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OpenToonz is a free 2D animation software. Sequence number scanning can be conducted efficiently according to in-between animation numbers. Compatible with 4 types of scanning (black-and-white, colored, with or without binarization). Compatible with the TWAIN standards. Anti-aliased lines can be used. Since the data of paintings are independent of those of the palette, it is easy to paint with provisional colors. Smooth operation even with high-definition image data. Equipped with the time sheet-type interface. Effects can be synthesized easily with the GUI using the node tree. Images can be handled with the real scale considering resolution [dpi] (units, such as millimeter, are specified). It is possible to use more effects by using the plug-in.

Free software
OS: Win Mac Linux
File size: 53MB
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OpenToonz screenshot

OpenToonz screenshot 2

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Latest version

1.4 (February 1, 2020)


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Download OpenToonz 1.4 Windows  53MB  Win

Download OpenToonz 1.4 Mac  42MB  Mac

Download OpenToonz 1.4 Linux  Linux

Download Beta and other versions

Download OpenToonz latest Beta/Nightly Windows  52.6MB  Win

Download OpenToonz latest Beta/Nightly Mac  52.6MB  Mac

Download old versions

Download OpenToonz old versions

Software License

Free software / FOSS (Free download and also Free and Open Source Software)

Supported operating systems

WinWindows MacMac OS LinuxLinux

Version history / Release notes / Changelog

OpenToonz V1.4

Release Notes
New Guided Drawing/Autoinbetweening
New XDTS File Support (Celsys and Toei Animation xsheet file format Import/Export)
New Cache folder Replacement & Clear Cache Command
New Camera Column in XSheet
New Context Aware Toolbar
New Create Blank Drawing command
New Fx: Corridor Gradient Fx Iwa
New Fx: Spin Gradient Fx Iwa
New Geometry Tool Driven Motion Paths
New (Initial) Korean Menu Translation
New Level Settings Adjustment for Multiple Selections in XSheet/Timeline
New Next/Previous Keyframe Shortcuts
New Pencil Mode for Toonz Raster Eraser in Freehand and Polyline
New Swap Colors Button for Gradient Fxs
New Short Play Feature
New Fill Tool for Raster Level
Updated/Reorganized Menus
New Canon DSLR Camera Capture support (Windows only)
New Portable Test Builds via zip file download at Github (Windows Only)
...and much much more. (See listing below)
Guided Drawing/Autoinbetweening
#2931 Add Vector Guided Drawing Auto-Inbetween option
#2930 Switch Auto-Inbetween Easing logic
#2935 Fix "Vector Guided Style" preference option
#2686 Fix crash when pressing Ctrl+X while moving a line (#2148)
#2957 Vector Guided Drawings Menu modification
Create Blank Frames
#2907 Add Create Blank Drawing command
#2936 Fix issues with Create Blank Frames
#2739 Fix undo/redo issue when pasting to new frame (#1807)
Xsheet & Timeline
#2938 XDTS File Support (Import/Export) - Celsys (Clip Studio) and Toei Animation file support
#2975 Fix "Merge Levels" Command to Update Thumbnails
#2897 Allow note frame creation on Animation Sheet
#2884 Fix folded columns slipping
#2911 Fix tool crashes on Palette and Zerary column
#2475 Fix 'Merge TLV levels' applies wrong style after first frame
#3026 Fix Dropdown Cycle Option
#2624 Fix Saving Sub Xsheet Including $scenefolder Path
#2872 Fix navigation keyframe shortcuts skipping
#2734 Add next/prev keyframe shortcuts
Columns / Levels
#2884 Fix folded columns slipping
#2911 Fix tool crashes on Palette and Zerary column
Camera Column
#2790 Remove selection requirement to toggle Camera Column
#2819 Fix Column Rename Field Position
#2811 Narrow Camera Column
#2810 Fix Assertion Failure on Selecting Camera Column
#2808 Fix deleted Camera1 returning due to Camera Column refresh
#2574 Add Camera Column to Xsheet
#2450 Prevent Camera Z from Being Zero
Note Levels
#2897 Allow note frame creation on Animation Sheet
#2915 Recommit Add Note Level context menu
Sound Levels
#2476 Fix left extender handle position on sound levels
#2472 Improve sound quality for playback and scrubbing on Linux #2244 (modified)
Drawing Levels
#2934 Level Settings for Multiple Selection
#2928 Add Shift Keys commands
Saving, Loading & Rendering
File formats
#2924 Allow double-click in Load Scene dialog to open selected scene
#2913 Block reserved file names
#2829 Fix reading escaped double-quotes in quoted strings
#2938 New XDTS File Support
#2544 Fix Transparent MOV Output
FFMpeg support
#2904 Mark PSD and ffmpeg loaded files as readonly in Level Strip
#2903 Allow Selection Tool copy when level is not editable
#2890 Warn on failing level save during Save All
#2888 Fix file loss issues
#2764 Fix crash on loading Blackmagic codecs
#2880 Handle missing ffmpeg info
#2876 Fix ffmpeg loaded levels
#2514 Backup scene file
#2510 Fix Audio Sync with Clapperboard
UI & Panels
#2839 Initialize Slider to Linear
#2801 Fix Reset buttons on Tool Option bars
#3003 Fix Viewer to Unlock After Stopping Playback
#2885 Fix playback skipping first frame
#2883 Fix tool option on Command bar crash
#2847 Fix Crash on Launch without Viewer
#2723 Fix viewer pan disabled on toggling "Compare to Snapshot"
#2567 Fix touch rotating flipped viewer
#2564 Flip on viewer center
#2766 Fix picking color of the snapshot image on Flipbook
#2744 Fix Flipbook Histogram Problems
#2696 Limit flipbook zoom to 100% on initial loading
Style Editor
#2882 Scene/Level Editor changes
#2855 Fix blank Style Editor panel
#2892 Fix initial Style Editor palette
#2814 Stop Width Change on Style Editor on Maximize
Function Editor
#2755 Multi Channel Selection in Function Sheet Column Header
#2754 Change Step and Interpolation Type of Selected Multiple Keyframes in Function Editor
#2859 Add "Hide Selected" Command to the Function Editor Spreadsheet
#2755 Multi Channel Selection in Function Sheet Column Header
#2719 Option to hide inbetween values in the Function Editor spreadsheet
#2717 Revert text align of function editor sheet
#2655 Display Cycled Values in Function Editor Spread Sheet
Color Model / Palettes
#2792 Save Specified Frame Numbers of Color Model in Palette
#2787 Fix Color Field Undo Registration
#2700 Fix Color Model fails to display if it is minimized on loading the image
#3023 Fix Studio Palette Hang Up on Clicking Item in the Tree View
Level Strip
#2789 Fix filmstrip disabled tools
#2802 Fix Crash When Loading MacroFx Containing CurveFx
#2722 Fix crash on loading linked macro fx
#2779 Fix Fx Settings Geometry Restoration
#2479 Fx setting popup enhancements
#2554 Fix Fx connection crash
Camera Capture
#3018 Fix Camera Capture Onion Skin for OSX
#2998 Fix Black Camera Capture View on MacOS
#2698 Add "Always Overwrite" button to Camera Capture
Full Screen
#2823 Fix Main Window Full Screen Mode
Startup Popup
#2875 Enable to create folder in the Startup Popup
#2821 Fix lipsync popup layout
Animate Tool
#2858 Enable Animate tool to control precisely by pressing the Alt key
#2780 Fix Animate Tool Availability
Selector Tool
#2809 Improve vector stroke selection
#2842 Fix pivot location on new/modified vector selections
#2837 Selection pivot fix
#2854 Fix bounding box computation in TXshSimpleLevel
#2867 Revised vector selection pivot re-centering logic
#2804 Improve selection box visibility
#2671 Added "Select All" function for vector images (#1042)
Brush Tool
#2824 Nonlinear Slider for the Brush Size Options
#2770 Remember last brush preset used
#2737 Fix crash on centering Toonz Raster brush
#2695 Improve deactivate behaviour for brush (#2694)
#2687 Put raster brush cursor at center of preview square/circle (#1212)
MyPaint Brushes
#2769 libmypaint DLL update
#2768 MyPaint libmypaint 1.4.0
#2763 Support for MyPaint brush format version 2
#2749 Fix Toonz Raster MyPaint brush center
#2614 Fix "Convert to Vectors" command for TLV with MyPaint Styles
Eraser Tool
#2838 Enable Pencil Mode for Toonz Raster Eraser in Freehand and Polyline types
#2731 Enable shortcuts for Eraser Tool in Raster Levels (#2724)
Fill Tool
#2646 New Fill Tool for Raster Level
#2995 Fix Phantom Fill Check
Type Tool
#2874 Fix Type Tool Cursor Jumping
#2906 Ignore OT's paste shortcut in TypeTool box
#2773 Fix pasting into Type Tool edit box
Pump Tool
#2805 Fix for pump tool using Wacom tablet (#2180)
Control Point Editor Tool
#2774 Make control points easier to click (#1722)
Pinch and Magnet Tools
#2848 Modify Maximum Values for Pinch and Magnet Tools Size
#2699 Fix for changing size of the magnet tool using hotkeys (#1436)
Geometric Tool
#2830 Enable Geometric Tool for Motion Path
User profiles
#2543 Change Preference defaults
#3024 Fix UI Font Colors
#3014 Theme Fixes for v1.4
#2988 Update Help menu options
#2966 Add new Help Menu options
#2947 Allow double-click in Load Level dialog to open selected level(s)
#2894 Overhaul the Preferences
#2921 Fix BG color buttons malfunction
#2918 Quick fix setting undo memory size
#2776 Cache folder replacement & Clear cache command
#2866 Fix customize commands tree structure
#2685 Modify saving and restoring panels / popups geometries
#3012 Fix Doubled Toolbar Separator
Shortcut Keys
#2771 Fix default shortcut assignments
Gradient FX
#2816 New Fx: Corridor Gradient Fx Iwa
#2873 New Fx: Spin Gradient Fx Iwa
#2786 Add Swap Colors Button to Gradient Fxs
#2878 Linear Gradient Fx Revised
#2742 Add "Type" option to gradient fxs
#2891 Fix odd behavior of LinearGradientFx handles
Bokeh Ref Fx
#2743 Fix semi-transparent gap appears with Bokeh Ref Iwa fx
Fx UI/Menus
#3029 Fix Panel Rearrangement
#2925 Add FX Editor to Windows menu
#2711 Fix schematic spline option icon zooming
#2625 debug ino_line_blur
#2480 possible to lose the Curves node's handles
#2767 Ensure dragged curve handles stay inside graph (#2480)
#2799 Add ability to move curve points using arrow keys
Command Line/Scripting
#3011 Ability to execute Toonz scripts from commandline (modifies #2695)
#2750 Enable system path arguments in tcomposer
Build environment
#2820 Update
Enhanced portable Releases for testing builds
#2781 Add stuff folder to AppVeyor build artifact
#2756 Use QDir::home() instead of getenv("HOME") in file browser
#2916 Quick fix for build error
#2900 Fix macOS brew installed glew issue
#2835 Fix Travis macOS builds
#2806 Update macOS Info.plist to include missing strings
#2664 Image disappearing when moved (MacOs)
#2735 Add Desktop and Documents location in file browser for Linux
#2690 Update Build / Install Linux
Translations & Other fixes
Language updates: Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Czech and German
#3030 More Korean Translations for v1.4
#3019 More Translation Updates for V1.4
#3017 Revised English Fx Help files (resolves #3015 updates #2672
#2986 Russian UI l10n update
#2985 Korean Translations for v1.4
#2983 Czech Translation Update by pafri
#2976 Make Stop Motion Texts Translatable
#2974 Update Chinese UI Translation to V1.4 (updates #2973)
#2972 Spanish and Japanese Translation Update for V1.4
#2825 Korean Translations
#2761 Add English Fx Help files
#2720 Translation fixes and Japanese translation update
#2535 Czech Translation

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1 reviews, Showing 1 to 1 reviews

From describing here I dont get, it is full featured 2d animation software, using graphic tablets. It makes impression in me that it only works with scanned document. It is software, that is able to do any 2d animation you can image. It has advanced feature like for example: Motion tracking, automatic coloring, plastic tool, picture to mesh and many more. Its learning curve can take some time, lots of usual features are hidden for example (motion rotation and speed curves to edit), so learn this software take a while but result is priceless.
Here is only one example of one feature.
It is bit demanding on HW minimum requirements, but i think it is nowadays standard.

Review by Bernix on Oct 20, 2017 Version: 1.1.3 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

1 reviews, Showing 1 to 1 reviews

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