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Sefy's DVD Backup Guide v2.6
 Updated October 3, 2004
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Sefy's Complete DVD Backup Guide v2.6
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AVI comes in many falvoures, the most typical ones are DivX or the most recently XviD codecs (Compression/Decompression) which allow for a near DVD quality but at extremly small file sizes. However, it is not as portable as a VCD for example, since you can only play it on a PC (at the moment!) and it also requires codecs to be installed for it to work. To encode it you first have to make sure your AVI file plays smooth in Windows, or atleast make sure you have the proper codecs installed.

In the past this would have been extremly complicated, but recently a small utility called "GSpot" has been released, and it helps detect which codecs are being used in the AVI file, once you know, you can use just about ANY encoder that exists to convert your AVI into a fully compatible MPEG file for Authoring (VCD/SVCD/DVD), If you want to author the resulting file into a DVD Media, then I suggest you change the Audio Frequency to 48000 Hz instead of 44100 Hz, as DVD specs require it.

Extracting the Audio

Sometimes an Encoder does not always handle the coded AVI file, as it has problems reading the Audio section, so it's better to extract the Audio into a pure uncompressed WAV file, so we can use that instead as the Audio Source for the Encoder. If your Encoder can handle the Audio, then you do NOT need to do this.

FrameServing an AVI

Unfortunatly as most AVI's are encoded with one or another compression method, not all encoders can open them, In those cases you can create a frameserving file using VirtualDub, and then use that file as your source, this will slow down the encoding, but quality wil not be affected.

  • VirtualDub - This program can create a "fake" AVI file from your original AVI and FrameServe it to the encoder while giving the ability to add filters, for example: VobSub for SubTitles

Encoding directly from an AVI File!

Here I have included programs that are capable of decrypting the movie on their own and encoding internaly or by the use of plugins, please make sure you have installed all the required programs for the path you choose.