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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for MacYTDL

Version 1.14.3 – FFmpeg update/install fix again

FFmpeg should now reliably install or update.

Users with system language set to German or Italian might notice some dialogs are translated from English. This indicates under-the-hood work to implement localization. Please send raise an issue is this causes any problems.

Version 1.14.2 – Expired certificate workaround

Due to an expired external CA root certificate, attempting to download the youtube-dl executable caused an error in "curl". For this release the SSL verification in curl has been suppressed. A permanent fix would involve Apple releasing an updated version of curl. For MacYTDL, the download source might be moved from to GitHub.

Version 1.14.1 – Urgent bug fixes

Collection of urgent and other bug fixes:

All dialogs should now respect dark mode settings.
Subtitles downloads now works when more than one format of subtitles is available for download.
Debugging dialog removed from “Check for MacYTDL update”.
Using batch functions no longer causes errors.
Under the hood changes to facilitate localization in a future version.

Version 1.14 – Progress meter and bug fixes

Changes to the Monitor dialog:
Now reports on download progress with either percentage of total or amount downloaded so far.
Also reports time elapsed since start of download.
Has been relocated to the top right hand corner of the Desktop.
Has smaller and realigned text to be less intrusive.
“Downloads” button removed.
Adviser dialog should no longer show error text when user chooses to download despite the error.
Updating the youtube-dl python script should no longer encounter an “internal server error”.
When an http error is reported user is advised to try again later.
“Operation not permitted” error when installing FFmpeg should no longer occur.
Was caused in certain macOS Catalina installs when the Desktop folder was protected.
FFmpeg is now installed from Zip file downloaded to “usr/local/bin”.
Utilities dialog can now install FFmpeg when it has not yet been installed.
Fixed anomaly in Atomic Parsley installation if user decides to install FFmpeg later on.

Version 1.13 – fix for default downloads folder

A single bug fix. Default downloads folder caused an error on some Macs. This release should fix that.

Version 1.13 – Bug fixes and under the hood improvements

Successive Monitor dialogs are now positioned on the screen so that they do not completely obscure each other.
“Download complete” message now shows correctly for playlists.
Should no longer crash downloading a playlist when an item is not available.
The check for existing downloads should be more accurate.
The MacYTDL Service, Send-URL-To-MacYTDL, now only shows in web browsers.
The MacYTDL Service now works in Microsoft Edge.
Monitor dialog text is smaller to enable more to be shown on screen at same time.
iView single episode show downloads no longer have duplicated names (was due to series and episode name being the same).
The “--restrict-filenames” parameter removed from all calls to youtube-dl. Was causing problems with special characters that were needed in file names etc.
Monitor “Stop” function now removes partially downloaded files from playlists.
Monitor “Stop” function now removes partially downloaded files which have names ending in “-2”.
A new function added asks user what to do if download video already exists. Choices are for existing file to be deleted and a new copy downloaded; new download to have a different name; or to cancel the download.
The “--prefer-ffmpeg” parameter removed from all calls to youtube-dl. Was unnecessary as it’s the default and MacYTDL currently provides no alternative.
The “Check for MacYTDL update” function now downloads the latest version successfully.
MacYTDL will no longer display a notice when the download file name contains the word “warning”.
A new function added to check that user’s preferred file format is available for download. If not, user can ask to: download the best format available; download best format and remux to preferred format; or cancel the download.
The Batch file is cleared if videos were downloaded and no errors reported.
MacYTDL warns if any errors were reported with a download whether or not the download completed successfully.
The file extension of a “description” file saved for a video is changed from “.description” to “.txt” when download folder path name has spaces.

Version 1.12.1 - Bug fixes

FFmpeg and FFprobe installer now works more often – again.
Warning that subtitles are not available is more accurate for multiple downloads.
MacYTDL warns when preferred subtitles language is not available and provides a list of languages which are available.

Version 1.12 – Mostly bug fixes

FFmpeg and FFprobe installer now works (bug was hard coded file names) – again.
FFmpeg and FFprobe installer on first run of MacYTDL now works better and should produce fewer errors.
FFmpeg and FFprobe installer uses the downloads folder. Error when that folder is not available has been fixed.
Improved layout of Utilities dialog including showing current versions of youtube-dl and FFmpeg.
Previously, when the MacYTDL Service was automatically updated an old copy already in Trash would cause an error. That has been fixed.
Improved logic for downloading subtitles. See Help for more detail.
Error caused by dismissing admin credentials during youtube-dl install no longer occurs.
User can now request subtitles in “lrc” and “dfxp” format.
MacYTDL Service now works with the Chrome and Chromium browsers.
Past download URLs should no longer affect new downloads.
Changed call to youtube-dl to reduce error in which youtube-dl interprets single quotes around URLs as double-quotes. Now only using single quotes when URL contains an ampersand, “&”.
“Check for MacYTDL Updates” now reports when user has current version.
Updates to youtube-dl are now downloaded using the more secure “https” instead of “http” protocol.
“Show settings” function now works when user requests existing copy of video download to be overwritten.
Fixed Blank line in “Show Settings” dialog when AtomicParsley not installed.
Adviser dialog now shows in all cases – previously did not show when user’s volume name had a space e.g. “Macintosh HD”.
“.description” files are not renamed to “.txt” when there are two or more downloads in one process.

Version 1.11 – Bug fixes and new features

FFmpeg and FFprobe installer now works (bug was hard coded file names).
“Show download settings before starting download” no longer causes a crash (bug was a “B” instead of a “b”).
If user repositions the main window the new position is saved and used when the window is opened again in the same session or future sessions.
Dialog Toolkit Plus customised and renamed to DialogToolkitMacYTDL
MacYTDL is Notarized and Code Signed.
MacYTDL moved to GitHub – “About” box and Help file updated.
Function to check for new versions of MacYTDL and download if user wishes.

Version 1.10.1

• FFmpeg install now downloads Zip format file instead of dmg.
• MacYTDL dmg file is formatted MacOS Extended instead of APFS.
• Better coding practice might increase speed slightly.
• Should be no errors on first run.

Version 1.10

• Simplified and renamed dialogs.
• New "Show settings before downloading" function.
• Bug fixes:ABC iView shows dialog improved; iView "Extras" available for download, embedding subtitles should work, enabled "Keep original file" function to apply to subtitles file.

Version 1.9

• Code signing added.
• New version of browser service.
• Bug fixes:ABC iView URLs should all work; URLs with unusual endings should work; path to downloads folder can have spaces and special characters.

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