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Added option "Merge mkv and idx/sub" (Configuration 2 tab). If this option is checked AVIAddXSubs merges mkv files with idx/sub subtitles generated from srt. It appears that some TVs support idx/sub only if they are merged with mkv and not as separate files. This options automates idx/sub incorporation to mkv files instead of using, as an additional manual step, mkvmerge GUI to do the same. This to work mkvmerge.exe utility has to be copied in AVIAddxSubs installation directory.


A change in "Subtitle bitmap" options to better adapt in the current situation and experience and make them more clear for the user. Today video files belong in three resolution categories, Standard (old TV), 720, 1080. Previously user had to resort to "custom" option and enter Width and Height manually for any other resolution except standard. Now user is able to select any of the three predefined resolution categories and resort to "Custom" option for very special cases.


Improved handling of ffmpeg to automatically convert mp4/mkv files to avi format for XSUB subtitles incorporation. Now there is a screen that shows the conversion progress and also AVIAddXSubs can inform the user in case the conversion fails for any reason. Additionally now the user is able to edit the ffmpeg command line parameters and be able to experiment for various conversion results in matters of file size, video quality, speed of conversion, used encoders/decoders etc. Users are strongly advised to use the ffmpeg version provided from as is the one I made all my tests and seems to work very well. Checking with various files I never had a failed conversion.


Fixed bug with avi files bigger than 4GB with more than one audio streams.


Added ability for automatic conversion of mp4/mkv files to their avi equivalent so users can incorporate XSUB subtitles. Please note that this conversion is accomplished through ffmpeg command line executable that has to be downloaded separately. For more information on how to enable this feature read "Converting mp4/mkv to avi for XSUB subtitle incorporation" in the manual.
IdxSub2Srt removed from zip as obsolete.


Support for Right Click context menu in 64bit Windows. Tested in Win7 64 bit. Now you can activate the program through right click menu over AVI, MKV, MP4, SRT and folders. Please remember that only idx/sub subtitles are supported for MKV, MP4 video files.


Option "Overscan" is replaced with "SubWidth". The new option, too, affects the way the subtitle text is rearranged to fit in the defined bitmap Width. Previously, if "Oversan" was checked, the bitmap width was reduced about 13.5% in the calculations to fit subtitle text. Now this is replaced with a percentage value of the bitmap width. Its default value is 87% which has the same effect with "Overscan" checked. The user now has more flexibility to decide the percentage in any number below or even above 100% of the bitmap width. Values above 100% apply in cases the player's firmware shrinks the subtitle bitmap and when option "Full Screen" is unchecked.


* Fixed bug in the conversion of idx/sub to XSUB.
* Enhanced compatibility in the generation of idx/sub subtitles from srt.


* Now the audio stream text description (language info etc) is retained in the creation of the new file with the incorporated XSUB subtitles
* Now is possible for the user to create chapters not based in a specified time interval but also at time points that specifically chooses. This is accomplished through a separated text file with same name as the avi but with extension .chp. This file contains a list with time points representing the wished chapters.The time points are expressed with the familiar srt time info: 00:00:00:000 (Hour, minutes, seconds, milliseconds). Every chapter time point is placed in a different line in the text file.
* Now Right Click context menu works on srt files too.


* Now Unicode and UTF8 srt files are converted automatically in ANSI format and the user has no need to do that manually using Windows Notepad. Automatic conversion to ANSI is performed when the files are marked correctly as Unicode or UTF8. This is almost certain if the original srt is created in Windows. The correct Character set has to be selected in SUB 1-8 pages too.


* Fixed a problem with language display of XSUB subtitles in some players including DivX Player in Windows.


* Fixed bug in case of multi subtitle incorporation (or idx/sub creation) when various custom subtitle bitmap resolutions (at subtitle bitmap group of options) was used. Because of this bug an error message appeared about subtitles not able to fit in the given resolution.


* "Break long lines" is replaced by a new option "Rearrange Subtitle Text (Optimize)". This option takes three values. "When very long", "Always" and "Never". Now the user has the option to optimize (rearrange) subtitle text in every case, even when the text is calculated it fits in the given resolution. In this case, the user, selects "Always".
* Added option "Overscan". This option affects the operation of "Rearrange Subtitle Text" option mentioned above. If checked then the defined horizontal resolution it shrinks about 13% to adapt to the overscan effect that TV sets have when connected to the player with analogue connections. Some part of the picture, left and right, is cut off or goes out of screen. This effect it doesn't appear when HDMI is used. Please note that until this version "Overscan" it was considered by default checked. So now the user can uncheck this option if HDMI is used and wishes the "Rearrange" option to utilize a bigger width in its text optimizations.
* Minor bug fixes.

* IdxSub2Srt is included in AVIAddXSub, convert sub/idx to SRT using OCR.


* Added option to generate YUV (instead of RGB) values for idx/sub color palette.
* Added option to condense or expand the normal width of the selected font. The user can enter a value that represents a percentage of the normal font width. Values less than 100% generate condensed font, greater than 100% generate expanded font.


* Added option "Do not copy avi when not XSUB". Useful for those they want to generate only idx/sub subtitles. If this option is checked and there are no XSUB subtitles to be incorporated in the avi then the original avi will not be copied in the output directory. Please note that there are some cases that you want this copy even without XSUB subtitles in it. For example to apply "unpack packed bitstream" that makes some players to have a smoother playback.
* Added option "Do not convert idx/sub to XSUB". When you do only idx/sub generation and no need XSUB incorporation in avi then you can disable the reading of idx/sub to be converted as XSUB, checking this option. This will avoid confusion at some point of repeating the operation when the program will get its idx/sub output as input this time and convert it to XSUB.
* Now you can generate idx/sub without the presence of a video (avi) file. This way you can use the program to subtitle a mkv file. In this case the program will ask you about the frame rate of the AVI. At the moment only two frame rates are supported, for NTSC and PAL (23.976 and 25 FPS).


* Now, additionally to incorporate XSUB subtitles in avi, is possible to generate idx/sub subtitle files. Some players support this kind of subtitles and give very good result when at the same time do not support XSUB or with problems. Users can now choose the subtitle type that gives the best results in their DivX/XVid Player. Please note that because one idx/sub file can package many subtitles and provides only one color palette for all, the colors of the first subtitle will apply to all regardless what the user has choose for each one of the rest. But other characteristics like font, font size, bold etc, can be applied separately for any of the packaged subtitles.
* The "SRT Extension" option is changed a bit. Now the dash character (-) is not added automatically so the user can place it optionally in "SRT Extension" or use another character in its place or none at all. For example, for an avi file "lost0101.avi" and "SRT Extension" "-en" will load the "". Using ".en" will load the "" and so on.


Now is possible to incorporate subtitles coming from the combination of many srt and one idx/sub file. Please note that the total of incorporated subtitles cannot be over 8. Because idx/sub can contain many subtitles you have to ensure that the total of subtitles from srt and idx/sub will not pass this specifications limit. AVIAddXSubs automatically forces this limit with subtitles coming from srt to have the priority. So, for example, if you incorporate 8 subtitles from srt will not leave space for subtitles from idx/sub.


* "Use SRT of SUB 1" is replaced with a more flexible option, "SRT extension". In this option is entered a literal which is added after a dash in the name of the avi to compose the file name of the srt to load. So for every tab (SUB 1-8) and through this option, is defined a srt to be loaded this way: [AVI name]+[dash]+[SRT extension]+[.srt]. In case the "SRT extension" is empty in a SUB tab then the srt loaded from it has exactly the same name as the avi. In case you wish to add the same srt but with different configurations then enter the same "SRT extension" n SUB tabs.
* "Move srt to output directory" option added. If this option is checked then the srt is copied to the output directory after a successful subtitle incorporation.


* Option added to configure idx/sub processing. You can choose to incorporate all languages present, always only some specific of them or be asked by a dialog to choose.
* Option added to choose between to add XSUB subtitles (normal operation), to remove XSUB subtitles or add test subtitles. The remove operation is useful in cases you want a file only with chapters, with "unpacked packed bitstream" etc.
* Now at the end of operation you are notified by a Windows sound and the program flashes. Now can be minimized.


* Chapter support added. Now is possible to add chapters that occur at a time interval configured by user. Chapters will help you navigate an avi file much faster. This featureis tested only with my PHILIPS DVP5980 where it works perfectly. Please report back to me failure or success in yours player case. Generally players that support officially or unofficially DivX Ultra is expected to work. At "Players reported well" information will be added indication for the availability of this feature in every reported player. When chapters are added to an avi then an introductory video is played at the start. Read more about it in README.htm in the zip.


* Now the option "AVIAddxSubs: Add Subtitles" can be added to Windows context menus. So with just a right click over an AVI file or folder (or a group of files and folders), you can start the program. This is an alternative to the drag&drop method on program's icon or shortcut. Note that you have to go through "Configuration"/"Right Click Menu Option on AVI Files" and press "Add Menu Option" to enjoy this feature. You can also disable it from the same screen.
* Button "Right Click Menu Option on AVI Files" added at configuration page. This leads to a screen where the user can add or remove the Right Click Menu option mentioned before.
* New option added, "Start at Once". If this option is checked then after drag&drop of files and folders or through Right Click Windows Context menus, the program will start immediately without the need to press "Create Subtitled DivX file" first.
* Now advanced users, that want to use the program in batch files that do many operations plus XSUB subtitle incorporation, they can use the option "End At Once" and so the program, after successful operation, will terminate without the need to press "Exit". Use this in accordance with "Start at once" option. Please note that this function is not accessible through AVIAddXSubs User Interface. You have to access directly the "AVIAddXSubs.txt" configuration file and change the value of "ENDATONCE" from 0 to 1.
* Now XSUb subtitles can be added even in AVIs without audio stream.


* Added option "Delete original avi". When the subtitled file is successfully generated the original (source) avi is deleted.
* "Stop" button added. In case of a lengthy operation, with many files involved, user can stop it at any time through this button.
* New utility added to distribution zip. SUBRenamer. Renames avi and srt/idx/sub files according user whished new name and AVIAddXSubs rules. Especially useful when more than one srt is used in subtitle incorporation. Read more about this utility in README.htm in zip.
* A fix is made to solve some display problems (in program's fields, not in subtitles) with languages like Chinese, Thai etc.


* Fixed bugs related with RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew) and subtitle preview.


* Now you can drag&drop a folder to the programs icon/shortcut and all avi/divx files in this folder and its subfolders will be processed.
* Added ability to define text outline color and size
* Added a text preview so the user is able to get an idea on how the subtitles will look like according to the current selections in font, etc.
* Fixed bug in "unpack packed bitstream".


* Support for AVI 2.0 file generation. Now files bigger than 4GB can be processed correctly.


* Now up to 8 subtitles can be incorporated coming either from up to 8 separate srt files or from the same srt but with different configurations. For example different font, font size, screen position, text color, etc.
* Now for every incorporated subtitle you can individually configure font size, Bold, color, align, opaque box, all subtitle bitmap options and all screen position options.


* Now is possible to define character set, font and language for each of the two srt files you can feed the program. This way any two languages can be incorporated correctly.
* Now we can choose the output file to have the extension avi instead of divx. This works only when the input and output directory are different.
* Now files with extension divx can be passed and processed fromthe program. No need, any more, to rename them first as avi.


* Fixed bug with Center Align of subtitles that affected only users of Hebrew and Arabic Languages.


* Unpack packed bitstream option added. Some player are not fully compatible with packed bitstream avi. The symptoms are jerky move, dropped frames and... headache. Check this option (default) to get smoother playback.
* All audio streams included in the original avi are now copied to the generated divx file.
* Bold option added. Makes generated subtitles in bold.
* A fix is made for Right to Left Languages. Specifically for Arabic and Hebrew. Users of those Languages if you see problems report back to me.
* Fixed bug regarding idx/sub subtitles when Full Screen checked.


* Time shift option added. Negative values (in milliseconds) cause subtitles to appear sooner and positive later.


* Center At option added. This defines the center of your TV and helps the centering of subtitles.
* Full Screen option added. Some players work better when this is checked and others when is not.


* A fix made for Hebrew, another right to left language. I cannot confirm that the fix is ok. People using this language please confirm.


* Because idx/sub subtitle files can contain more than one language now the user is able to include any of them, up to 8, in the generated divx file.


* In case of idx/sub with multiple language subtitles, a dialog gives user the option to select one of them.


* Added option to choose subtitles color.


* TV System options replaced with Subtitle Resolution where added one more option, Custom. There the user can experiment with various values of Width and Height of the generated subtitle bitmaps to solve problems in the minority of hardware players where subtitle either do not appear or appear not in the center of TV. So if you had no problems with previous version, you don't need this one.
* Added two more options under Testing. Are used for troubleshooting. Generate sample subtitles at various positions of the screen and also optionally a grid, that can help the user to figure out how his/her player's firmware handles subtitles, find out the correct Vertical Position etc.


* Idx/sub subtitle support is introduced. In Idx/sub pair, the sub part is a binary file which contains the bitmaps of subtitles. In this case the user has no ability to choose font and font size.
* Bug fixed regarding the additional subtitle in case of srt. Was not marked correctly as second subtitle stream.


* Detection of multipart AVI 2.0 changed, to detect some AVIs with an error in their header information.
* AVIInfo application added to the distribution package to help the inquiring of problematic AVIs.
* Process of .srt enhanced so when the blank line between subtitles is missing then it is added automatically. This solves situations when more than one subtitles appears together when viewing.


* Now an additional subtitle (total 2) can be incorporated. For example Greek and English.


* Fixed bug that appears when many files are selected for subtitle incorporation. It appears when one of them is marked as AVI 2.0


* Added capability to specify a preferred output directory


* Now supports most of the multipart AVI 2.0 files.


*Added capability to extend the time duration (in ms) of subtitles. This helps when you think the subtitles go away too fast or in cases of not so perfect synchronization.
* Faster operation about 20%-30%
* Time spend indication


* Fixed bug with avi files over 2GB.


* Option for opaque subtitle background.


* Now is possible to select more than one files to embed subtitles.
* File selector now remembers the last directory.
* A fix for Arabic subtitles.

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