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Terapin TT-2600

6 user region code comments

July 13, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Gorden, March 28 2004:

Anybody know how to hack the region free code for that Terapin TT2600 Model.
Thanks in advance.

PostRegion code hack posted by Poko Poko, May 02 2004:

OK, I figured it out by brute force trial and error. To make this player code free, go to SETUP, PREFERENCES. Key in 1-3-5-7. You will see your current REGION code setting. Press up/down to change; set to 0 (zero) for REGION CODE FREE!

PostRegion code hack posted by Tom, May 05 2004:

Region free hack

No disc in unit
press SET UP
enter LEFT ARROW one time
Enter 1 6 0 7 on numberpad
Down arrow one time

press set up


PostRegion code hack posted by zerosity, June 29 2004:

Neither of the above codes work on my Terapin TT-2600. Do you guys have any pictures of the menus and what results you get? I've tried both methods many times with no results.

PostRegion code hack posted by taylor5-az, July 10 2004:

if the above does not work -

on the first version of this player - non-progressive scan try this.

1. Be sure NO DISC is in UNIT
2. Press set up
3. Scroll down to PREFERENCES
4. Press ENTER
5. PRESS 1 6 0 7 on keypad
6. Press LEFT ARROW 3 times
7. Press RIGHT ARROW 1 time.
8. new window will be displayed
9. USE arrows to enter where the 1 is displayed
10. DOwn arrow one time to change to zero or you may be able to just be 0 on numberpad.

This is also the way to change to MACROVISION FREE - but that for another time.

PostRegion code hack posted by incense, July 13 2004:

First, my sincere thanks to taylor5-AZ for posting this. I used it for my Terapin-1800 progressive scan player and with minor modifications, it WORKED !!

1. Be sure NO DISC is in UNIT
2. Press set up
3. Use right arrow to move to "Preferences" icon on top.
4. PRESS 1 6 0 7 on keypad
5. A new screen is displayed with different set of numbers.
6. Press LEFT ARROW 3 times
7. Press RIGHT ARROW 1 time.
8. Press down arrow 2 times - you will not see the cursor move or the number "1" change to zero.
9. Press setup to exit.
10. Repeat steps 1 through 4 and you will notice the number in the green box at the bottom has changed from '1' to '0'.
11. Your player is now region free.

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