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Jellyfin 10.8.10

Stable hotfix release for 10.8.z release branch.

New Features and Major Improvements
CRITICAL SECURITY ADVISORY: GHSA-9p5f-5x8v-x65m and GHSA-89hp-h43h-r5pq can be combined to allow remote code execution for any authenticated Jellyfin user including non-admin users. While the particular execution mechanism of the former dates to the 10.8.0 release, the latter was present for all Jellyfin releases before this point. It is thus absolutely critical for all Jellyfin administrators, regardless of version, to upgrade to this version if they allow any untrusted users and/or expose their instance to the Internet.
Release Notes

GitHub Project:

jellyfin [12]
Note: Dependabot automatic PRs are excluded from this list.

GHSA-9p5f-5x8v-x65m [@daullmer] Throw exception on path traversal in WriteDocumentAsync
#9671 [@nyanmisaka] Fix the canvas size for DVBSUB and DVDSUB subtitles
#9642 [@nyanmisaka] Fix the brightness of VPP tonemap and add the tonemap mode
#9538 [@TheTyrius] Fix nvenc preset order
#9430 [@nyanmisaka] Fix Live TV hardware decoding
#9422 [@nyanmisaka] Fix stream map when using filter_complex with unlabeled output
#9411 [@nyanmisaka] Fix codec checking in CodecProfiles conditions
#9409 [@Shadowghost] Multiple HLS codec and bitrate fixes (10.8.z)
#9391 [@nyanmisaka] Fix H.264 baseline hwaccel and enable enhanced Nvdec by default
#9355 [@nyanmisaka] Some VAAPI VPP and OpenCL fixes
#9351 [@Shadowghost] Fix EqualsAny condition check for int and double
jellyfin-web [11]
Note: Dependabot automatic PRs are excluded from this list.

GHSA-89hp-h43h-r5pq [@iwalton3] Escape device id in raw HTML
jellyfin/jellyfin-web#4492 [@nyanmisaka] Add the tonemap mode options
jellyfin/jellyfin-web#4487 [@thornbill] Fix dead documentation link
jellyfin/jellyfin-web#4395 [@thornbill] Fix installed plugin version html
jellyfin/jellyfin-web#4385 [@nyanmisaka] Drop progressive transcoding in web client
jellyfin/jellyfin-web#4362 [@dmitrylyzo] Fix subtitle offset reset when seeking progressive stream
jellyfin/jellyfin-web#4356 [@dmitrylyzo] Babelify @jellyfin/libass-wasm
jellyfin/jellyfin-web#4330 [@dmitrylyzo] Fix navigation for some types of INPUT
jellyfin/jellyfin-web#4312 [@dmitrylyzo] Backport PR #4150 to 10.8.z branch
jellyfin/jellyfin-web#4310 [@jsayol] Backport PR #4147 to 10.8.z branch

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