whats new in ver.2.8:
Internal debug version

Whats new in ver.2.7:
Added : Windows Vista Ready.
Added : Updater function added.

Whats new in ver.2.6:
Windows Vista Support

Whats new in ver.2.5 :
Added : Color selection
Added : Support for standalone dvd players that support idx/sub
Added : Select the target of your vobsub (pc or standalone dvd support)
Added : Safe colors option (YCRCB,RGB palette) no ifo needed for dvd reproduction of the subtitles!
Added : Four methods fo generating your vobsub
Added : Relative positions of the vobsubs
Added : Smaller size vobsubs
Upgrated : son2vobsub mod 1.03 added
Upgrated : 8bit color palette
Fixed : Time synch error for the generated vobsub
Fixed : Colors of the bitmaps
Fixed : Bug of the fps
Fixed : Bug with the vobsub language onload.

Whats new in ver.1.9 :
Added : The subtitles with tags (<i>,<u>,<b>) are now processed without the output of the tag on the screen.
Fixed : Bug with wrong output colors
Fixed : Visible background color

Whats new in ver.1.8 :
Fixed : Bug driving son2vobsub on some pcs

Whats new in ver.1.7 :
Added : More FontSize values support
Added : Saves the configuration values.
Added : You can change the preview image.
Added : Restore of the default values.
Added : You can choose the outline width. Before had a static value=3.
Added : You can see the value of the top offset.
Added : You can see the value of the gap between two lines.
Fixed : Errors in interface. (All the comboboxes are read only).

Whats new in ver.1.6 beta :
Fixed : Son2VobSub finish detection.

Whats new in ver.1.5 beta :
First public release...

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