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Yamakawa 218

7 user region code comments

April 06, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Kordrick Govan, August 14 2002:

turn on player and wait for "no disk"

use remote and push the following buttons

1)set up




PostOther hack posted by FoCol, November 11 2002:

Display Firmware of DVD Player (taken from makers website):

Switch on your DVD-Player and wait until the display says "no disc". If your DVD-Player has no display (DVD-218) wait about 15sec. after you switch on the unit.

Then enter the following four keys:
4) F.F>>

On the TV-Screen the normal Setup page will be displayed. After you pressed the 4th key on the top left corner of your TV-screen the firmware version of your DVD-Player will be displayed for about 5 seconds, with the Setup page being the background.

There will be 2 lines of information:
The first line begins with ESS and ends with ".xxx" three digits behind the dot. These three digits are referred to as the Firmware Version of the DVD-Player. In case there is a firmware with a higher number in our list, you might consider to update your player.

PostRegion code hack posted by YamakawaGuy, December 13 2002:

For those of you who have a newer firmware version of the Yamakawa 218, the region code hack that works for the 215 (posted by Extreme -- thanks, Extreme!) works great for the 218.

Codefree Setting for C201 version of DVD-215/8:

in SETUP enter
You'll see a bunch of numbers/letters near the bottom of the screen.

Then the field called "VERSION" will appear.

Move Cursor on VERSION and open with PLAY button.

(Note: at first it may be hard to make out the "VERSION" option, but just scroll down, you'll see it).

Use Cursor buttons to go to the REGION CODE setting, and enter the desired code.

NOTE: your options are 0-6. Selecting "0" seems to make it code-free.
Then go back to SETUP to save

NOTE: (I tried a Region 1 "Monsters" DVD as well as a Region 2 "Spirited Away" DVD, and both worked with this setting).

Now only if there was a Macrovision setting for this unit as well. Anyone?

PostRegion code hack posted by yamakawaguy2, December 13 2002:

You can turn UOP off!!!
This is an addition to my last post.

This concerns the newer (manuf. Oct 2002, Ver 1.1) Yamakawa 218 units:

It looks like there IS a way to change REGIONS in the "normal" (not hidden) menu -- it's in preferences (and even shown in the pictures in the owners manual).
However, the user might want to use the "13698888" method instead (described below in my other post)
for two reasons:
(1) If you use the "13698888" method, you don't have to keep changing it each time you put a disc with a different region in, and...
(2) Somehow, when you use the "13698888" method and set the REGION to 0 using this method, it turns the UOP off!!

UOP is the thing that forces you to watch (and usually not be able to skip past) the FBI warnings and other such stuff.. now you can!

There's no notification that the UOP is on or off, but I noticed that as soon as I set REGION to "0" using the "13698888" method (described in the other post below) I was suddenly able to SKIP the FBI warnings and such.

Now if only there was a macrovision hack!

PostRegion code posted by Dionisios, August 11 2003:

Any have any idea about Macrovision Off?

PostRegion code hack posted by Joel, November 16 2003:

I tried the hack of the going into the setup:
General Setup
then typed in the numbers 13698888 and a number showed at the bottom of the screen.
I then played with going up and down the general menu when all of a sudden the choice VERSION showed up.
I moved the cursor to region and put in the number '0' and went back to the Main Page.
Moved the cursor to Exit Menu.
Put a PAL DVD which did not work before-'Wrong Region' and VOILA-I was watching TABOO the DVD from England that I believed I could not see but there I was watching it.
This is the hack noted for 215 that was listed. The other hacks do not work-i.e. press setup, stop. display, etc. Only this one works.

PostRegion code hack posted by coolguy, April 06 2004:

When I press mute, stop,and zoom, I get
"region 1 ok" on the screen.
I can't figure out how to change the region code.
I tried numbers but nothing happens.

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