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Zenith DVB318

5 user region code comments

July 01, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by RW, May 03 2004:

Select LG 6000 series players and follow instructions
This hack works and is very easy to do.

Be sure you follow the instructions on how to burn CD.

PostOther hack posted by exander, September 23 2004:

Many of the Zenith 318's cannot play SVCD. Below is the hack to fix that.

PostRegion code hack posted by mftech, February 19 2005:

This software update work fien on the LG 7832NCX DVD Player.
(available in Canada)

Cette modification fonctionne bien avec le modele LG7832NCX disponible au Canada et au Québec.

PostOther hack posted by Nelson9937955, February 22 2005:

This Hack to play SVCD's. They look great upconverted to 1080i

1. Remove any media from the DVD Player and power off, wait, power back on.
2. After player comes up all the way and reports NO DISC, use the REMOTE and press ...
3. PAUSE and then the numbers 1 4 7 2

an EEPROM screen comes up that looks as follows:

PROM OPT: 55 53 00 47 16 55 60 00
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

The "1" on the first line represents which pair of numbers on the second line you are editing. In this case, pair one on the 2nd line which is "55" and the "55" is shown after the "1" on the first line. You will use the top set of cursor keys on the remote (Ch/UP) & (Ch/DOWN) to go "right" and "left" respectively.

4. Press Ch/UP three times until you are at the "45". Line one says 4 45
5. Use the number pad area and enter 4 7 and then press the (Select/Enter) button.
6. Press Ch/UP once and enter 1 4 and press (Select/Enter)
7. Press Ch/UP twice and press and HOLD the 6 key down until you see a "F" and then press and hold the 5 key until you see a "E" and then press (Select Enter).
8. Press the CH/UP once and hold the 6 key until you get a "F" and then press the 6 key again to get another "F" and then press the (Select/Enter) key.
9. Verify the second row of numbers is now

55 53 00 47 14 55 FE FF

you can move around and edit the numbers if you made a mistake.

10. Press the PAUSE key to exit the menu and save your new options.
11. Power Off, wait, Power On your player and you will now have VCD, & SVCD support.

PostRegion code posted by Jack Michaelson, July 01 2005:
Comes in handy to be able to swap firmware for HD upconversion via Y Pb Pr.

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