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Sony DVP-S560D

9 user region code comments

December 26, 2017 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by minh, July 20 2003:

to play cdr/cdrw.

PostOther hack posted by Tom, December 08 2003:

To quickly move past manditory material that plays when disc is started.

When you place disc in player, it autoplays, and may force you to watch up to two minutes of fbi warnings, mpaa ratings, studio brand animation, etc.

You press menu key, chapter forward key, all keys display message: "operation prohibited by disc". So you must wait...

On SOME discs, you can get past this. As soon as disc autoplays, press stop several times. Next, press menu to access main menu and play disc.

PostRegion code hack posted by daryl greenwood, December 16 2003:

I found this on the web. It did not work on my dvp-s560d, but it might work on yours.

Region, features selection

Put your player into „Standby“ Mode and enter one of the following commands if necessary:

Remote control command

[0] [ENTER]
Default region code on the player

[1] [ENTER]
Region 1

[2] [ENTER]
Region 2

[3] [ENTER]
Region 3

[4] [ENTER]
Region 4

[5] [ENTER]
Region 5

[6] [ENTER]
Region 6

[7] [ENTER]
Region 7

[8] [ENTER]
Region 8

Auto switching OFF (only play DVD´s with the selected region)

Auto switching ON

Enable video interference impulses (Macrovision ON)

Disable video interference impulses (Macrovision OFF)

Enable user operation prohibitions* and access restrictions

Disable user operation prohibitions* and access restrictions

The selected region code is visible in the Service Menu. Put your player into the standby mode and enter, in series, [TITLE] [CLEAR] [POWER ON] and [5]. Do not enter the other pages of the service menu.

* The DVD can no longer prohibit you from using the fast-forward, chapter change or Audio-/Subtitle-/Angle switch. You can no longer be forced to watch intros. Just press [TITLE] or [DVD MENU] and select PLAY.

After inserting the disk, the player will display on the front panel all region codes allowed by the disk and the region code selected by the modification. A region 2 disc would show -2- - - - - - 2.

PostRegion code hack posted by Brachus, January 09 2004:

Those instructions posted are NOT a hack. They only work after you modify your DVP-S560.

PostRegion code hack posted by az, February 03 2004:

Hi Brachus,
Thanks for the pdf file. Can you translate the alterations required on the circuit board in English

PostOther hack posted by teraflop, February 16 2004:

Complete h/w guide. Requires two chips and excellent soldering skills. Have not used.

PostRegion code hack posted by Tom, February 26 2004:

Tried the techtronics chipping upgrade, made no difference in the operation of the player. I suspect that this model cannot be successfully chipped. It would also appear as though mod chips are generic for many Sony models.

PostRegion code hack posted by bruinator, July 15 2008:

I need the code hack for my remote control so could I please have it.


PostRegion code hack posted by James, December 26 2017:

need to get region free

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