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These guides describes how to capture analog or digital video.

Capture articles
How to capture TV/Video AND stream/broadcast over internet/lan
How to capture Video, TV,Cam using a TV-Card/Videocard with Video-in
How to capture using a ATI All-In-Wonder or other ATIs Capture Cards.
How to capture Analog Video using a Digital Camcorder.
How to capture/copy DV/HDV using a firewire/DV/iLink card.
How to capture/copy HDTV and DVB(Digital Video BroadCast/DigitalTV)

 How to capture/copy HDTV and DVB(Digital Video BroadCast/DigitalTV)

doom9 ProjectX guide

In digital TV, the picture is compressed using the well-known MPEG-2 format, before being broadcast as digital data stream (MPEG2 transport stream - MPEG-2 TS). MPEG-2 transport streams are part of the MPEG-2 standard, but most tools cannot directly handle transport streams as its structure is different from MPEG-2 elementary streams we use on DVDs or SVCDs. This is where ProjectX enters the picture. It works like an MPEG-2 TS hardware decoder, splitting the transport stream into its components (MPEG elementary streams like audio, video, and other data (e.g. teletext)).


TS to MPV TS to AC3 TS to M2V TS to MPG TS to MP2 TS to MPA TS to WAV TS to TEXT

How to capture/copy HDTV and DVB(Digital Video BroadCast/DigitalTV)

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