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Sony RDR-GXD500

2 user region code comments

February 15, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by hobbitfeet, January 30 2005:

I've not confirmed this on the GX-500 but it should work as it seems all European Sony DVD players/recorders use the same IR codes. I have successfully used this on a GX3 and an NS355.

I've managed to reprogram my RDR-GX3 using Psiloc Total IR Remote on my Sony Ericsson P900 (Compatible with: P800, P900, P910, BenQ P30, Arima)- Free trial download! (This program is also available for available for: Nokia 3650/3600, 3660/3620, 6600, 7650, Siemens SX1, Panasonic X700, Samsung SGH-D710, Motorola A1000)

Total IR remote available here:

I then got a Philips Pronto setup file from ... rea=pronto

Total IR recognises this file - beam it to the phone (or download it using the phone) - open the file, then select to import the codes.

Now open Total IR and select to add any device by tapping one of the buttons(I used a Sony TV setting as it has numbers on it).

Assign the buttons thus:
Tap the menu button in the bottom left corner, then tap Select Command - dismiss the dialog that pops up then tap the 1 button on the remote. Press select on the next dialog...

Here I ran into a snag - but I worked it out from the fact that I learned on another forum that button 5 should be the power button - but button 1 was power for me. SO the codes were backwards!

Assign Unnamed 5 by tapping Done.
Repeat for buttons 2-5 by assigning 4, 3, 2, 1 respectively.

Who knows, maybe for you the codes import the right way around - so if this doesn't work, try assigning code 1 to button 1.

PostRegion code hack posted by Farry, February 15 2005:

Converting the Sony RDR-GXD500 digital-tuner DVD-recorder to multi-region involves sending it five special custom-programmed remote codes. These are the same codes that are required for the Sony DVP-NS355 DVD-player, so if you do a web search on that, you can find ways to program these codes into a Palm Pilot, or a laptop with an IR port, or see the links in Hobbitfeet's hack. But the cheapest way, if you don't already have one of those is with an OFA remote which costs about £20. Here's the process:

Get a One-For-All universal remote that has a DVD key and a
"magic" key, such as the One-For-All-4.

* Select DVD device on OFA remote
* Hold magic key until double flash on DVD key
* Enter device code 0533

The RDR-GXD500 DVD recorder must be set to command mode
"DVD1", and its own remote set to the same mode like this:

* Switch on recorder and point its own remote at it
* System-Menu -> Setup -> Options -> Command-Mode
* Select DVD1
* Set remote's Command-Mode switch to DVD-1
(it's under the sliding cover)
* Verify that recorder can be switched on and off with
both remotes

Now program function code 189 into button 1 of the OFA
remote like this:

1. Hold magic button until double flash on DVD key
2. Press 994
3. Press magic button (don't hold)
4. Press 189
5. Press 1 - double flash indicates success

Advanced OFA remotes such as the Kameleon have five digit
function codes, in which case, press 00189 for step 4 above.

Now program function codes into buttons 2-5 like this:

* Repeat steps 1-3, then 255 2
* Repeat steps 1-3, then 095 3
* Repeat steps 1-3, then 221 4
* Repeat steps 1-3, then 079 5

Now the actual conversion of the RDR-GXD500 DVD recorder to

* Put DVD recorder on standby and point OFA remote at it.
* Press 12345 - "TIMER OK" is displayed, and recorder
starts up
* Press 12345 - Recorder goes back to standby

The RDR-GXD500 DVD recorder is now multi-region.
Clear the OFA remote by removing its batteries for a while.

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