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Yamaha DVD S550

5 user region code comments

April 04, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by loukkis, August 17 2004:

1. open the tray
2. press 99990 on remote

PostRegion code hack posted by Hwg, October 22 2004:

1. Power up
2. Open tray
3. Press 99990 (zero is for region free)
4. Press enter
5. Insert dvd from other region (not sure in you need to do this)
6. Close tray
7. Play and enjoy!

In my case it worked well with the original remote!

PostRegion code hack posted by Jucius_Maximus, November 29 2004:

The 99990 code worked on my Region 1 player, although I found that I had to press "ON SCREEN" on the remote after opening the tray and before entering the code.

PostRegion code hack posted by Big C, January 03 2006:

The information in quotes is taken from instructions for the Philips 625 found at .
"Make Your Philips DVD Player Multi-region Capable
In a few easy steps you can turn your Philips DVD player into a multi-region capable
machine; then you can enjoy DVDs from, or even
An NTSC capable television may be required to view DVDs purchased from outside the
1. Open the DVD player disc tray
2. Press 9,9,9,9,0 on the remote control (wait a second between key presses)
3. Close the DVD player disc tray
the above code will turn your player into what is called "region-free". If you require
the player to be a single region, for example region 1, then simply repeat the process
and replace the "0" with a "1". This may be required if you have trouble playing
DVDs purchased from outside the UK that have Region Code Enhancement technology on
them. These titles are in a minority and you will find a substantial amount of titles
will play without the need to change region. Please note that switching between regions
can only be performed a maximum of 25 times before the player is locked on the 25th
region selected. Our recommendation is that you set the player to region 0 and change
to a specific region when the need arises."
I don't know if the 25-time limit applys to newer Philips/Yamaha firmware, but I
am able to play RCE DVDs after performing the procedure. In case some of you are
curious, I tried 99999 and it did not change a thing. So stick with 99990 and you
are ready to go!
Best regards,
Big C

PostRegion code hack posted by Lars, April 04 2006:

Hack whit original remote

1.Power on (whit no DVD in the Player)
2.Open Tray
3.Press onscreen
4.Press 99990 (0 for regio free)
5.Close Tray

I dit this whit my Regio 2/PAL DVDPlayer (hollands version)

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