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NEW VERSION 0.9.8 fixed

TX264 is a GUI for x264.exe. It offers simple but powerful options to encode your videos to mp4 or mkv containers with h264 video and aac, ogg, mp3, ac3, wav or flac audio. If source file contains subtitle, this will be extracted to the destination.

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OS: Win
File size: 30MB
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Latest version

0.9.8 fixed (October 8, 2014)


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Download TX264 0.9.8 fixed  30MB  Win  Portable

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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

-Added: Support for file extensions m2ts and ts
-Fixed: Options weren't saved when some post-encode options were selected
-Fixed: Moving files up/down could cause "Access violation" errors
-Fixed: If temp folder doesn't exist it will be created instead of just informing user
-Removed: Skin
-Updated: QAAC to 2.42
-Updated: FDKAAC to 0.6.0
-Updated: FFmpeg
-Updated: MkvToolNix to 7.2.0
-Updated: x264 to r2479kMod

-Added: Encoding time will be shown in the log
-Added: 64bit FLAC.exe
-Added: Tx264 will now write version info file to its own folder
-Added: Option to set encoder priorties (thx to XanaMuui&Ruriko)
-Fixed: A possible error where source files were deleted
-Updated: x264 to rev2345
-Updated: MediaInfo to 0.7.64
-Updated: MkvToolNix to 6.3.0
-Updated: FLAC to 1.3.0
-Updated: AlphaControls to 8.42 Stable
-Updated: QAAC to 2.19
-Updated: SoX build with unicode by Lord_Mulder

-Fixed: Couldn't open avs files (thx to MerolaC)
-Fixed: Files without audio streams or avs files caused some problems (thx to MerolaC)
-Fixed: Vobsub streams couldn't be muxed to output
-Fixed: Audio extraction progress wasn't shown
-Changed: Skin
-Improved: GUI's CPU usage while encoding is lowered
-Removed: CPU usage bar
-Updated: x264 to rev2309

-Added: Support for fdkaac
-Added: Audio encoding wil lbe done before video encoding (thx to XStylus)
-Added: Skin
-Added: Option to disable skin
-Fixed: Audio ID problem with some vob or mpeg files
-Fixed: Couldn't show Lame progress
-Fixed: GUI got distorted after an encode
-Improved: Lowered CPU usage of GUI during an encode
-Updated: MkvToolNix to 6.1.0
-Updated: x264 to rev2273
-Updated: Alphacontrols to 8.31 Beta
-Updated: QAAC to 2.18

-Added: "Post-encode options" to "Other Options" tab
-Added: SoXr library will be used for resampling
-Improved: Audio track ID detection
-Improved: Audio codec detection for "Direct Stream Copy"
-Fixed: Sample rate was changed even if audio effects were disabled
-Updated: Alphacontrols to 8.18
-Updated: x264 to rev 2245
-Updated: QAAC to 2.15
-Updated: FFMpeg

-Added: Log now show temp. files that will be deleted
-Added: "Container" option is moved to "Container" tab (thx to S1N)
-Added: Option to disable CPU meter (thx to Dextor)
-Removed: enc_fhgaac.dll, libmp4v2.dll and nsutil.dll (Please see ToolsfhgaacencReadme.txt)
-Fixed: Changing sampling rate caused problems
-Fixed: "Subpixel refinement" range is now from 0 to 11 (thx to S1N)
-Fixed: "Trellis quantization" will be disable if "CABAC" is not selected (thx to S1N)
-Fixed: Loop filter parameters were not saved (thx to abdelazizech)
-Updated: QAAC to 2.10
-Updated: AlphaControls to 8.13
-Updated: mkvmerge t0 5.9.0
-Updated: mkvextract to 5.9.0

-Added: TX264 will check if specified crop values are valid (thx to Ananta)
-Removed: 64-bit FFMpeg
-Fixed: Dimension validity check failed in some cases
-Fixed: TX264 gives "Access Violation" error during update process
-Fixed: "'x' is not a valid floating point value" problem for systems with "." as decimal seperator (thx to Ananta)
-Fixed: Invalid file name for predef could not be detected sometimes (thx to Ananta)
-Fixed: Preview progress showed wrong file name
-Updated: FFMpeg to 25-11-2012 from
-Updated: QAAC to 2.07

-Added: TX264 will check if given predef name is valid
-Added: CPU usage indicator
-Added: Some improvements to "Preview" progress window
-Fixed: FPS related problems (Force constant FPS etc)
-Fixed: A few UI problems
-Updated: QAAC to 2.01 (thx to XStylus)

-Added: 10-Bit encoding
-Added: x264 profiles "High10", "High422" and "High444"
-Added: Encoding summary will be added to log
-Fixed: A possible problem causing predefs to disappear
-Fixed: "'x' is not a valid floating point value" problem
-Fixed: A possible problem disabling TX264 to force use 32bit backends
-Updated: AlphaControls to 8.03

-Fixed: Audio ID problems with some vob files
-Fixed: Deleting selected items from list caused problems

-Added: Reset button to audio effects window
-Added: Many UI changes
-Fixed: Deleting files from list cause visual artifacts
-Fixed: "List index out of bounds" error after encoding is done
-Updated: x264.exe to rev 2230

-Added: A speed indicator for x264 encoding
-Added: Shutdown, log off and restart post-encode options
-Added: Option to pause between encodes
-Added: Tray icon and balloon hint
-Added: TX264 will check if specified dimensions are valid
-Added: Progress for individual files will be shown in the list
-Added: Overlay icon for Windows 7 taskbar
-Added: TX264 will not add a file twice to the list
-Added: New encoding window layout
-Added: 250 frames will be used if error occures while getting info for preview
-Fixed: File list item color problem
-Improved: Multiple file removing from list performance
-Updated: FFmpeg to 11-05-2012 from
-Updated: AlphaControls to 8.03

-Fixed: Range of initial buffer occupancy is now from 0 to 100 (thx to pandy)
-Fixed: Problems with some files with vfr (thx to Dextor)
-Fixed: A few UI errors
-Updated: MediaInfo to 0.7.61
-Updated: FFmpeg to 2012-10-20 from

-Added: Support for FHGAACENC
-Added: DRC
-Removed: Skin which caused performance issues
-Fixed: qcomp values were passed wrong (thx to Dextor)
-Fixed: Unable to use Ogg Vorbis bitrate mode
-Updated: x264 to rev 2216
-Updated: MediaInfo to 0.7.60
-Updated: QAAC to 1.43
-Updated: FFmpeg to 2012-10-10 build from
-Updated: mkvmerge t0 5.8.0
-Updated: mkvextract to 5.8.0

-Added: Support for rmvb
-Fixed: Encoding failed if video's ID was 0
-Fixed: Audio copy failed if file had more than one audio stream
-Fixed: Progress values will be shown in taskbar
-Updated: FFmpeg to 07-26-212 build from
-Updated: x264 to rev 2208

-Added: Option to specify temp folder (thxt to pintcat)
-Added: Reset button to advanced options (thx to privatehun)
-Added: Container specific options (thx to privatehun)
-Added: Option to specify audio language or copy from source
-Added: Audio tracks list now shows track ID
-Added: Skin
-Added: Level will be shown in summary
-Improved: Some UI changes
-Improved: Audio track selection algorithm
-Fixed: Default selection is "Don't use advanced options"
-Fixed: Convertion failed if audio track's index is smaller than video's
-Fixed: "No fast first pass" was selected as default
-Fixed: Updater shows update eventhough there was not one
-Fixed: "Filter Preview" failed if two pass encoding selected
-Updated: QAAC to 1.39
-Updated: FFMpeg to N-42939-g236ecc3

-Added: Preview for filters
-Added: Summary now shows file size if it is specified
-Fixed: "Invalid SAR value" problem due to "."
-Fixed: "Same as source" no longer checks output directory
-Fixed: Cropping should be done before resizing
-Fixed: A few UI problems
-Updated: AlphaControls to 7.67

-Fixed: Detection of Mp2 streams failed for audio copy option (thx to zooom)
-Fixed: A few minor UI problems
-Updated: FFMpeg to N-42347-g299387e
-Updated: mkvmerge t0 5.7.0
-Updated: mkvextract to 5.7.0

-Added: Option to combine advanced option with presets
-Added: DAR value instead of SAR
-Added: Log now shows why file was not added
-Fixed: If video duration extraction fails, general file duration will be used during adding process
-Fixed: Changed "Fast First Pass" to "No fast first pass" (thx to TC-man)
-Fixed: "Adaptive Quantization Mode" option problem (thx tp TC-man)
-Fixed: "Trellis" option disabling problem (thx to TC-man)
-Fixed: SAR value was passed wrong (thx to pintcat)
-Updated: QAAC to 1.38

-Added: TX264's window size can be reduced now
-Added: Support for wmv files
-Added: File size now works with audio copy and no audio
-Fixed: File size audio bitrate was not used problem
-Fixed: Drag&Drop cold not add some file types
-Fixed: Audio copy did not work with mp3 (thx to zoom)
-Fixed: Audio copy audio track index problem (thx to zoom)
-Fixed: "Level" value could not be saved
-Updated: AlphaControls to 7.66

-Added: Option to force TX264 to use 32-bit backends
-Added: Option to auto save log
-Improved: TX264 checks if system is 64-bit instead of CPU
-Fixed: Corrected "Time Left" to "Time Passed"

-Fixed: TX264 shows error even though output files exist
-Updated: FFMpeg to N-41843-gc17808c
-Updated: mkvmerge t0 5.6.0
-Updated: mkvextract to 5.6.0

-Added: Predefs to keep encoding settings for different situations
-Added: TX264 now adds an index if output file already exists
-Added: TX264 now checks output file to detect errors (does not work with splitting)
-Added: Encoding errors will be shown in the log and progress list
-Added: Audio encoder can be selected from a list
-Improved: Carried splitting options to filters page
-Fixed: Files added during encoding did not show on progress list
-Fixed: Invalid files could be added during encoding

-Added: Levels
-Added: Support for FLAC
-Added: Option to specify file size (roughly)
-Added: Option to specify aspect ratio
-Added: Checks if file has any chapters
-Added: FAQ
-Fixed: Unnecessary Sox processes

-Added: 64 bit versions of x264, ffmpeg, oggenc and lame
-Added: Post-encode actions
-Added: Time passed/left
-Added: Support for files with no audio tracks
-Fixed: Audio channel problems (ffmpeg instead of sox)
-Fixed: Avs files could not be added
-Fixed: Files could be drag&dropped during encoding
-Updated: FFmpeg to N-41416-g718607b
-Updated: MediaInfo.dll to 0.7.58

-Added: Audio formats Mp3 (lame) and WAV (FFMpeg)
-Added: Options to copy audio or disable audio encoding
-Added: Progress for Mp4Box and mkvmerge
-Added: Process summary and progress list
-Fixed: FFMpeg audio decoding progress was not shown
-Fixed: Adding folder could not be stopped
-Updated: FFMpeg to N-41074-g9c27f29

-Added: Option to add files during encoding
-Added: Option to select between multiple audio tracks
-Added: File adding progress
-Added: Option to stop file adding process
-Added: Invalid files will not be added to the list
-Added: Add folder tree option
-Added: Option to play files with default player
-Fixed: 0 sec duration problem
-Fixed: A few UI problems
-Updated: x264 to rev 2200

-Fixed: A problem that prevented audio encoding in XP systems
-Fixed: "Same as source" option is saved now
-Fixed: Minimum form height was wrong
-Fixed: A few minor problems

-Added: Audio filters (resample, normalize, volume, channel)
-Added: Option to set source folder as output folder
-Added: Temp files that could not be deleted will be shown in the log
-Added: New UI layout
-Added: Support for wmv files
-Fixed: Resize method was not passed
-Fixed: NeroAACEnc quality value could not be changed
-Fixed: Some files may not be deleted
-Removed: FFMpeg as video encoder
-Removed: Skin
-Updated: MediaInfo to 0.7.57

-Added: Update downloader
-Added: CRF values are now float
-Added: Skin and images
-Added: Menus

-Added: Time and size based splitting
-Added: Detailed log that'll keep every output of backends
-Added: Cropping for FFMpeg
-Fixed: A few small bugs
-Updated: x264 to rev 2197
-Updated: FFmpeg to N-40126-ga4b58fd

-Added: All the subtitle streams will be muxed into output mp4/mkv
-Fixed: Bitrate tolerance box could not be disabled
-Fixed: External subtitles could not be found
-Fixed: Open gop option was passed wrong
-Fixed: Partition options were passed wrong

-Added: Advanced x264 options
-Added: FFMpeg as encoder
-Added: Option to disable "neroaacenc not found" warning
-Added: Option to copy chapters from source
-Fixed: Passed same fps value to mp4box
-Fixed: Bitrate tolerance could not be increased
-Updated: FFMpeg to N-39877-g4fa706a

-Fixed: Encoding did not start
-Updated: MediaInfo.dll to 0.7.56

-Added: Support for qaac
-Added: Support for oggenc
-Added: Support for aften
-Added: Console outputs are added to log right after that process is finished
-Added: TX264 now remembers last opened directory
-Fixed: NeroAacEnc profile could not be set problem
-Fixed: A few minor problems
-Updated: JVCL to 3.45
-Updated: MediaInfo.dll to 0.7.55
-Updated: FFmpeg to N-39494-g41a097a
-Updated: mkvmerge to 0.5.5
-Updated: mkvextract to 0.5.5
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9 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

Fantastic program!!!! My personal fav among all i've tried. Would give full marks but i have yet to find an option to encode ALL audio Streams in a single video at one time. it seems to only encode one audio track per video... HUGE problem IMO. Only complaint

Review by PoE on Jul 14, 2018 Version: TX264 0.9.8 fixed OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

This program is easy to use. The options are clear. The conversions are fast and the results are excellent. Thanks to the author for a great program!

Review by gus gusimio on Feb 2, 2016 Version: 0.9.8 build 3219 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Best tool for the job, it helped me batch encode video+audio and remux a set of files.

There's room for improvement though, it had problems with some audio streams:
Codec ID/Info : QDesign Music 2
Codec ID/Info : VoxWare MetaSound

I also miss some expanded functionality, like filter input list by file type. Probably allowing explorer capabilities of sorting, highlighting and removing files can be a good idea. Saving jobs in text format files can come handy too, as well as a checker to whether remux or just keep raw streams.

Despite this it's probably the best GUI encoder out there.

Review by Dogway on Mar 11, 2015 Version: 0.9.8 fixed OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

The best program there is for encoding,easy to use and the support is perfect

Review by Ridder on Apr 26, 2013 Version: OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 8/10 Overall: 9/10

GREAT program,,the best encoded,compliant HD quality movie and completed quickly,around 40 minutes average to encode a 90 minute movie..I would give the program a 10 but is uses Aften to encode to ac3 instead of ea3to.. And I refuse to use the internal aac encoders because in my opinion apples aac audio codec sucks at any bitrate..The aac codec removes alot of the deep base sound that most people like to listen to through their HD recievers...;)~

Review by RappinRod on Apr 14, 2013 Version: OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

9 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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