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Toshiba SD3950

8 user region code comments

July 13, 2020 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Alvaro, February 26 2004:

Put in a DVD disk.
When you get an 'incorrect region' message press: [menu] [1] [play]
Press [Marker] then [Clear] and the message would be gone.

try it and let me kwow.

PostRegion code hack posted by bigdaddyhorse, March 02 2004:

I have the SD-4900, and the same info was posted in the hack section for that. The hack worked, but hitting the marker button didn't.
What I had to do was deal with the obstructed menu screen, then play the movie. Hit display once the movie starts rolling (doesn't work during logo intros) and teh box that says "check region" will disappear. Hitting display again and the everything is clear (assuming the menu,1,play works on this model). Try that out.

PostRegion code hack posted by tjbh13, May 11 2004:

I got the hack from the SD220e page to work on the SD3950 and the SD3900. Follow the 22e instructions toburn the CD. Put it into the dvd player. when you get the "fin" message, put it a dvd from another region. My player is region 1 and my remote didnt't have a marker button. So I pushed the "T" button, manually set the title and chapter to 1, and set the time to 1 second. Then push play.

It worked beautifullyon the SD3900. On the 3950 the picture is flipping. I'll let you know if I figure that out. Better yet, let me know if you do.

PostRegion code hack posted by Darkangl, May 11 2004:

"I pushed the "T" button, manually set the title and chapter to 1, and set the time to 1 second. Then push play."

That works on the SD3950! The only thing is, you don't have to change the firmware to do don't do that. The hack works with the original firmware in the player right out of the box. Finally, a hack that works...and it's a simple one. :)

PostRegion code hack posted by Darkangl, May 14 2004:

Your problem is you pressed play after you set the title time and chapter. You're supposed to press enter, not play. Press enter and it should work for you.

PostRegion code hack posted by britrich, May 15 2004:

Darkangl is right ! This worked without changing the firmware. For me either ENTER or PLAY seemed to work. It is inconsistent however - keep getting occassional Disk Error messages.

My bigger problem is that the image does not quite fit the TV screen. I get about 70% of the image - the rest seems to disappear off the edges of the screen. Tried different formats (Widescreen, Letterbox, etc.) but it does not seem to fix the problem

Ideas ?

PostRegion code hack posted by elvis, August 08 2006:

i need from a pal dvd to a normal

PostRegion code hack posted by Tom H , July 13 2020:

Tried this on my SD3950, and not working. Tried it with all the options listed.

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