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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Kantaris Media Player

Kantaris 0.7.7

Fixed problem with detecting subtitle language. Fixed problem caused by dll files from old versions interfering with the latest versions.

Kantaris 0.7.6

Improved start up speed on systems with .NET framework 3.5 installed, like Windows 7. Also improved performance when loading a video file and when loading subtitles.

Kantaris 0.7.5

Fixed problem with visualizations, fixed the way subtitles are shown on Windows XP and a fixed a few problems with streaming media.

Kantaris 0.7.4

Fixed the problem that we thought was already fixed in 0.7.3. Rewrote the code for the playlist control. Added new plugin methods.

Kantaris 0.7.3

Fixes problem that occurs when the playerís install path contains non-western characters.

Kantaris 0.7.2

Fixed problem with how the settings was depending on the system language. The problem caused the media player not to run at all on some systems.

Kantaris 0.7.1

All bugs that I found are fixed. Version 0.7.1 is also the first version with plug-ins.

Kantaris 0.6.9


Fixed these two annoying bugs plus a few other things:
1. When trying to get video info whilst playing video, an exception was thrown.
2. When adding files to play from explorer by double clicking on them it adds the first and starts playing, but throws an exception when the second file is added while the player is in minimized mode.

Kantaris 0.6.6 released.

New exclusive feature

The latest version of Kantaris has a unique new feature which to my knowledge no other player has, it can detect character encoding of subtitles by analyzing the text. This means that you never have to manually set the character encoding again. The feature is mainly for languages with ďfunnyĒ characters, like Chinese.

Kantaris 0.5.8 released.

* Last.FM feature fixed.
* Fixed problem with Kantaris crashing if start up directory is write protected.
* Fixed various problems with the video library feature.
* Mouse cursor problems fixed
* Updated German, Arabic, Russian and Chinese translations. Thanks everyone that have helped out.

Kantaris 0.5.7 released.

Blame it on Vista User Account Control (UAC)

I hate UAC and you probably do too if you have tried to install Kantaris 0.5.5 or 0.5.6 in the ďprogram filesĒ directory on a Vista system with UAC activated. I still donít know why UAC wouldnít let Kantaris run from that directory but Iíve changed a few thing I could think of and now Kantaris 0.5.7 runs fine.

Kantaris 0.5.6 released.

* Fixes bug that caused Kantaris not to run if the installation path contained non ASCII characters.
* Added Czech translation by Luboö
* Updated the Portuguese translation by Sťrgio Marques

Kantaris 0.5.5 released.

* Fixes some bugs and compatibility issues.
* Splash-screen added.
* Remembers window position and size.
* Translated to Hebrew by Peter G

Kantaris 0.5.3 released

Yet another minor update

* Fixed problem with radio which broke in version 0.5.3.
* Fixed problems with the hotkeys and some problems downloading subtitles from the online database.
* Added option to set default aspect and crop ratio

Kantaris 0.5.3 released

Version 0.5.3 fixes the following problems:

* Critical bug appears when the operating systemís default language isnít among the languages that Kantaris has been translated to.
* Minor bug when playing DVD or web stream.
* Minor bug when trying to select all in playlist.
* Mix up in English language file so some parts where written in Swedish.

Kantaris 0.5.0 released

Pretty much everything is improved upon.

* Updated to vlc 0.9.9 source code.
* Support for Real Video files.
* New faster GUI and other performance improvements.
* New Skin by Jonathan Blois.
* Improved RAR archives support.
* And moreÖ

Kantaris 0.4.3 released

Another bugfix release

Release fixes all bugs reported to me, also Dutch and Norwegian translations have been added and a few others have been updated. Thanks Svein and Danny for the new languages.

Kantaris 0.4.2 released

A few fixes

I found a couple of things that needed to be fixed and decided to release a new version; Kantaris 0.4.2

Kantaris 0.4.1 released

The focus has for the most part been on developing new features and less time has been spent on fixing bugs and cleaning up the code. This has led to that bugs have been piling up so now I thought it was time to really focus on the user experience and I hope you like the result. I could list all the fixes but itís easier to just say that most if not all problems Iím aware of should be fixed. (knock on wood)

* This release also contains the following new translations:
* Vietnamese by Mai Tien
* Finnish by Jani Malinen
* Italian by both Antonio Sardei and Giuliano Brasson
* Polish by Kamil Kaczy?ski
* Turkish by Dogucan
* French by Wilomaz

Kantaris 0.4.0 released

This release is mostly a bug fix release so no real new features but a few have been polished a bit. Iíve also made a zip package for those that donít want to use the installer. The package is completely portable and can be run from an USB memory stick or similar. Also Kantaris has now been translated to several new languages and I would like to thank everyone that has contributed. Thanks to:

* Siarhei Kuchuk for the Russian translation
* MaurŪcio Meneghini Fauth for the Brazilian Portuguese translation
* Martin Basgier for the German translation
* Tony Yu for the Simplified and Traditional Chinese translation
* Joco1114 for the Hungarian translation
* AD Lucans for the Spanish translation
* Muhammad Nour for the Arabic translation

Kantaris 0.3.9 released

I forgot to include the language files in the previous version which in turn messed everything up. Iíll never release a new version at 2 AM again :p . Sorry about that, lets try again.

Kantaris 0.3.8a finally released

Development of this version took much longer time than I originally expected. The reason for this is that I started working on several new features at ones. Not all of these features are in version 0.3.8a because then I would have needed another month before I could do a release. The main new features in 0.3.8a are a multi-language GUI and a video library browser. Kantaris 0.3.8a has support for English, Swedish and Russian and Iím hoping that you will help to translate it to other languages as well. The video library feature is made using DirectX and looks like a 3d wall made up of movie posters (see picture). Lastly, 0.3.8a also of course contains some other smaller improvements and bug-fixes compared to 0.3.7. If you wonder why the version is named 0.3.8a instead of 0.3.8 itís because I forgot to fix one thing before uploading 0.3.8.

Kantaris 0.3.7 bugfix released

This release fixes a bug causing the ďvideo output moduleĒ setting not be saved. If you donít need to change this setting you also donít need to update to version 0.3.7.

Kantaris 0.3.6 released

This version only contains one major new feature; support for non-western characters in subtitles. So now you should be able to use your Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese,Ö subtitles with Kantaris.
Other improvements:

* Added subtitles size setting
* Speed up file loading
* Saving downloaded subtitles in the ďkantariscacheĒ directory instead of in the ďtemporary internet filesĒ folder
* Double-clicking for full screen works again
vHopefully fixed a bug caused by bass_fx.dll in Vista 64-bit ( I canít test it)
* Fixed a bug with the listing of embedded subtitles
* Uninstaller now removes file associations
* Probably some more which I canít remember right now.

Kantaris 0.3.5 released

Itís been almost exactly two months since version 0.3.4 and this is what Iíve been working on.

* Playback of all audio-CDs should now finally work.
* Seeking in MPEG-2 files fixed.
* Much better RAR support. Can now play most rar-archives containing video instantly without any unpacking and being able to seek in the file like itís unpacked. I think this is a unique feature that no other player for windows has. I know that XBMC for Xbox can do the same.
* Automatically identifying a movie and listing subtitles for it available at also automatically downloads the subtitle of choice. This might also be a unique feature.
* A few other bug-fixes.

Kantaris 0.3.4 released

This release is mostly just a bug fix release.

* Added support for dragging and dropping a folder with audio files into the player window.
* Fixed RAR support - Opening Rars in 0.3.3 didnít work
* Fixed bug where some mp3 files wouldnít be recognized as audio files.
* Fixed bug that threw an unhandled exception message if you tried to skip to the next track while at the end of the playlist.
* Fixed support for dragging and dropping RAR files into the player window.

Kantaris 0.3.3 released - now with hotkey support

* Lots of bug fixes
* Added support for keyboard commands
* Added support for opening multiple files in the same instance of Kantaris

Version 0.3.2 contains the following improvements:

* New ďplay folderĒ feature.
* Fixed bug in loading of DVDís.
* A few other minor changes.

Kantaris 0.3.1 released

This release contains no new features just fixes of problems in 0.3.0.

* Fixed problems maximizing and minimizing of the windows.
* Fixed problem decoding filenames with foreign characters.
* Fixed the look of the playlist.

Kantaris 0.3.0 released

* New and better looking user interface.
* .rar file support. ( Play rar files without having to extract the content)
* Better subtitle support.
* Lots of changes that will make the player more stable.
* Updated to the latest stable vlc code. (0.8.6d)

Kantaris version 0.2.5

* New movie trailers menu.
* Can now select embedded subtitles in videos.
* Support for multiple audio tracks in videos.
* Control now also works for DVDís in iso format.
* Minor bug fixes.

Release Name:Kantaris 0.2.4

Changes: Fixed a serious bug where the player crashed when opening files assoiated with Kantaris in Windows explorer.

Release Name:Kantaris 0.2.3

Changes: mproved loading speed, Fixed the bug causing tracks to repeat, Now all output modules work so the player should work for all Vista users, Improved file type recognition, Added better stream support, Added support for .pls playlists, Support for shoutcast web radio stations, Automatically updates playlist with new tracks when listening to

Release Name: Kantaris Media Player 0.2.2

Notes: Fixed serious bug from 0.2.1

Release Name: Kantaris Media Player 0.2.1

Notes: Added new function for listening to channels. Added new function for watching movie trailers. Some bug fixes.

Kantaris Media Player 0.2.0 released.

Kantaris 0.2.0 contains no new features but lots of bug fixes. Some of the code for the controls handeling has been rewritten.

Release Name: Kantaris 0.1.9

Notes: Bug fixes made to improve subtitle support. Also fixed the delete button for the playlist control.

Release Name: Kantaris 0.1.8

Notes: Fixed bug in dvd playback. Changed method of getting album covers, instead of using amazon's web services Kantaris now uses

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