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Toshiba SD4300

15 user region code comments

December 29, 2012 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Windrose777, August 15 2010:

Toshiba SDxxxx model DVD player Region or Zone setting works with SD4300, SD4300KC, etc. models too.

Power ON
Open Tray
Enter Cod : 9879 and 0 For All Region Free (On screen display will show the region set to 0)
Close Tay
Power OFF
Power ON

You're done. Your player should now be region free.

PostRegion code posted by kiecoo2000, August 21 2010:

Just tried the hack on the Toshiba SD4300 bought in Canada and want to confirm that it works. The hack was confusing. I had to type the number as a 5 digit number not 4 digit and then a 0 (if that makes sense). Thanks.

PostRegion code hack posted by Hom911, September 21 2010:

kiecoo2000, what 5 digits did you enter?

I just bought that player in Canada and the 4 digits don't work as you wrote in your comment.

I apologize for using this page to ask my question but I can't find where to post it other than here.

PostRegion code hack posted by doodler66, December 27 2010:

Just to clarify the hack supplied by Windrose777 to unlock all

Power ON
Open Tray
Enter Code : 98790 for all regions (Temporary on-screen
display in upper right hand corner will show the region set to
Close Tray
Power OFF
Power ON

I just used it on a new player bought at Future Shop in
Canada, Works like a charm - took 15 seconds.

PostRegion code hack posted by big69buck, January 23 2011:

FYI, just purchased this unit at a Future Shop in Ontario, and was going to apply the above-mentioned hack. Prior to making the change, I attempted to play a Region 2 PAL DVD and was surprised to see it working without the hack (and yes, the disc is a pressed disc with encryption on it). I tried another R2 PAL disc and same it seems it has already been made region free prior to point of sale (or perhaps someone screwed up at the factory?)

Anyways, cannot comment on the above steps, as they seemed un-necessary now in my personal situation.

PostRegion code hack posted by kiecoo2000, May 13 2011:

We bought another one of these because the hacks works. Do the above mentioned steps, but punch in 98790 and it is region free. We bought ours at Future Shop online.

PostRegion code hack posted by elbrujo, December 28 2011:

I can confirm that the hack for Toshiba SDxxxx players works. I bought an SD 4300 to replace my dying Dynex---I promised myself that my next DVD player would be all-region---and looked up the hack code here, plugged my new player in and had that baby hacked in 2 minutes!

Turn it on, open the tray, enter 98790 on the remote, and you'll get a message on the TV screen informing you that "Region Code Is Now Set To 0", close the tray, switch the player off, then on again... it is now modded!

OTOH I was going to order a couple of Region 2 DVDs that I really wanted to see... then I found out one went out of print, and the other has finally been made available for Region 1... oh well, at least the player didn't cost me an arm and a leg. Looks like Blu-Ray is edging regular DVD out of the market, though the discs are not cheap...

PostRegion code hack posted by georgejefferson, January 05 2012:

I can verify that I bought this at a US Walmart and using the hack was able to view PAL Region 2 and PAL Region 4.

PostRegion code hack posted by deano33, January 13 2012:

My friend just bought this DVD player at Best Buy in California. It only took about 10 seconds to hack the player using the hack above. I tested a Region 2 PAL DVD and it plays fine.

PostRegion code hack posted by Beauregard33, April 07 2012:

This is for all the other idiots who, like me, picked out a player, checked this website for hack instructions and recent confirmation comments (model/country), trusted the information and purchased the player only to find out that the instructions don't work. Great job!

PostRegion code hack posted by pbuerki, May 05 2012:

I confirm that the hack no longer works. I bought mine from Best Buy (California) today, 5/5/12, and tried to get it to work for quite some time, but it does not accept the region free code using the method described previously (98790). Nothing happens when I follow the method (Power ON, Open Tray, Enter Code : 98790, Close Tray, Power OFF, Power ON).

Does somebody know the new code?

PostRegion code hack posted by pbuerki, May 06 2012:

Good news.
After posting my earlier message that the hack no longer works, I tried again following a hunch. And voila it worked:
One has to wait a little bit between entering the "9" of 9879 and "0". So the correct hack is:
Power ON
Open Tray
Enter 9879
Wait for a few seconds (count slowly to 10)
Enter 0
The following message appears on screen "The Reg No was changed to 0"
Close Tray
Power OFF
Power ON
My Japanese DVD now plays without problems.

PostRegion code hack posted by tonymich, May 19 2012:

Just bought the Toshiba SD4300 from BestBuy in Kentucky. Date on the back is August 2011. The codes worked. Thanks.

PostRegion code hack posted by anagruel, September 22 2012:

region code hack

PostRegion code hack posted by mistiquestudio, December 29 2012:

I purchased this DVD player from for my father for
Christmas in the hope that the hack I found here would work
for it. I plugged everything in, applied the hack just as
described by pbuerki several posts above and it worked like a
charm on the first try. We tested a couple of DVDs from
different regions and all worked. Thanks to everyone here!

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