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I tried using this program few times on the same problem AVI file ... it worked few times (meaning it went thru it's motion ... but not necessarily successful) ... and it crashed 2 times. I executed the simple file and added the problem AVI file and clicked "Repair Files" button ... the "AVI Import Filter" popped up and it went thru it's motion ... it looked like was accessing maybe the VirualDub ... since I have 5 different versions on my computer, I am NOT sure how the heck knows which version to use ... In reading the Home Page document this program likes or needs VirtualDub 1.4.2.X-Mp3-VBR ... which of course I don't have.
Anyways, maybe the AUTHOR can add to this GUI or Application the followings:
1) A Button for where we want the "Cleaned Copy" to go
kind of Input Output Bins.
2) Show where should we put the VDub program, if his program is accessing it ... for example when the "AVI Import Filter" is popped up.
As far as scoring goes I was hesitant to slam this program totally since it appears it might be working pretty good in near future.
THANKS to AUTHOR(s) for his/her/their Times!

Review by gonwk on Nov 21, 2006 Version: 1.0.1 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 3/10 Value for money: 5/10 Overall: 3/10

Worked beautifully for me. Saved the effort of picking through videos in VirtualDub in fear of bad frames. I just load the video into the software and all is fixed.

Review by MCAN on Jan 7, 2004 Version: 1.0.1 OS: Win98 Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

I think they should just scrap this program. VirtualDub does much more than just edit out bad frames and if you take out frames, you get an a/v desync, which means you would have to use even more software to fix that. Why make a new program claimed to be an alternative to VDub when it has less features and obviously doesn't work that well or is very basic since it is a brand-new tool. Pointless...

Review by State Of Mind on Jan 5, 2004 Version: the latest OS: WinXP Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

3 reviews, Showing 1 to 3 reviews
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