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Sony Playstation 2

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October 30, 2011 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Coby Benson, July 30 2001:

You can buy something for around 17.99 from:

This comes with something the size of a normal memory card which you plug into the memory card slot and a C.D to run the software. It will then play region 1-6 dvds perfectly with no hardware changes needed at all. The only problem is that it can only be used on T.V's that support NTSC but if it does then it will work perfectly with out a doubt.

PostRegion code hack posted by Martin G, November 16 2002:

This one is way better then the DVD Region X

-No hardware required (so also no empty memorycard)
-Works on pal and ntsc
-Ssimply load cd, select region, insert DVD and play
-Play all region DVD titles including RCE
-And it's 3 times cheaper then DVD region X

Only problem is that it doesnt work with the newest ps2 console: 39003

PostOther hack posted by Bob Friend, February 01 2003:

This is a downloadable divx player for ps2.

1.You will need a way to boot the disc you will burn. a mod chip, or knife trick will work.

that is a link to a tutorial on the knife trick.

2. download the player

3.extract the files, than open the "utils" folder and use cdgenps2.exe to burn ELF, system.cnf, and IRX , change the system.cnf lba too 12231. you may add a divx .avi to the compilation if you want. now "burn" the image and it creates a cd image. use nero, or whatever to burn the .bin/.cue compilation.

4. you may than boot the disk with your ps2 (if you use knife trick or have mod chip. to play divx on other disk, use your swap method when the screen has booted and use your swap method to switch disks, than go to "browser" and select your movie.

note: their is also an mp3 player(i have tested) and a dvd multi region hack

PostOther hack posted by Bob Friend, February 01 2003:

Their is also a program that plays .divx .mp3 .jpg etc. over a home network. the ps2 network adapter is needed NOT 3rd party usb adapter.

no mod chip/boot method needed

PostRegion code hack posted by La7sombra, July 30 2003:


Press O x 2 times
Press R1 x 5 times
Press X x 7 times

PostRegion code hack posted by , July 30 2003:

where do you enter this code?

PostRegion code hack posted by David Jones, August 11 2003:

Here are the instruction how to play Region 1 (USA) DVD's on the PlayStation 2 in combination with System-Disc v1.00 (this CD comes with all Japanes PS2 systems which are sold before April 2000):
Hack #1:

Press & Hold the Circle, Right and L1 keys.
Hack #2:

Press & Hold L3 & push the stick in hard
Hack #3:

Boot into PS2 browser without a CD in the tray
Insert the Region 1 DVD you want to play
Press Circle and R1 on the DVD
Hold Right until menu appears
Press Circle and R1 again

PostRegion code hack posted by OLLie, August 23 2003:

Region code hack posted by La7sombra at July 30 2003:

Press O x 2 times
Press R1 x 5 times
Press X x 7 times

where do you enter this hack???

PostOther hack posted by Rizy102, September 14 2003:

doesnt anyone know where to apply the above hack?

PostRegion code hack posted by Pedro, October 07 2003:

PostOther hack posted by paulk, October 08 2003:

any way of playing vcd on the ps2

PostRegion code hack posted by leon dickson, December 01 2003:

where do u use this code

O x 2
R1 x 5
X x 7

to multi your ps 2

PostRegion code hack posted by anononon, December 04 2003:

The PS2 hack was just stolen from this site:

They didn't give any more info

PostRegion code hack posted by Russell Lilley, December 16 2003:

taken from

Region hack for the old driver:
Method 1:

Hold down L1, Circle, and Select while booting until movie starts

Method 2:

Press in L3 (the left analog stick) straight and hard until movie starts

Region hack for the new driver:
1: Start the PS2, enter the Browser

2: Insert DVD, wait for the CD icon

3: Select the CD Icon

4: Press Square and keep it down

5: Press Circle and keep it down (Do not release Square, you should now be pressing two buttons)

6: Wait for the DVD menu

7: Release the keys

8: Start the movie with the play icon or the movie start icon

Anyone have the plastation service disk for rv31 can i have a copy

PostOther hack posted by jgeorgeson, December 17 2003:

I bought my (U.S.) PS2 sometime in 2000, and it has an option to set the region coding in the plain config menu you get by powering up without a disc in it. Was this option removed at some point? Is it a limited use option that will hard code after I've set it enough times?

PostOther hack posted by Lysrgic-d, January 02 2004:

For You people That got Pown shop Playstations. Or just forgot the password. Here is what to do. Enter the password screen and press the select button followed by 7444. This will delete any password in your PlayStation 2's memory. Your PlayStation 2 will then ask you to enter a new password. Enter a new password

PostRegion code hack posted by Channa, March 01 2004:

if you go to you can buy Action Replay 2 (AR2) - this is similar to gameshark as in you can get cheats for games and add them in - more importantly you can run the cd (you get a cd and special memory card which must be inserted in your PS2) and specify what region coding you want from 1-6. I have this, i have used it - and it is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by jessica, March 13 2004:

does any of these hacks work for the american PS2 because i tried them but nothing worked. any help??

PostRegion code hack posted by Wez, April 27 2004:

to play other region dvds on your playstation 2..simply go down to your local game shop and ask st the counter for a "MAX REPLAY" cd..insert this and follow the instctions the cd also has cheats for all recent games..this will set you back nomore that £15 if it costs more than that go somewhere else

PostRegion code posted by moe, April 09 2005:


PostRegion code hack posted by Alyson Roper, April 27 2005:

Does any one know the multi region code for the first PS2 as I want to play USA dvd's and copies

PostRegion code hack posted by Jimmy, May 06 2005:

I tried all of the region free hacks that suggest you can merely press buttons on your controller on my own PS2 and 2 of my friends (being different PS2 models). I suppose there is no real suprise that they didn't work.

As with Sony DVD players you need to either tamper with the curcuit boards in exsisting remotes or buy region free remotes. I have only ever found 1 Sony DVD player that can be hackedby pressing buttons on hte keypad.

Unfortunatley it looks like the only way to region free your PS2 is buy the addition of a chip or non permenant Software cheat like Action replay.

PostRegion code hack posted by yavuz, June 03 2005:


PostRegion code posted by kazer, January 03 2008:

You could just get a matrix chip for ur ps2. im not sure about other chips but when u boot the system u can just hold down 'O+triangle' to go to the region thing. dont mess with anything else though. the uposide of this is u can also play copied games

PostRegion code hack posted by Rae_rae26, October 30 2011:

I bought some DVDs when I was in Scotland and now they don't work on the PS2
we use for a DVD player.

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